The Prettiest Member of CLC, Choi Yujin

CLC is the most active girl group in recent days. In 2019, CLC made three comebacks and released several chart-topping singles. Cube Entertainment formed CLC in 2015 with seven members, Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie, and Eunbin. Yujin stands out among all the CLC members due to her youthful look, small face, and lovely smile. She usually takes the center position and has become the face of the group. Since their early debut concept, CLC has gone through various music and outfit concepts. In some concepts, Yujin transformed herself into special characters and completely erased her cute and girlish image. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about Yujin‘s transformations from her debut days. So stay tuned!


CLC debuted with First Love using a cheerleader concept. Fresh in their teenage years, each member radiated youthfulness in pink cheerleader costumes. Yujin became the face of CLC and the subject of attention at every promotional event. She grabbed attention with her youthful look, blossoming cheeks, bunny teeth, and shy smile.

High Heels

Cube Entertainment released CLC’s special EP for the Japanese market on April 13, 2016. Several tracks like Pepe, Curios, and First Love had already been released from previous albums. The title track from the special Japanese EP was Mini Heels. The lyrics and music of High Heels are catchy and easy listening. CLC chose a very girly, unique, fresh, and bright theme when promoting High Heels. Yujin and the other CLC members dressed in girlish outfits and lived in a cute room. With an oversized pink ribbon and her small face, Yujin looked like the youngest CLC member. In fact, among all the members, she is the second-oldest member in the group.


Hobgoblin is the title track of CLC’s fifth EP album, Crystyle. Former Cube Entertainment artist Hyuna directed the choreography and wrote the lyrics for Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin used an electronic beat with a combination of fast rap and catchy lyrics. In the Hobglobin music video, all the members showed devilish and ignorant characters. Yujin’s youthful look and innocent appearance transformed into a fearless persona. She could stab you with her vicious stare.

Black Dress

CLC released their seventh EP album, Black Dress, on February 1, 2018. This album showed a chic concept and charismatic persona for each member. Due to the concept, the outfits for each performance showed elegance and maturity. A black dress is a classic, must-have fashion item for every girl. In the Black Dress music video, each member looked stylish, elegant and chic. The basic theme of the outfits was ‘black’, but the outfits showed different styles from office looks, clubbing looks, and uniform look. Yujin wore a mini one-piece dress with slits in the bodice before each sleeve. She exuded sexiness with red lipstick, minimal makeup, and her figure-hugging dress. Yujin’s outfit is similar to Elkie’s outfit, albeit with additional, put-on sleeves. Her fair skin, contrasting with her black dress, gave her the chic look that fit the Black Dress theme perfectly.

No 1

No One Can Follow was the concept of CLC’s eighth mini album, No 1. The album was released on January 30, 2019, and had five tracks: No, SHOW, Breakdown, Like It, and I Need You. Through this album, CLC wished to be a group that no one could follow, both musically and physically. The group made a mighty effort with this album, reaching the No. 1 position. The album showed that CLC had developed a more mature musicality. CLC published two pictorial concepts when releasing the mini album, No 1. The first concept was about offering luxury and style, while the second concept gave a more natural look. In the first concept, Yujin and the other CLC members wore designer-brand clothes that made them look stylish and chic. The outfits looked like they could be displayed in luxury fashion boutiques. Yujin looked like the daughter and heir of a business mogul. For the second pictorial concept, Yujin and the other members were dressed in natural-colored outfit and holding flowers or plants. Yujin looked like a doll that came from a fantasy novel. She tied her hair at the back and divided it into two. The volume of her hair combined with the oversized shoulders of her outfit made her face look incredibly small.


CLC released the digital single Me on May 29, 2019. Me represented the charismatic and confident side of the group. The song’s title has two different meanings; oneself in English, and beautiful in Chinese. Me’s upbeat music and addictive chorus brought a delightful experience to fans’ ears, while the energetic and beautiful look of each CLC member gave an enjoyable experience to viewers. There are two outfit concepts used for the digital single Me. For the first concept, Yujin transformed into a lovely medieval princess, while for the second concept she transformed into a sassy, high-class citizen. Yujin showed her pure and innocent character in the first concept. She looked much younger than her actual age in the cute medieval dress. With the second concept, she looked like a sassy and arrogant girl that any girl would be willing to punch in the face.


Cube Entertainment released the group’s fourth digital single, Devil, on September 6th, 2020. Devil was a cheerful, bright, addictive, and upbeat track. The famous producers Mich Hansen, Peter Wallevik, and Daniel Davidsen collaborated in the making of Devil. In the music video, the CLC members showed their devilish side and teased each other with scary things in their hands. There are two concepts for Devil, and each concept was the exact opposite of other concept. For one concept, each member wore black outfits and gave cold stares to the viewers, while in the second concept, each member wore colorful outfits that brightened the viewers’ moods. Each member showed two different personalities on the stage when they were performing Devil. On the outside, each member had bright and cheerful character, but sometimes they showed their dark and devilish personalities. In this pictorial concept, Yujin was dressed in a black leather mini dress. Her vicious and cold stare gave viewers the chills. Her youthful and child-like appearance disappeared in an instant. The dark and gloomy background added to her character’s dark persona. That was all the information about CLC’s Yujin‘s transformations. There is no denying that she has a pure-looking image and youthful look in any kind of promotional style. Let’s cheer Yujin and hope that CLC performs better showcases in their next comeback album!

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