After the events are over, BTS often does a broadcast on V-Live, both to celebrate their win and to express their gratitude to get to be present at the prestigious award shows. What sort of content is in the broadcasts? In this article, Channel-Korea will giving you a compilation of BTS’s V-Live Tradition from after their performance at the AMAs. So stay tuned!


As we know, BTS first appeared at at the international music event, the AMAs, in November 2017 by performing ‘DNA’ and ‘Mic Drop’. Although BTS wasn’t included in the nominations for that event, being invited as guests and being given the opportunity to perform was an honor for them. BTS also mentioned that performing at the AMAs was a lifetime opportunity. They were grateful for the support of loyal BTS fans, called ARMY. Even the leader, RM, felt happy to be treated the same as other world-renowned artists. RM was very proud when BTS’s name was mentioned by The Chainsmokers, because their song was assisted by The Chainsmokers and the song was blaring in the world. Since then, BTS has become quite famous and won many awards. After perfoming at the 2017 AMAs, they celebrated their happiness with ARMY on V-Live channel. They wanted to express their gratitude to ARMY for always supporting them by having a party to celebrate. At the opening of the video, the did a freeze while waiting for a lot of ARMY that were watching, and they did it over and over. In V-live, the members seemed happy and nervous  at the same time. When each member was given the opportunity to say something to ARMY, Jungkook said that he was very happy when they won on Billboard in 2017, but he felt sad that BTS didn’t perform. BTS celebrated by sharing stories, as well as dinner, and celebrated with a glass of champagne. Here’s the video that BTS shared!


In 2018, BTS managed have the proud achievement of getting an award in the category, ‘Favorite Social Artist’ at the AMAs. BTS’s victory was announced at AMAs on October 10, 2018, and they managed to defeat Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Demi Lovato, and Shawn Mendes. Unfortunately, the group couldn’t attend the event that year, because they were on their concert tour ‘Love Yourself’. 

Random Facts

On their V-Live in 2017, there are lots of funny and unexpected facts. They were very happy to be able to sing at the AMAs, ‘American Music Awards’, so they expressed their happiness by celebrating on V-Live with ARMY.

  1. Jin Slipped out the secret and Taehyung scolded him. Each member was given a chance to talk, but when it was Jin’s turn, he slipped and gave the name of the singer who wanted to collaborate with them. At that time, Jin asked the members “Who did you meet today?” There were various answers, such as Shawn Mendes, Khalid, The Chainsmokers, and Zedd. At the time, Namjoon said, “There’s so many artists that we promise to collaborate with”, then Jin added, “Exactly right. Zedd…” After Jin sayid that, all the members looked at him. Namjoon and Taehyung even signaled that he should stop talking about it. Unfortunately, Jin seemed to oblivious to their cues. Finally, Taehyung blew something on him while laughing, and said, “Hush,” then Jin realized it and said, “I didn’t intend to say this on the broadcast. But I heard in just on Twitter, and it’ll be or not”.
  2. Jimin Didn’t know about the American Music Awards The members talked one by one, starting from Jungkook, Suga, J-hope, and, finally, Jimin. He said with honestly that beforhend he didn’t know about the big stage and the event. Finally, two hours before they left, Jimin asked RM. His confession really made people want to hug him because he’s such an innocent guy.
  3. Suga Nervous. Suga can seem ignorant and cold, but apparently he was nervous at the AMAs, even when they were broadcasting on V-Live, Suga’s hand was shaking and he wasn’t sure what to say.
  4. Talk about the Celebrities. It’s natural that the guys were happy to have a chance to meet international celebrities and their idol. In fact, they even discussed the facts about the ages of some celebrities, comparing them with the age of the members. At the end of the video, one of members asked, “Is Shawn Mendes older than us?” Then the leader said that Shawn Mendes was younger than the group members, even their maknae. Jungkook was shocked and asked, “How he can be tallest? I wanted to take a photo with him, because he really handsome!” Shortly, Jimin said, “I heard that Khalid is younger than me,” and RM also said, “I heard Desiigner is younger than me.”Jungkook said that Desiigner is on one line with him, then the members joked by changing Jungkook’s name to “Jungkook Desiigner”.
  5. Celebrated with a Champagne toast but didn’t drink. At the end of the celebration, they celebrated with a bottle of Champagne. But it turned out to be just for toasting. Jimin said that because they were on broadcast they shoudn’t drink it, it was just for a formality to complete the celebration. Jungkook was also forbidden to drink the champagne, but he said that he could drink it because they were in the USA not in Korea.

Latest News!

In 2019, BTS had another win at the annual music event the ‘American Music Awards’, taking awards in three different categories, “Favorite Social Artist”, “Tour of The Year”, and “Favorite Top Duo or Pop/Rock.” But unfortunately, they weren’t able to attend the event. Regarding the “Tour Of The Year” nomination, social media has recently been horrendous with Big Hit uploaded on Twitter. On December 24, 2019, Big Hit uploaded a reflection photo of the members in the water with a purple light bias. The seven members seemed to stand and were separated from each other. At the bottom, there was the inscription “TOUR”, with the caption “April 2020. Stay tuned.” There hasn’t been an official continuation of that post, so this makes ARMY think that is probably for their next comeback, new album, list of tours, or maybe for the movie that tells about their career life. In addition to posts that made everyone shocked, BTS reportedly constributed to the non-profit charity program carried by the Recording Academy, titled ‘MusiCares’. They donated seven microphones that they used when performing “Love Yourself” at Citi Field, New York, on October 6, 2018. The microphones are very special because there are the signatures and name from each of the members. BTS felt so happy to be participating in ‘MusiCares Person of the Year’.  The microphones with their signature will be auctioned on January 27, 2020, at a gala event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The bidding is online, with price offers starting at $5,000. That’s the latest BTS information and also about the their V-Live tradition after their performance at the American Music Awards. If you like this article, don’t forget to put your thoughts in comment section!

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