The happy pill of the group is not only known her beautiful voice and fierce raps, Yoo Jung is also famous for her amazing dance skills. She has showed her dancing skills in various variety shows, performing anything from cover dances to dances she choreographed herself! You must be really curious to know more about Yoo Jung’s dance ability, right? Well,  without any further ado, let’s get into the topic~!

Yoo Jung’s Dance Performance on Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’

As we know, Yoo Jung and her friend, Do Yeon, both joined Produce 101. In the show, each episode the contestants have to do some missions and evaluation tests for them to stay, and one of those tests is for dancing. Here is a compilation of Yoojung’s dances on Produce 101:

Fantagio Girls – Glass Bread

Yoo Jung Freestyle Dance in ‘Team Ga Hee VS Team Bae Yoon Jeong’

Choi Yoo Jung – Group 2 Evaluation: 4 Minute ‘Hot Issue’ (Eye Contact Version)

Choi Yoo Jung – Position Evaluation ‘DANCE’: BANG BANG

Choi Yoo Jung – Concept Evaluation: Yum Yum

Yoo Jung’s Dance Collaboration

A collaboration dance between Yoo Jung and several idols from girl-groups; curious? Check out this compilation of Choi Yoo Jung’s dance collaboration below!

[2017 KBS Song Festival] Infinite ‘BE MINE’ – Yoo Jung, Seulgi, Sin B, Momo, and Chungha

Choi Yoo Jung X ELLEN – Boy Group Dance Collaboration

Mnet’s ‘Hit The Stage’ – Collaboration Dance

Yoo-jung’s Boy-Group Dance Cover

Yoo Jung is known to be BTS’s number 1 fan girl. Every time a BTS song is played, she will automatically start to dance. Not only BTS, Yoo Jung also like to cover many boy-group’s dances, and, guess what, she totally nailed the choreography! Curious? Here is the compilation of her dancing to boy-groups’ choreography:

A Competition Dance Cover with Golden Child member @Weekly Idol

Yoo-jung’s Girl-Group Dance Covers

Not only the bo youp dance, Yoo Jung can also do a cover dance of several girl-groups. Here is the brief compilation for you guys:

Yoo Jung’s Solo Dance Performance

The talented idol Choi Yoo Jung is not only be able to do a group cover dance, she also can do a solo dance as well. Even some several performances, she is the one who make the choreography! Amazing isn’t it? Now let’s take a look at her solo dance performance below:

Pick Me Performances Evaluation

Choi Yoo Jung – Shawn Mendes feat. Camila Cabelo: Seniorita Dance Cover

Compilation of i o i s and WEKI MEKI s Yoo jung Dances That Will Shock You - 77Compilation of i o i s and WEKI MEKI s Yoo jung Dances That Will Shock You - 38