Although her original personality tends to be indifferent, IU likes it because it makes her a more sincere person. For IU, the difference with Lee Ji-eun is being able to show her feelings more simply and sincerely in dealing with others. The fans also said that the image of the figure of IU as a singer standing on the stage looked different from the figure of Lee Ji-eun. Where the figure of IU has makeup looks more mature, while the figure of Lee Ji-eun has the impression that looks more cute and adorable. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of the differences between actress and solo artist IU and Lee Ji-eun. So, stay tuned!

Get To Know Lee Ji-eun

IU is a singer who is also actively known as an actress. IU whose real name is Lee Ji-eun has two personalities. In fact, she must familiarize herself. IU acknowledged that she had to know when the two personalities were “in power” within her. When she had to become Lee Ji-eun, IU was an ordinary girl who had a cool attitude. However, when she became IU, she had to be more fully responsible for her work. “When I became IU, I had to change into a more responsible person. In fact, I had to be able to protect myself with my attitude and behavior,” said IU. Meanwhile, when she became Lee Ji-eun, IU felt like her other self. “Lee Ji-eun is an ordinary girl who often does things as she pleases. In fact, a little lazy to think,” added IU while laughing. Even so, IU also has a positive attitude. She is a sincere person and often honest with her feelings. IU finds it quite difficult to hide her feelings. That is the main weapon for IU when establishing relationships with others.


Looking Like The Cutest Thing On Earth

Having a small and petite body makes IU’s figure to be called the cutest thing on earth. Because of her cuteness, IU even has the name the Nation’s Little Sister. IU got the nickname when her popularity peaked around 2010. This cute and innocent singer’s image caught the attention of the audience and gave her the nickname as a younger sister nationally! Another reason why IU is referred to as the cutest thing on earth is when together with managers and staff, IU looks very small. IU also very often does things that are adorable when in front of her fans even if done accidentally.

Funny & Cute Moments

IU or Lee Ji-eun always has funny and cute moments. One of them was when IU was trying to buy her own concert tickets online. Through IU TV, the talented singer and actress uploaded a video titled “IU’s Passion for Ticket Reservation.” In the video, IU was seen sitting in front of a computer wearing a hat. When asked about what she was doing, IU said she would buy her own concert tickets online. After waiting long enough, finally, the awaited time arrived to order tickets. At exactly eight o’clock, reservations for the concert tickets were officially opened. However, IU did not find the message button on the screen. The staff also told her to press the refresh button. But unfortunately, because of an interval of only a few seconds, IU had to wait to be able to order. In fact, she was in line number 30,356. Not wanting to stop trying, IU re-entered the ticket booking website. However, now she was in line 49,484. She had to wait for 1 hour and 8 minutes to be able to make the order. Not wanting to wait long, IU immediately stood up and left without buying her own concert ticket. Another funny moment of IU was when she starred in the Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast program in 2017. That moment was when Lee Hyo-ri taught IU various yoga poses. IU found it very difficult because her body is stiff and not flexible. “Eonni (older sister), I think I’m going to die,” IU told Lee Hyo-ri while doing the yoga move. Interestingly, the difficult pose was apparently done easily by IU about 7 years ago on a TV show. At that time, 18-year-old IU succeeded in doing the yoga pose without the help of anyone and fascinated other guest stars.

Lee Ji-eun’s Natural Habit

The Enthusiastic Welcome Arms

IU has had this habit long ago. Fans have noticed that every time IU receives an award, her arms move faster than other parts of her body (maybe because of excitement). From the moment her name was announced when she started walking towards the stage, her arms were in front and ready to take home the award! Whether she is just really excited or doesn’t want the presenter to wait too long, this habit often puts her in an awkward situation. After winning the award a bit too early, she often had to awkwardly wait until the presenter fully read the award description before receiving the award.

Magic Finger That Helps Her Mind

Every time IU thinks hard, she tends to raise her right index finger to her lips. Nobody questioned this singer about her habits, but fans guessed that the finger contained some kind of magical power that helped her in the decision-making process. Did she bite her finger or gently press it to her lips?

Enlarge eyes to “intimidate”

IU shows this facial expression more often. She did it most often during the “IU TV” episode when she wanted to scare the camera. But little did she know, this expression made her look even more adorable, and her tactics would not succeed in scaring people. It’s like seeing your five-year-old sister try to defend her last piece of cake.

Appreciate the water before swallowing

IU also has a special habit that arises when she drinks water. Instead of inhaling and swallowing water immediately, IU likes to puff her cheeks and take a few seconds to let the taste of water enter her mouth. The funny thing is, since IU mentioned that other idol fans reacted to the smallest thing done by their idols (and implied or complained that their fans were not), UAENA (IU’s fandom name) started cheering every time she drank water.

— iu pics (@jieunphotos) September 9, 2018

Confusion about the Direction at her solo concert

Many fans have learned that IU has a habit of not being able to recognize direction. Even in the Knowing Brothers program, she claimed she was confused about knowing the right or left direction. Even more surprising that she has not memorized to turn right or left after exiting the elevator to her private apartment. Even though IU herself has lived in the apartment for 3 years. One thing IU knows is the hand that she uses to eat. During her concert, IU greeted her fans by coming down from the stage and going around to the audience. IU got a wrong turn when greeting her fans while singing. Luckily, IU was followed by a bodyguard who always told her which direction she should walk. That was not the first time that IU has done something similar. Even when dancing on stage, IU had to be justified by a dancer because she was facing in the wrong direction. Many netizens joined in the exasperation to see IU’s habits. IU seemed like a lost child and had to be told directions by her bodyguard.

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