ENHYPEN’s Dorm and Rooms Are Super Huge

ENHYPEN which debuted on November 20, 2020, finally revealed its incredible dorm when it celebrated its 1st anniversary. ENHYPEN’s dorm has a large living room, bedroom, kitchen-dining room, and makeup room. Here are their meticulous reviews and reactions after seeing the company prepare such a comfortable living place for them.

ENHYPEN’s Dorm Arrangement

K-pop idols usually understand that as recently debuted idols, they will need to be patient while living in a small or cramped room. When ENHYPEN members introduced their dorm, all the theories went away. Their dorm is fortunately incredibly wide and convenient. It consists of a living room, bedroom, makeup room, bathroom, and kitchen-dining room. See more about the arrangement below!

ENHYPEN’s Dorm Living Room

When the members open the door, the living room is right in front of them. It’s huge! All the members use this room for a flat-screen television. They often use this room to watch TV, talk, or just gather together. In the footage, ENHYPEN members are caught re-watching their activity during the I-LAND survival show.

ENHYPEN’s Dorm Bedroom

On their VLIVE session after winning their debut on I-Land, ENHYPEN showed their bedroom where they rest after a whole day of activity. The bedroom consists of four bunk beds with comfy mattresses. Although they are still sleeping in the same room as all seven members, the bunk beds look comfortable. It was assumed that the company put them together in one bedroom to bond and grow closer. Besides, historically, BE:Lift Lab, a subsidiaries company of Big Hit Entertainment, always has their idols sleeping in bunk beds in a shared dorm like BTS and TXT for the first three years of debut. Even the dorm’s bathroom exceeded expectations by featuring what appears to be a jet bathtub and separate shower cubicle.

Did ENHYPEN’s Members Choose Their Roommates?

In the beginning, ENHYPEN had only one bedroom altogether. Later on, the members updated their room arrangement by changing this beginning in 2022 as stated on the radio program Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope. Jake and Jay became roommates. Jungwon, Ni-ki, Sunghoon, and Sunoo are in the largest room. Heesung, the oldest member, is in a separate room alone. They revealed that in order to get the room, ENHYPEN did rock, paper, scissors to win the room. It’s fair enough!

ENHYPEN’s Dorm Kitchen-Dining Room

ENHYPEN’s kitchen-dining room is minimalist but functional. The impression of their dining is simple and modern. Look at the image above with Jay casually guzzling cola in the morning. ENHYPEN’s members enjoy eating chicken together with plenty of space. So chic!

ENHYPEN’s Dorm Makeup Room

So, ENHYPEN’s dorm also has a dedicated room for makeup. Such a luxury! The makeup room includes a full-length tall mirror, storage, and dressing table. They are treated well as a new boy band. This dressing room appears next to their bedroom. So convenient!

ENHYPEN Members’ Reactions to Their New Dorm

ENHYPEN expressed their happiness when seeing their dorm. All members were impressed with the size and how nice the dorm is. ENHYPEN members were mostly amazed at their new home. They said the dorm was so huge and legendary. It’s crazy that they will all live together in this modern dorm. Even their fans agreed with their opinions while they broadcasted their dorm. Sunoo most likely fell in love with their makeup dorm while Jake admired all the aspects of their dorm. Heeseung felt grateful to debut with great members and getting a chance to stay in that dorm. ENHYPEN’s video of unboxing the dorm reached 1 million views during their first episode of ENHYPEN&Hi in only a short period. Their excitement never betrayed the happiness of living in the incredible dorm. Keep supporting ENHYPEN’s music career and all their activities. Which room do you like? Tell us your opinion and share it on social media, too!

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