So far the sequel shows from (South Korean TV Series) are still in high demand by the audience and the most awaited every year because it brings a different cast too. However, School 2020 seems somewhat different than the previous sequel. There is a lot of controversy and problems from the producer and casting that were present at School 2020 so that the drama was canceled airing this year and must be ranked in the future. What happened actually with School 2020 and the drama production team? To find out more complete information, let’s check and find out more details in the article below!

School 2020 Production Kicked Off Ahn Seo-hyun

The controversy suddenly arose after the news of casting one of the main cast of School 2020 which should have been replaced by another actress. Because beforehand, it was Ahn Seo-hyun who was reportedly being targeted as the main character in School 2020. The Netflix star Okja was said to have posted a photo on the roadside with Kim Yohan and other crew members. But the post was deleted by Ahn Seo-hyun which immediately aroused suspicion. Especially after the actress made a post as if giving the code if he had been kicked out of the School 2020 production team. Ahn Seo-hyun made a post that read, “If there is depth to believe, what should I believe in?” Fans then commented on the post by encouraging the actress. Ahn Seo-hyun responded by writing, “Why don’t adults keep their promises?” In another post, Ahn Seo-hyun wrote, “I hope the new school can cure me”. Fans commented, “You must be upset that you couldn’t attend the entrance ceremony because of COVID-19.” The comment was then responded by Ahn Seo-hyun by writing, “There is something else that makes me more upset than COVID-19.” Still, not enough, a fan wrote a comment saying, “Approach ‘School 2020’ with the same mindset when you do it on ‘Okja’.” Ahn Seo-hyun replied to the comment by writing, “If I could be in it.” In connection with this controversy, apparently Ahn Seo-hyun’s father had mentioned it through his exclusive interview with Star News. The father hinted that Ahn Seo-hyun had been unfairly kicked out of school 2020. “We received a proposal for drama in May 2019. We even read the manuscript with the PD for almost a year. Even a few days ago we met with the PD and received an updated script. I was astonished. Since last year, the production team for this drama has changed three times. When I try to talk to the current CEO of the production company about the contract, they just say ‘We will do it later’ or ‘It hasn’t been organized’ or ‘Wait a little longer ‘.” “We read the manuscript with PD Han a few days ago, so we never expected that they would not follow it up. Not long ago a new PD came to me and told me that they were working on a contract. But there was a difference with the first time we talked about it and there were things that we don’t talk about. I think they say things like that so we won’t take part in this drama. Production companies have spent time on contracts, delaying things, and creating situations as if we should just get out.” “Not long ago I received a message on social media from the head of the production company, saying he had to get out. But he would not pick up the phone when I called him. I never talked about Ahn Seo-hyun being released, but I got another message saying ‘ Why don’t you come out. Ahn Seo-hyun and I don’t even want to fight against them to win. But it would be nice if we got an apology. I hope to have a chance in the future, to do better.” Meanwhile, School 2020 will tell about Kim Tae-jin (played by Kim Yohan), a former taekwondo athlete who won a bronze medal as a junior representative at the Korean National Sports Festival. But Kim Tae-jin had to give up his dream after suffering a severe ankle injury coupled with his father’s bankruptcy. He then moved to a vocational school. Even though he acts and talks like an adult, he is a clumsy high school student when he is with the girl he likes. The drama itself is planned to begin airing in August. The production process of School 2020 is now being tinged with the controversy over the dismissal of Ahn Seo-hyun which is allegedly done unfairly. Ahn Seo-hyun is alleged to have given the code if she was kicked out by the production team unfairly. While the father also revealed that his daughter was asked to wait for almost a year before suddenly being asked to leave School 2020. However, the School 2020 production company strongly denies Ahn Seo-hyun’s father’s claim. The company said that the signing failed because Ahn Seo-hyun’s father demanded a lot of nonsense. “During negotiations for the casting contract with Ahn Seo-hyun, her father filed a number of unreasonable demands on the production staff. Because we thought of Ahn Seo-hyun, we still intended to go through the casting, but her father’s demands were overdone to the point where it was difficult to be handled by the production staff. It was decided that it would be too difficult to continue in this way,” said the production company. “The decision to ask the actress to leave the project was made after a discussion between her representative and the production company. What her father said about the process was clearly a one-sided opinion,” the production company continued. “Out of concern for the young actress, we intend to settle this business calmly. It is a difficult situation, but we have decided to release this statement in response to her father who spread false information. If this situation continues, we will reveal everything about negotiating our contract with Ahn Seo-hyun and issuing strong lawsuits,” concluded the production company. On the same day, Ahn Seo-hyun’s agency also responded to the School 2020 casting controversy. The agency said if the School 2020 made a statement that was different from the truth. But they still support the KBS drama going forward even without Ahn Seo-hyun. “Instead of putting our emotions and enthusiasm into School 2020 and their directors, producers, and staff for a long time, we feel sorry to announce the unexpected departure of Ahn Seo-hyun,” the agency wrote. “We know the School series has received a lot of love over the years, so fans have high expectations for it. Knowing that we are trying to do our best,” the agency continued. “It’s hard to believe that after all that (Ahn Seo-hyun) must leave the project and that they have issued a statement that is different from the truth. But with a great feeling of liking this project, we will support School 2020, director, producer, and all staff so they can receive lots of love,” the agency continued. “We will do our best so that Ahn Seo-hyun can greet everyone through a new project,” the agency concluded.

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