There are a lot of K-pop groups that have a youngest member that has a rascally or goofy personality. Some even have a youngest member that looks calm despite the chaos of other members’ personalities or is so cute that they make us want to protect them. Well, every group has a different type of youngest member, also called the maknae in Korean. Well, how about we discuss the maknae of a girl group called Cosmic Girls or WJSN? Yep, let’s talk about Yeonjung, the youngest member of Cosmic Girls, in this article. Yeonjung was born on August 3, 1999, making her the youngest of all the girls in Cosmic Girls. But, did you know that she’s not the original maknae of Cosmic Girls? Yeonjung may be the youngest in Cosmic Girls now, but back then, there was a member who held the title as the maknae of the group and it wasn’t her. Who was the maknae before Yeonjung and why was she not the maknae before? Let’s dig in more about Yeonjung in the sections below! Be ready, you might fall for her charm as you read this article. Tee-hee!

Yeonjung’s Pre-Debut

Before Yeonjung made her debut in Cosmic Girls or WJSN and became the maknae of the group, she was just a little girl from Gwangmyeong who decided to move to Seoul to chase her dream. Yeonjung is the firstborn in the family and had a big dream with a big talent for singing. When Yeonjung was in the 2nd grade of middle school, she sang a song called “On the Road” by Butterfly in a competition called Gyeonggi Youth Comprehensive Art Festival in September 2013. Due to her amazing voice, she won the competition. This could be the reason why Yeonjung applied for a JYP Entertainment audition. However, instead of JYP Entertainment, she got accepted as a trainee in one of the big companies in the Korean entertainment industry. It’s not Starship Entertainment, for your information. Yeonjung became a trainee for SM Entertainment for around six months before she moved to Starship Entertainment. In 2016, when she was just 18 years old in Korean age, she joined the survival show called Produce 101 Season 1 and was a representative of her agency along with the other trainees from Starship Entertainment, Kim Tae-ha and Shim Chae-eun.  

Yeonjung in Cosmic Girls

In Cosmic Girls, Yeonjung was added to the unit called Natural that consists of Luda, Meiqi, Dawon, and Yeonjung. The units help the new fans learn about the group since they have a lot of members. When they are all divided into smaller teams, it is easier to remember each member. Yeonjung who has a really nice voice also did a collab with her member Dawon who also has amazing vocals.

Woah, their voices really suit well together, don’t you think? Under Cosmic Girls, Yeonjung also appeared in some TV shows and showed off her singing. She even managed to amaze a lot of people including Taeyeon of SNSD who has a stunning voice herself. This is when Yeonjung was introduced as Princess Ji Jasmine in a reality show called Masked Singer.

Here is when Yeonjung did a cover of AKMU’s Lee Suhyun with a song called “In Your Time.” Yeonjung really poured her heart into the OST of the drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

Here is when Taeyeon was impressed by Yeonjung who did a cover of her song “Fine.”

Her unnies are so proud of Yeonjung’s amazing voice. Let’s see their reactions in Weekly Idol with Cosmic Girls as the guest.

What do you think of Yeonjung in Cosmic Girls? Even though she debuted a few months after the official debut of the group, Yeonjung still blends really well with the team. Don’t you think so? Well, share your thoughts in the comments!

Yeonjung’s Friendship with Sana, Chungha, Etc.

Being a 99 liner, you must be wondering how can Yeonjung be so close with Twice’s Sana who was born in 1996. Normally in Korea, the idols who are born in the same year tend to get close because they are the same age. But, for Yeonjung and Sana, their ages are different. Well, what’s the story, you may ask? It all started because Sana told her manager that she wanted to get close with Yeonjung. She mentioned that the maknae of Cosmic Girls is a cutie, and she wants to be friends with her. Twice’s manager responded to it by sending Sana’s message to Cosmic Girls’ manager. It turned out that Yeonjung also wanted to be close to Sana. And, the rest is history. The two then became close and show how cute their friendship is by uploading photos taken together. In 2020 when Chungha tested positive for COVID-19, Sana and Yeonjung were reported to be with Chungha as well. The three of them had dinner together when Chungha was positive but didn’t have the test results yet. That’s why Sana and Yeonjung took the swab test too, but the results were negative for both of them. It is good to know that all of them have good health conditions now. Hopefully, we can see more of their friendship in the future!   Well, that’s all the info that we can gather for you to learn more about Yeonjung. What do you think of her? Have you fallen for her charms, especially her soothing voice? Well, Yeonjung is a really talented maknae!

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