Even though they come from two completely different backgrounds and different countries, their love is real. Both of them are supporting their partner very well, both for better and for worse. One of the strongest proofs that they are indeed a couple goal is the way Stefanie Michowa had been patiently waiting for Beenzino to be discharged from his military service! Right after his comeback, Stefanie welcomed him pleasantly as well! Do you want to know about that? Let’s find out about it together in the article below!

Beenzino’s Military Enlistment

Beenzino started his military service in May 2017. Before the day of his military service was announced, Beenzino released a new single at that time with the title “All Day” along with a music video. Due to this news, Stefanie Michova, as a supportive girlfriend, posted a picture of her with Beenzino before his military on her Instagram account, @stefaniemichova with the caption: “This too shall pass.” We can take a look at the picture where Beenzino’s hair has changed according to military regulations!

A post shared by Stefanie Michova (@stefaniemichova) on May 28, 2017 at 5:29pm PDT And also previously, Beenzino shared a video of him while he was shaving his head to meet military regulations, and accompanied by his girlfriend as well! Even though it might be a hard time for both of them, but Stefanie Michova has shown her support towards Beenzino for his military enlistment! https://www.instagram.com/p/BUov83jBmk-/?utm_source=ig_embed Beenzino’s agency, 1llionare Records, also asked the fans to continue supporting Beenzino in both his career and his military service as well. A fun fact related to Beenzino’s military enlistment: he was actually signed up to be a policeman, but he changed his mind and signed up as an active-duty soldier instead. Well, no matter what he has chosen, we hope for the best for him!

Beenzino Sent a Gift to Stefanie Michova from the Military

Even during his military service, Beenzino took the time to surprise his girlfriend with a little gift and a bunch of love for her! One of those moments was when Beenzino sent her a black Republic of Korea Army T-Shirt! Well, maybe Beenzino’s purpose was to remind his girlfriend that he is struggling during his time in the military service, so that’s why he sent that T-Shirt to her! https://www.instagram.com/p/BXuPKTohPaW/?utm_source=ig_embed Stefanie Michova also posted the gift along with herself on her Instagram account and wrote the caption: “Today I received a gift from my sweetie in the army, I love it.” She also tagged Beenzino’s Instagram account @realisshoman! We can easily see how happy she was when she received that pretty little gift, right? Not only that, Stefanie Michova received yet another sweet gift: it was a military necklace with a serial number on it! The necklace was also engraved with Stefanie Michova’s name in Hangul with a love sign as well! Well, Beenzino indeed is such a boyfriend material!

Going on a Date on His Day-off

Military service wasn’t Beenzino and Stefanie Michova’s obstacle to keep in touch. They even managed to take some time to go on a date together on Beenzino’s military service day-off! On his day-off, Beenzino used his time to visit his beloved girlfriend and took her on a casual yet romantic date! Through Beenzino and Stefanie Michova’s Instagram account, they shared some of their precious moments during Beenzino’s military day-off! It was their first date after being separated for four months, and when the time finally came, they cherished every moment they had together, pleasantly! Let’s take a look at their precious moments here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BiA60ksBK1Q/?utm_source=ig_embed

  Steffi와 함께 🧟‍♂️🧝🏻‍♀️ 시간이 너무 빠르다!!!! 휴가 나오니까 꿈도 안꾸고 자네 🤪♥️ A post shared by 임성빈 (@realisshoman) on Apr 25, 2018 at 6:01pm PDT

Beenzino Considering to Stay in the Military and Stefanie’s Reaction

Surprisingly, Beenzino revealed that he is actually considering staying in the military and becoming a staff sergeant. The thought came up unexpectedly as he had once revealed his concerns before being discharged from the military. He revealed the exciting piece of news through Instagram live. He also thought that if he decides to actually stay in the military, he might be the first celebrity who has chosen that path among the other celebrities who have also gone to the military. Even though he used to feel confused and there was a hesitation in his mind, however, after he talked about that with her girlfriend, he was able to think it through. Beenzino said that Stefanie told him not to do that, thus ending his dilemma about staying in the military as a staff member. Well, Beenzino’s fans would have been shocked if he actually stayed in the military, right?

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