Yep, it’s Cravity! Just like the name that has the same sound as gravity, it also makes us can’t live without their music. Cravity has been making us craving for their music since April 2020, where they debuted under the company called Starship Entertainment. The group consists of nine members, which are Minhee, Hyeongjun, Jungmo, Taeyoung, Wonjin, Seongmin, Woobin, Serim, and Allen. Thanks to them, the pandemic in 2020 didn’t feel so lame since at least we can enjoy their music and performance. In this article, we won’t be talking about Cravity in general. Instead, we will talk about one of their amazing members who definitely you will love. This member has a lot of charms and of course a visual genius. It’s Jungmo of Cravity! He is one of the lead vocalists as well as the visual of Cravity. If you see his smile, it makes us want to smile happily too, right? We will discuss Jungmo of Cravity more in this article. So, just scroll down to find out more about him!

Jungmo’s Profile

Before we introduce you to Jungmo’s charms, let’s see his profile first. You must be wondering about some basic things about Jungmo such as his name is real or not, his birth date, his zodiac sign, his blood type, or even his MBTI type? Well, then again, just by knowing such info, we can get a big picture of what kind of person Jungmo is. At least, we can learn about his personality! Let’s see Jungmo’s profile down below! Full name: Goo Jungmo Korean Name: 구정모 Chinese Name: 具廷謨 Stage name: Jungmo Nickname: Mogu, 9niverse (read as Gooniverse in Korean), Gangmo Birthplace: Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea Birthdate: February 5, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Education:

Seoul Seoi Elementary School Seoul Seoun Middle School Sangmun High School

Position: Lead vocal, visual Occupation: Singer, idol Height: 181.5 cm Weight: 62 kg Foot size: 270 mm Blood Type: B MBTI: ISFP Family: Parents Debut date: April 14 Debut year: 2020 Agency: Starship Entertainment Official Site: Cravity Official Site Weibo: Cravity Official Weibo Facebook: Cravity Official Facebook Page Twitter: Cravity Official Twitter Instagram: Cravity Official Instagram Fan Cafe: Cravity Official Fan Cafe

Jungmo’s Facts

Now we have learned about Jungmo’s basic info, why don’t we learn more about him through his interesting facts? Of course, Jungmo is not just his gorgeous visual. He also has some fun facts about him that can make us love him even more. Now, let’s see Jungmo’s facts down below!

Jungmo joined the Produce x 101 competition, but didn’t make it to the final line-up. Jungmo’s surname (Goo) means 9 in Korean. Even though 9 is considered as an unlucky number in Korean, but Jungmo related to the number 9 several times, such as his ranking position in Produce x 101, debut in a boy group with 9 members, etc. Jungmo is left-handed. Despite being skinny, Jungmo has a broad shoulder and a big skeleton. Jungmo has large eyes and long eyelashes. Jungmo said that he was never dating anyone not liked anyone. When Jungmo was in high school, he was in a band and his position is a guitarist. There is also a popular Korean guitarist named Jungmo. Left-handed people usually wear a watch on their right hand, but Jungmo wear it on his right hand. When Jungmo was in high school, he set his wallpaper to Dolhareubang or Tol Harubang, it was a popular large rock statue in Jeju island. When his school went to Jeju Island, Jungmo took a picture of it. Jungmo likes mint chocolate. Jungmo used to like soccer back then, but he prefered to exercise in a sports hall just like badminton. Therefore, his favorite sport is badminton. Jungmo’s favorite food is cup noodles. Jungmo lived in New Zealand for 6 years when he was a kid. Although his MBTI is ISFP, it was said that Jungmo’s MBTI is also INTJ. Wonjin answered that he wants to be Jungmo when he got a question, which member you want to be for a day. Because Jungmo has a bright personality, is cute, and also performs well. Jungmo can wink well with his right eye, but he can’t wink well with his left eye. Jungmo’s alcohol tolerance is 4 bottles.

Jungmo’s Pre Debut

Jungmo was born and raised in Seoul on February 5, 2000. Jungmo was an only child that lives happily with his parents. Jungmo live in one of the most metropolitan part of the city, Apgujeong, Gangnam. When he was a child, he used to live in New Zealand for around six years. That makes him good at English. Jungmo is also good at playing guitar, he even became the guitarist of a band when he was teenager. As a student, we can claim that Jungmo is a smart kid since he passed the Inha Technical College on Flight Attendant major. Jungmo has attended the flight academy too, but he left it, probably because of he became a trainee in Starship Entertainment. He succesfully danced to BTS’ song called “Mic Drop” when he auditioned as a trainee.

Jungmo in Produce x 101

In 2019, Jungmo joined the competition “Produce x 101” as a trainee of Starship Entertainment, along with Minhee, Hyeongjun and Wonjin. During the competition, he showed his great skills in dancing and singing let’s take a look at Jungmo’s appearance in “Produce x 101”!

However, his final rank was #12, so he didn’t make it to the line-up. But don’t worry! Because in September 2019, he was revealed as one of the member of Starship Entertainment’s new boy group.

Jungmo’s Debut with Cravity

Jungmo who has captured a lot of people’s hearts in “Produce x 101” finally got the opportunity to made a debut in a new boy group of Starship Entertainment, but the group’s wasn’t officially debuting at that time. In fact, it was just Jungmo’s name that being listed in Starshipz, which means he was one of the trainee of the pre-debut team from Starship Entertainment. Besides Jungmo, there were some other Starship Entertainment’s trainees that later on debuted as members of Cravity, such as Allen, Minhee, Wonjin, Woobin, Serim, Hyeongjun, Sungmin, and Taeyoung. In April 2020, Starship Entertainment finally released the teaser of the new boy group that would be debuting soon, as well as their name. The group is called, Cravity. It rhymes with gravity, because the actual meaning of the name is, “Center of Gravity”. It can also be a combination of creativity and gravity. Cravity made their official debut on April 14, 2020. Let’s see the music video of “Break All the Rules” by Cravity!

What do you think of the music video? Jungmo really showed us his best, as well as other Cravity members. But it’s not just that! Let’s see the stage performance of “Break All the Rules” by Cravity in some music shows. Even though this was their first promotional era, but they looked so professional and could handle the stage well.

What about their dance practice’s video? In this video, we can see how good Jungmo’s dancing is. We can focus more on his dancing skill!

What do you think of Cravity’s debut era, “Break All the Rules”? The boys were looking so cool back then! Show your support in the comment sections!

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