CRAVITY’s Seongmin’s Profile

Stage Name: Seongmin (Hangeul: 성민) Birth Name: Ahn Seong Min (Hangeul: 안성민) Chinese Name: Ān Chéng Mín (安成民) Birthday: August 1st, 2003 Zodiac Sign: Leo Chinese Zodiac Sign: Sheep Nationality: Korean Height: 170 cm (5’6.9″) Blood Type: O

CRAVITY’s Seongmin’s Fun Facts

  1. Seongmin MBT is INFP.
  2. Seongmin’s nicknames are Rabbit, Ahn DDONGIE, Ahn Minseong, Peongmini.
  3. He has a habit is sweeping his head, blinking, and chewing his cheeks.
  4. Seongmin’s chest size is 100–105 cm.
  5. Seongmin’s waist is 29 inches.
  6. Seongmin’s shoe size is 270 mm (9.5 USA size).
  7. He has the ability to draw and is also good at calligraphy.
  8. His signature is winking and facial expressions.
  9. He is the middle child of the family.
  10. He has two brothers who are younger by two years and an older brother who is older by wight years.
  11. Seongmin’s role model is Jaehyun from NCT.
  12. Seongmin has a mole in his nose.
  13. His hobbies are watching movies and dramas, and ASMR.
  14. Sengmin love to sleep.
  15. He likes to do sports, especially riding a bicycle.
  16. His favorite song from Cravity is “Break All The Rules”.
  17. Seongmin loves to eat yogurt.
  18. His favorite snack is Haribo.
  19. He has braces.
  20. Seongmin once pranked Wonjin by spraying water and hiding his phone.
  21. Seongmin got called pure from his looks.
  22. He is a loud but kind person.
  23. Seongmin can reach a high pitch in singing.
  24. His unofficial fan club is Anseongtangmyeon.
  25. Seongmin’s motto is: “Let’s live happily and with confidence.”
  26. Aside from Jaehyun of NCT, he also chooses Astro’s Moonbin as his role model.
  27. Seongmin is the cleanliness and purest member of Cravity.

CRAVITY’s Seongmin’s Ideal Type

Seongmin is not obviously talking about his ideal type. Some of his fans assumed through his personality, that he might want to have someone who has a mixed balance of masculine and feminine, but is also a little bit shy. He might prefer someone who is not quite introverted.

Cravity’s Seongmin Pre Debut

Seongmin started dreaming of becoming a performer when he saw a music show in his childhood. He got an audition invitation from a casting director from Starship Entertainment at Jamsin Middle School in 2018. Look at his pre-debut picture below!

CRAVITY’s Seongmin’s Instagram

Seongmin has a lot of similarities with Park Ji-hoon of Wanna One is what many people have said. Do you agree? He only has Instagram in the official account of Starship at this time. Check it out! Seongmin is appointed as the vocal of Cravity, but his visual is also cool and lovely.

CRAVITY’s Seongmin’s Career

On October 7th, 2019, Seongmin was announced as a trainee under Starship’s rookie group STARSHIPZ. Then, he was announced as one of the members of the boy group on March 18th, 2020, and debuted on April 14th, 2020, with the mini-album Hideout: Remember Who We Are-Season 1. Cool! That’s all about Seongmin from Cravity: his profile, Instagram, age, height, nicknames, ideal type, birthday, pre-debut, and a lot more. Keep supporting Seongmin all the way and his career. What do you like the most about Seongmin from CRAVITY? Kindly leave a comment below and don’t forget to share on Twitter!

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