CRAVITY’S Woobin’s Profile

Stage Name: Woobin (우빈) Birth Name: Seo Woo Bin (서우빈) Chinese Name: Xú Yǔ Bīn (徐宇彬) Birthday: October 16, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Libra Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon Nationality: Korean Height: 175 cm (5’8.8″) Blood Type: B

CRAVITY’S Woobin’s Fun Facts

– Woobin was inspired to become a singer when he saw TVXQ’s Mirotic. – Woobin was born in Gwangju, South Korea. – Woobin can speak with a Gwanju accent. – Woobin has a large vocal range. – Woobin is talented in rapping. – Woobin loves cooking to release stress, and he enjoys eating food. – Woobin’s signature facial characteristic is his nose. – Woobin is not a morning person. – Woobin has a bad habit of biting his fingernails, biting his lips, and daydreaming with his mouth opening. – Woobin loves cooking, especially pasta. – Woobin’s hobbies are playing games and cooking. – Woobin’s chest is around 105, his waist is 28-29 inches, and his shoe size 260-265 mm. – Woobin loves tomatoes. – People said Woobin has similarities to a koala. – Woobin’s nickname is Rubi. – Woobin has difficulty taking selfies. – Woobin has talent in playing the guitar. – Woobin takes education in Gwangju Joy Dance and Plug In Music Academy. – Woobin’s talent is singing high notes and dancing. – Woobin’s face looks like Pentagon’s Hui, Monsta X’s I.M, and Produce 101‘s Moon Hyunbin. – Woobin revealed that Seongmin is the cutest member in CRAVITY. – Woobin trained for three years. – Woobin loves the movie Inception. – Minhee was a classmate of his at the academy. – Woobin became Starship’s trainee in 2017. – Woobin got his ears pierced but never wears earrings. – Woobin’s role model is Lauv.

Woobin’s Debut Story with CRAVITY

Woobin was introduced as a member of CRAVITY on March 17, 2020. The members of CRAVITY are nine members (Taeyoung, Jungmo, Seongmin, Serim, Hyeongjun, Minhee, Wonjin, Woobin, and Allen) under Starship Entertainment. CRAVITY means Creativity and Gravity with the hope that people will see them with exclusive charm. CRAVITY released the mini-album Hideout: Remember Who We Are-Season 1 on April 14, 2020. Check their debut on Mnet K-POP singing “Jumper” below!

CRAVITY’s Woobin Is Visually Captivating

Woobin has a charming visual that captivates his fans. Look at his photos below! Love his eyes! Do you agree with their sharp look?

CRAVITY’s Woobin’s Fancam

Woobin’s dancing is also impeccable. Some footage proving that is below and is taken from a fancam.

Woobin’s Interview and Activity with CRAVITY After Debut

Woobin got an interview with CRAVITY after their debut. He was asked about his favorite song on the debut album, Hideout: Remember Who We Are-Season, and his reason. He admitted that he loves to listen to “Break All the Rules” because the song feels different and has a colorful nuance. Woobin stated this song represents CRAVITY’s vibe. Are you curious about the song? Check it out below!

In January 2021, Woobin along with CRAVITY promoted Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice with the single “My Turn” and the sidetrack “Mammoth.” See their slaying style and music below!

That’s all about CRAVITY’s Woobin and his profile. What do you think about his voice? Put your comment and share it on Twitter as well. Let’s support Woobin and CRAVITY while hoping their rookie group is always successful!

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