As Crayon Pop’s lead dancer, Ellin gained popularity for her looks and perfect body figure. After the expiration of Crayon Pop contracts, each member decided to pursue her solo career. Ellin decided to start her own channel as a broadcasting Jockey on the popular AfreecaTV platform. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Crayon Pop’s lead dancer Ellin. So, stay tuned!

CRAYON POP’s Ellin’s Full Profile

Name: Ellin Birth Name: Kim Min-young Date of Birth: April 2nd, 1990 Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea Zodiac: Aries Height: 165 cm Weight: 44 kg Blood type: B Position: vocalist, visual, rapper, dancer Instagram: @hiellin Afreecatv: Current occupation: Broadcast Jockey (BJ) for Korean streaming TV Favorite food: spicy Korean rice cake Nickname: El Goddess Hobbies: Playing games, watching movies, finding famous restaurants

CRAYON POP’s Ellin’s Facts

Ellin enjoys playing online games Ellin is the second oldest member, after Gummi Before joining Crayon Pop, Ellin worked as a fitting model Her favorite color is pink Her ideal man type is a man who has talent in singing and dancing Her ideal celebrity type is Jay Park Ellin hates food with chicken skin such as traditional chicken soup Ellin has two brothers

CRAYON POP’s Ellin’s Debut and Active Era

Crayon Pop was formed by Chrome Entertainment. Before debuting as Crayon Pop, the group was called Hurricane Pop. Crayon Pop debuted with the release of the album Saturday Night on July 17th, 2012. Saturday Night failed miserably on the music charts and caused huge financial issues to Chrome Entertainment. Due to the setback, all members promoted with guerilla performances, oftentimes holding events and busking at busy streets and shopping avenues. In 2013, Crayon Pop’s popularity increased after the release of the single “Bar Bar Bar.” They also changed their costumes to a sporty and cute style. A combination of sporty image and unique choreography catapulted the sales of “Bar Bar Bar.” Crayon Pop were finally able to perform on mainstream TV channels and music programs. Their popularity in Japan is huge and their concert tickets always sold out.

Solo Activity

Chrome Entertainment announced the Crayon Pop contract expiration in 2017. Each member chose to pursue solo activities albeit never mentioning disbandment. Ellin joined the popular Korean streaming channel, AfreecaTV as a Broadcasting Jockey. On her channel, she performs cute dance covers of popular songs. She also talks about games and common things. All Crayon Pop members have a personal Instagram account. Among all the members, Ellin most frequently posts her pictures on her account. She frequently flaunts her S-line figure while relaxing in the poolside or at the beach. She frequently posts pictures of her in a bikini. In November 2019, an unidentified man claimed that an AfreecaTV BJ tricked him in a romance scam. He claimed that the BJ used him and promised to live with him together for three years. He said that the woman send pictures of her legs and introduced him to her family. Through her AfreecaTV channel, he sent a star balloon worth 700 million KRW and paid around 1 billion KRW for living costs, house rent, clothes, bags, and others. Their relationship grew from BJ-fans into a closer one. Later, their relationship grew distant and he was rejected after proposing for a more serious relationship. Later, it was revealed that the woman was Crayon Pop’s Ellin. Initially, Ellin rejected the accusation but when the man revealed the evidence, Ellin admitted her wrongdoings and apologized to the public. She stopped her channel but continued broadcasting in China for three months.


What is She Doing Now?

After the Romance Scam scandal, Ellin continued her activity as a broadcasting jockey. According to trusted friends, Ellin decided to leave all the scandals and bad rumors behind and start anew. She promises to be careful in her broadcasting projects. That was all the information about Ellin, the lead dancer of Crayon Pop. Find out the information and recent activities of other Crayon Pop members in Channel-Korea articles.

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