Find Out The Story Of Popular Korean YouTuber And Crayon Pop Member—Way

Crayon Pop made headlines in 2013 by introducing their dorky girly image with the hit single “Bar Bar Bar.” Their five-engine choreography and catchy music sent craze in the K-pop industry. Crayon Pop was everywhere from TV, radio, sports stadiums, and university festivals. Through their unusual costume style: sweatshirts, sweat pants, hot pants, and bicycle helmet, Crayon Pop gained fans from all age groups, especially the middle-age group fans. Crayon Pop debuted with five members: Gummi, Way, Choa, Ellin, and Soyul. As Crayon Pop’s spokesperson, Way gained attention for her casual and friendly conversation with fans and audience. After the expiration of their contracts, each member went on her separate way; Way and her twin sister Choa chose to be a YouTuber and Streamer. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Crayon Pop’s spokesperson Way. So, stay tuned!

CRAYON POP’s Way’s Full Profile

Name: Way Birth Name: Heo Min Seon Date of Birth: July 12th, 1990 Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea Zodiac: Cancer Height: 163 cm Weight: 49.2 kg Blood type: A Position: vocalist, main rapper, maknae Instagram: @baysunny waylandttv Current occupation: Singer, actress, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer Education: Sungshin Woman University, majoring in Modern Music

CRAYON POP’s Way’s Facts

Way can speak English well Way joined Crayon Pop as the last member Way trained for about two months before debuting as an idol with Crayon Pop Before joining Crayon Pop, Way was a member of the indie band N. Dolphin Way and Choa are twin sisters Way and Choa formed a subunit named Strawberry Mik Her favorite color is orange Her ideal man type is Rain Way was famous among the members for her appetite Way loves swimming and scuba diving Her hobby is songwriting

CRAYON POP’s Way’s Debut and Activities with the Subunit

Crayon Pop was formed by Chrome Entertainment’s CEO, Hwang Hyun-chang in 2012. Initially, the group was called Hurricane Pop and consisted of five members, Serang, Geummi, Ellin, Choa, and Soyul. Before the official debut, Serang left the group and was replaced by Choa’s twin sister, Way. Initially, Way was a member of the rock indie group, N.Dolphin. Choa invited Way to join Crayon Pop and underwent audition programs. Way was accepted as a Crayon Pop member and trained for less than a year before debuting with Crayon Pop. Crayon Pop debuted with Saturday Night on July 17, 2012. Their debut album failed both in music charts and in popularity. According to Chrome Entertainment’s CEO, the failure caused huge financial issues to Chrome Entertainment. All members had to promote their single in streets and shopping avenues. Crayon Pop gained huge popularity after releasing the single “Bar Bar Bar” and changed their costumes to a sporty and dorky style. A combination of dorky image and cute machine-choreography catapulted their popularity. Crayon Pop gained tremendous popularity and held sold-out concerts in various cities in Japan. The twin sisters, Way and Choa formed a subunit called Strawberry Milk. Their debut album was released on October 15th, 2014. Strawberry Milk actively produced singles and original soundtracks for TV dramas.

Solo Activity

In 2017, Chrome Entertainment’s CEO announced the expiration of Crayon Pop’s contracts. Each member chose to pursue a solo career. Way and her sister chose to start their own YouTube channel. They would share their opinion and tips in fashion and beauty. The girls also produced two music singles, “Christmas For You” and “My Universe,” as a duo, Way and Choa.

Way shared her struggle and hardship when promoting as a Crayon Pop member. In an interview with an online media, she confessed about the tough life of an idol. During her trainee days, Way and other trainees were forbidden to meet their parents, celebrate birthdays, communicate, and date. She revealed that all trainees went home after midnight and came for practice sessions at 4 a.m.



 Performed with Choa in SBS’ Mobidic YouTube channel

Way and Choa performed the choreography of Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” on SBS’ Mobidic YouTube channel. On the channel, Choa and Way wore helmets and costumes that they used when promoting the popular song. At 30 years of age, the twin sisters were having difficulties in performing the choreography, especially Way. Even though they were able to complete the whole dance, Way lost her stamina and she laughed after the performance. On the channel, the twin sisters operate their own web vlog. Their vlog is mainly about fashion and beauty style. Way and Choa claimed that their vlog is a web variety show. Even though they have the same appearance as twin sisters, the two have different personalities. Fans love their vlog because each of them has her own style that matches her personality. Way and Choa approach fans and subscribers using the neighborhood sister image. They explain fashion styles from head to toe and also talk about the price of each fashion item. While sharing tips with fans, they argue with each other about the best fashion style. Fans love the reactions of Choa and Way while talking about fashion and beauty. That was all the information about former Crayon Pop spokesperson Way. Find out about the profiles and recent activities of other Crayon Pop members in Channel-Korea articles.

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