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BTS’ Sasaeng: The Stalker Fans Who Go to Extreme Lengths To Invade Their Privacy

Being a popular K-pop idol comes with its own drawbacks. Every idol group fears groups of fans that invade their privacy and even threaten their lives. In K-pop, the obsessed fans are called sasaeng fans. In the Korean language, sa means private while saeng means life. Sasaeng fans are, by no means, ordinary fans. Their true intentions vary. Some of them want to get their idols’ attention by stalking and following the idols’ activities. Sasaeng fans believe that if the idols notice them, they will be treated differently from ordinary fans. Some of them are totally obsessed with their idols to the point that they become stalkers. Sasaeng fans can wait for hours or even spend the night in front of their idols’ company or dormitory just to get a glimpse at the idols.

BTS’ Sasaeng and Their Threats

Sasaeng fans are very dangerous groups. They connive with each other to extract any possible information about the idols including any photos or the location of the idols. Through BTS’ social media account, sasaeng fans can track the group’s location. They set up several accounts and recruit fans who have the same obsessed mind. The sasaeng fans can charge normal fans to join the accounts in order to get member-only photos or information. It seems that sasaeng fans use BTS fans’ curiosity or obsession to extract money from them. Sometimes, during VLive sessions, BTS members’ phones will ring and unknown numbers appear. The calls are made as a signal to fans that the sasaeng fans have BTS’ phone numbers and the number can be sold to the highest bidder. A former BTS sasaeng fan confessed to having bought or sold BTS’ personal information and private photos.

The supply of exclusive information traps normal fans into a vicious cycle. After getting exclusive photos, normal fans quickly become obsessed and continuously want new photos to the point they become addicted to them. Although, until this time, there is no incident of sasaeng fan actions leading to sexual or physical abuse. However, we must worry about the mental health of all BTS members. BTS sasaeng fans can cause trauma or psychological disorders for BTS’ members.

BTS Sasaengs Leak Information

BTS sasaengs can go to extra lengths to get the attention of their idols. In March 2020, a sasaeng fan deliberately distributed BTS’ Taehyung’s personal information through social media. A picture of V’s ID card that includes his photo, ID number, passport, and other personal information was leaked and was uploaded to YouTube. No one knew how the person got V’s ID card or the real intention of spreading V’s personal information. Some suspect that the sasaeng fans sell idols’ personal information or private photos for their own benefit. Or, perhaps, the person wanted recognition or praise from BTS fans.

Most of the fans, the true fans, speculated that the sasaeng fan who released V’s personal information lived in China. The true fans immediately informed YouTube administrators and had the video taken down.

BTS Sasaeng Encounters in Public Places

BTS suffered another problem because of sasaeng fans. While BTS was filming in Sweden, out of nowhere, sasaeng fans went after BTS. The fans waited outside of a café where BTS’ members were taking a break. The fans left the café after BTS management asked them to leave. But, as soon as BTS’ members walked out of the café, the fans started chasing them. In 2016, during Mnet Asian Music Awards, sasaeng fans spotted GOT7’s Yugyeom and BTS’ Jungkook in a restroom and took pictures of the idols without their permission. Initially, Jungkook asked the fans not to take their pictures, but the sasaeng fans took some pictures and posted them on their social media accounts. In the past, BTS used to travel on regular flights just like ordinary passengers. Certainly not by chance, the sasaeng fans also booked the same flight and traveled along with them. The sasaeng fans knew the exact flight number and even the exact seat number. It was not a coincidence that the sasaeng fans booked seats next to or surrounding BTS’ seats. Due to the incident, BTS’ management stopped using commercial airlines. Through a VLive broadcast, BTS’ Taehyung asked sasaeng fans to stop following and stalking them. He revealed that sasaeng fan appearances have reached the point of becoming a horrifying experience.

Planes or flights are the favorite places for sasaeng fans to get BTS’ exclusive photos or get closer to BTS’ members. BTS’ members can’t escape whenever sasaeng fans intrude on their seats. One former sasaeng fan confessed to booking and taking the same flight with the BTS members. If they are seated in the same class, the fans will stand and follow BTS’ members when they go to the bathroom. If the fans are seated in lower classes, they will pretend to go to the bathroom in a higher class in order to peak a glimpse at BTS’ members.

Retired flight attendants revealed several shocking pieces of information about BTS’ sasaeng fans. The fans would prepare cameras with telephoto lenses in order to take pictures during the flight. There were also several incidents when sasaeng fans stole BTS’ luggage in order to get a glimpse at the idols’ belongings. Other fans would book the same flight and follow BTS all the way to the boarding gate. Just before entering the boarding gate, the sasaeng fans would return and refund their tickets. One of the creepiest things that sasaeng fans did was follow their idols to the bathroom and go inside after the idols used it. Apparently, the fans wanted to smell the idols’ body scents. BTS’ sasaeng fans need to be arrested for intruding on the idols’ privacy. Moreover, BTS’ management must prepare a sufficient security system and personal bodyguards to protect BTS’ members.

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