Not only the appearance and stage presence, but K-Pop idols also steal a lot of attention with their respective styles. In this article, we will discuss in more detail about information from K-Pop idols who have used cornrows hairstyle, which is certainly very different because it does not originate from South Korean culture. Various responses arose because their appearance was very different from the others. So what are you waiting for? Let’s look in more detail about K-Pop idols that make a huge different appearance and how people react about their cornrows hairstyle in this article below!

EXO’s Kai’s Cornrows

EXO Kai is one of the most popular idols because he uses a lot of hairstyles and looks that are always different in every comeback. This idol who was reportedly dating BLACKPINK’s Jennie has a very clear aura of the idol, not from his appearance, from the stage presence, which makes many people fascinated by his talents, especially his dance is always powerful and energetic. In some EXO comeback, Kai has also used cornrows hairstyle, and that also invited comments from fans. The comeback with Wolf is EXO’s first time Kai wearing cornrows hairstyle, and he looks very different from his previous appearance. It also proves that EXO Kai can be pulled off appearance, and visuals are very good with his appearance. EXO’s Kai appeared on his comeback with braided hair from hair roots to the ends of the hair. Kai wears a model of hair because Kai plays the role of a wolf; the appearance of this hair is to create a fierce impression like a wolf. Besides Wolf‘s era, Kai also used cornrows hairstyle on another comeback with the title song Ko Ko Bop which was released in 2017. It was first shown on teaser photos and videos that have been uploaded by SM Entertainment.

— EXO (@weareoneEXO) July 10, 2017 However, some parties express their opinion that EXO Kai is not suitable to use cornrows hairstyle. K-pop idols have recently been seen as a form of cultural deprivation and are not polite, especially in the black race. On the V app broadcast, before their comeback took place, EXO Kai gave a response about the cornrows hairstyle that he used for Ko Ko Bop. “I’m dreadlocks. It is the second time going to style hair like this. Initially, the response was not good. But because this is a reggae song, so I did it,” he explained. While a lot of criticism approached EXO Kai because of his hairstyle selection, it turns out that not a few EXO-L (a term for EXO fans) who immediately defended the idol. They stated that the idol did not intend to be disrespectful in any culture, and many people in the world have used dreadlocks.

Big Bang’s Taeyang’s Cornrows

Besides EXO’s Kai, the next idol to ever use cornrows hairstyle is BIGBANG’s Taeyang. The singer, who is also famous for one of his solo singles titled Only Look At Me, has also been seen several times with cornrows hairstyle. Not a few fans also responded to the matter of hairstyle from Taeyang, which was related to cultural racism and not suitable for Asian culture. BIGBANG’s Taeyang was seen with his cornrows hairstyle and caught the attention of many people, including his fans when in 2015 when BIGBANG released Sobers’ music video. Taeyang’s new look at that time gave rise to the pros and cons of his fans. Taeyang, whose real name is Dong Young-bae, still looks cool and stylish with his hairstyle cornrows. So far, there are no bad comments about Taeyang’s appearance because he lasted long enough with the hairstyle. Although there are some comments about cultural appropriation about cornrows hair, Taeyang is considered suitable for the hairstyle because the music genre he has is also related to the concept of the hairstyle. Some think that if Taeyang carries an appearance like this, the idol will look like dangerous thugs because its appearance is very different from the culture in South Korea. After all, black men and women are usually stuck with negative stereotypes, but with a hairstyle like this, it means that K-Pop idols respect every race in the world and show that this is a good trend to follow. Precisely at the beginning of BIGBANG’s debut, Taeyang appeared with a shoulder-length cornrow hairstyle. Hair that is usually synonymous with hip-hop singers can make BigBang grab the attention of previous K-Pop fans. It seems like you could say that Taeyang from the past until now is still suitable to use cornrows hairstyle because it is a characteristic of Taeyang’s appearance when he becomes an idol.

Blackpink’s Lisa’s Cornrows

The new girl group from YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK, also used one of the cornrows hair. One member of BLACKPINK’s, Lisa, surprised many by her appearance on Kill This Love’s music video. The rapper from Thailand uses one of the controversial hairstyle concepts. It is still being questioned by many K-Pop fans and people whether the hairstyle is cultural appropriation or not. It became the topic of conversation between K-Pop fans about the appearance of BLACKPINK’s Lisa with cornrows hair. The appearance looks interesting and cool, but behind it also still stored a lot of pros and cons because of cultural differences. Many say that it is not cornrows hair but box braids that many ordinary people use in their daily lives. As reported from AllKpop, there are some comments about Lisa’s cornrows hair, such as “Lisa’s hair looks like lmao’s rope,” “No Lisa has box braids. There are different types of braids, friend.” Because Lisa’s appearance with cornrows hair looks new and invites a lot of responses, some fans explain that the concept does not have any negative intent to the race in question. Lisa is appraised the culture and hairstyle like this has been widely used in the music industry, and suddenly it’s cool & fashionable. Because of Lisa’s cornrows hair’s appearance in Kill This Love‘s music video, there have been many responses about different cultures, including criticism and hate comments that must be accepted by Lisa. However, the fans think that it is their stylist who plays a role in every appearance that every idol must wear.

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