Without waiting any longer, let’s take a look at the more detailed information about D-Crunch’s lead rapper, Chanyoung, who was born in 2000 and has become one of the young and talented members of the group. Let’s take a look at D-Crunch’s Chanyoung’s full profile, fun facts, visuals, and his career journey, in this article below!

Full Profile of Kim Chan-young

Real Name: Kim Chan-young (Hangul: 김찬영) Stage Name: Chan-young (Hangul: 찬영) Place and Date of Birth: Ulsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea, November 20th, 2000 Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Weight: 61.7 kg (134 lbs) Blood Type: B Education: Muryong High School (Transfer) → Seoul Performing Arts High School Practical Dance Department (Graduation) Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer Family Members: Parents Agency: Ai Grand Korea

Fun Facts about D-Crunch’s Chanyoung

D-CRUNCH’s Chanyoung’s Visual

In this section, we are going to take a detailed look at the changing concept or appearance of D-Crunch’s Chanyoung who also has a handsome visual! In the photo above, we can see D-Crunch’s Chanyoung promoting during the group’s debut era. With a natural look and long hair, D-Crunch’s Chanyoung looks very innocent the way he started when he debuted as a K-Pop idol. As seen from his face, he also looked shy when he had to meet his fans. Beside that, D-Crunch’s Chanyoung is a member who has had many opportunities to change his hairstyle with a different color in each era. When the group released “Pierrot”, D-Crunch’s Chanyoung looked very charismatic and more confident wearing a hairstyle with a new color, which was red. He also looks like an idol who has had a long career in the entertainment industry and his personality looks even more mature than before. D-Crunch’s Chanyoung also looks very playful when interacting with his fans. He is one of the members who are always diligent in uploading selcas when hanging out or on his daily activities. D-Crunch’s Chanyoung also looks expressive when it comes to uploading the selcas he has captured and sending the latest updates for fans to see. In the selca above, fans can see the new look of D-Crunch’s Chanyoung’s hairstyle with very cute green hair color. In the next selca, which was taken when D-Crunch’s Chanyoung changed her hairstyle to a different color, we can see this incredibly bright hair color is like a take on another side of D-Crunch’s Chanyoung. Even though he has a position as the lead rapper of the group, he looks far from the personality of a rapper who usually appears with a badass or fierce aura. D-Crunch’s Chanyoung looks very soft and cute even though he is a rapper. Maybe his personality is one of the main attractions for his fans. As well as wearing several different hair colors, in 2021 D-Crunch’s Chanyoung is seen with his new look with light brown hair. The concept of this hairstyle is almost the same as the past, but the colors that are combined with light brown and gray colors also make it look different and fresh. He is also often seen posting selcas on D-Crunch’s social media accounts just to interact with fans and showcase his latest look.

D-Crunch’s Chanyoung’s Focus Fancam

Let’s take a look at D-Crunch’s Chanyoung’s focus fancams in this section! On June 1st, 2019, D-Crunch, who at that time were performing at the K-Pop Music Festival, showed their charisma when delivering one of their singles titled “Panorama”. With an upbeat song tempo and energetic choreography, D-Crunch’s Chanyoung was able to make his appearance as well as stand out at the event. The other members also look very in sync with each other and wear the same white outfit for their clothes and pants.

At a fan signing event held in 2019, D-Crunch’s Chanyoung showed his friendship while doing a dance cover performance of Western Pop singer John Legend’s song “Tonight”. With the video filter in black and white, he adds a sensual accent to every dance move he does with the other members. Even though the video duration was less than 1 minute, D-Crunch’s Chanyoung was able to make all the fans present at the event speechless and amazed with his incredible dance moves.

On March 31st, 2019, D-Crunch did an outdoor performance with one of their singles titled “I’m Okay”. D-Crunch’s Chanyoung looks very charismatic as he co-stars his part in the song. “I’m OK” is one of those songs with a slow beat and also has a mellow choreography and is like telling a sad story. D-Crunch made the stage look dramatic with the performance they managed to put on for fans and those who watched them at the event.

On August 3rd, 2019, D-Crunch attended the Gyeongpo Summer Festival and performed one of their songs titled “Love Race”. The members who wore casual clothes with green and white nuances looked professional when performing on stage. As for D-Crunch’s Chanyoung, it was also seen that he enjoyed the event by performing the choreography and doing his rap part very well.

D-Crunch’s Chanyoung’s Latest News

The last time D-Crunch made a comeback was when they released a song titled “Across The Universe”. The song’s release was also the first comeback for D-Crunch with the formation of 8 members because one member decided to leave the group after they decided to move to the new agency. At this time, there is no news of any further plans regarding D-Crunch’s comeback in 2021. The members are currently on their break after the comeback at the end of 2020 last year. You can see D-Crunch’s daily activities on their social media because on their official account, there is a lot of content that is often uploaded to interact with fans, such as on their YouTube channel and Instagram. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk was also recently featured on D-Crunch’s latest vlog that was uploaded on YouTube (D-CRUNCH) and also frequently uploads his selcas on Instagram (@d_crunch_official). You can directly check out D-Crunch’s social media accounts to find out more about their latest news and updates! Well, that’s all the information that we have provided for you about D-Crunch’s Chanyoung, as well as everything about his activities as a member of boy group D-Crunch. Even though they are currently having a break after their comeback in October 2020, let’s pray that they will make a comeback as soon as possible! If you like this article, please don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting articles from Channel-Korea!

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