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Full Name: Kim Sang-chan Stage Name: O.V (meaning OddVibe) Date of Birth: January 3rd, 1999 Origin: Changwon, Gyeongsangnam area, South Korea Nationality: Korean Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Blood Type: B Height: 175/176 cm Weight: 61.4 kg Education: Changwon TNS Academy Specialty: Gaming Special Talents: Magic trick of moving the lips, 4:1 body-to-head ratio Favorite Color: Green Agency: All-S Company (2018–2020) | Ai Grand Korea (2020–present) Position in D-CRUNCH: Leader, Rapper, Dancer

Fun Facts


Most of the O.V official songs released are associated with D-CRUNCH. Below are some of the songs which he participated in or released on his own. O.V and the other three members of D-CRUNCH (Chan-young, Jeong Seung, and Dylan) were members of a co-ed group before their D-CRUNCH official debut under All-S Company. The co-ed group, Geupsik-Dan, debuted on July 10th, 2018, with the song “Geupsik” which means lunch.

O.V has been actively releasing his own songs and mixtapes on his own SoundCloud account since the beginning of 2020. Until October 2020, there are eight songs that he sang alone or collaborated with other D-CRUNCH members. O.V’s first mixtape is a collaboration with fellow D-CRUNCH member Hyun-wook. The song is about how his day is going as he goes through a lot of hardships toward his dream goal. Please check out his SoundCloud for more great songs from O.V.

D-CRUNCH’s O.V’s Visual

Even though O.V is not the official visual of D-CRUNCH, O.V’s strong image is captivating the fans’ hearts. O.V’s strong charisma and confidence are shown in every performance since his debut era. D-CRUNCH’s O.V’s appearance is suitable for the group’s strong appeal as a hip-hop group.  In an audition video that surfaced online, O.V seems to already have the rhythm as a hip-hop rapper. Even though his dance skills are not appealing at the audition, his aura already possesses an idol vibe.

Other than his strong appearance on stage, D-CRUNCH’s O.V also can be cute and lovely off the stage. His cute and lovely side could be seen through fan meetings, busking, or any other occasion related to fan service.

Some K-pop idols look like one another. D-CRUNCH’s O.V somehow has a hip-hop vibe like rapper Simon D. D-CRUNCH’s O.V also claimed that he could do an impersonation of rapper Simon D himself. So, what do you think about it?

D-Crunch’s O.V’s Singing “Tomorrow”

  On a live stream show from MBC IDOL RADIO with D-CRUNCH as the guest of the show, there is a singing contest section between D-CRUNCH members. O.V is pairing up with fellow member Hyun-woo, and singing a song by BIGBANG’s Tae-yang and EPIK HIGH’s Tablo titled “Tomorrow.“ O.V’s overflowing charisma and confidence are suitable for the song.


Focus Fan-cam

Fans all around the world are always looking for a fan-cam. Most of the fan-cams are done by the fan site masternim: people who own the fan site on any event happening with the idol. Below are the focus fan-cams taken at a fan signing event of D-CRUNCH.

Focus fan-cams sometimes make the viewers or fans aware of what happens to a member during another member’s singing part. In the focus fan-cams below, D-CRUNCH O.V was doing a lot of ad-libs and also noticed the fan camera as he kept going on with the performance. 

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