D-UNIT Full Profile

D-Unit were a South Korean girl group formed under D-Business Entertainment. Initially, D-Unit only consisted of three members, namely Ram, Ujin, and Zin. Then later, another member was added to the group in 2013, and she was Jney who was considered to be a temporary member. D-UNIT’s music was marked by K-Pop, Pop, as well as Hip-Hop as their music genre. Meanwhile, the group’s official fandom was named UNIQUE.

D-UNIT Facts

Ram used to be known as the lead vocalist of the Five Run Strike band. Zin was the official maknae of D-UNIT. Jney was a member of the group only for several months. Ujin was the lead dancer of D-UNIT.

D-UNIT’s Debut and Golden Era

D-UNIT officially made their comeback on August 1st, 2012, by releasing their full-length album with the song “I’m Missin’ You” serving as the title track. Their debut project was made by three members only at that time with Ram, Ujin, and Zin. For their stage debut, D-UNIT put on a performance on M! COUNTDOWN a few days after the full-length album was released. The single “I’m Missin’ You” also came up with an MV, dance version video, and dance tutorial video as well.

Their popularity was quite welcomed by people, as they held a fan signing event in Japan even before their official debut in South Korea. D-UNIT also released other singles such as “Luv Me”, “Sleeping In”, “Sleeping In” (Part 2), and finally, they made a comeback with a four-member lineup in February 2013. The group also made several collaborations with other artists such as “Stay Alive” (with Vasco) and “Thank You” (with Beenzino). Not only that, two members of D-UNIT, Ram and Zin, also put on a performance on 2K13 Feel Korea Festival which was held in Vancouver in September 2013. Some members also went to their individual projects, such as Ram who participated in a reality show with her sister as well as her father; meanwhile, Zin released a solo single titled “I Don’t Want You To Enlist”.

D-Unit’s Member Formation

Since their first appearance, D-UNIT were using the concept of including a new additional member in every promotion cycle. D-UNIT was formed with three members in the first place, but then one new member was added to the group even though she was kind of a temporary member. Then in January 2013, the agency released a teaser image for D-UNIT’s comeback which also served as an introduction of the fourth member, Jney who was known as a member of GP Basic. However, her position only lasted for a while since Jney also explained that she only took part as a D-UNIT member during the Affirmative Chap. 1 album. Later on, Jney returned back to GP Basic in July 2013.

D-Unit’s Discography

Studio Albums

Welcome To Business (2012) Affirmative Chapter 1 (2013)


I’m Missin’ You (2012) Luv Me (2012) Face to Face (2013) Thank You (2013) Stay Alive (2013) Before the Weekend (2013) It’s You (2013)

D-Unit’s Disbandment

After their last project in December 2013 by releasing the single “It’s You” with three members only, there have been no other activities from D-UNIT. Even though there was no official statement regarding their disbandment, people assumed that the group has disbanded. Moreover, D-UNIT also went on their indefinite hiatus for a quite long time as well.

Members’ Future Activities

D-UNIT members have continued their careers in the entertainment industry, even after their indefinite hiatus in 2013. Just like Ujin who re-debuted as a member of the girl group ShaFLA in 2018; Jney who participated in Unpretty Rapstar (2016) and The Unit (2017); and Zin and Ram seem to have each taken a separate path in the entertainment industry. Let’s keep supporting each of the D-UNIT members and hope to see another project from them in the future!

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