D-Unit debuted on August 1st, 2012, with the release of their work, and a debut performance on M! Countdown on August 2nd, 2012. D-Unit released their full debut album Welcome To Business consisting of nine tracks, including the title track, “I’m Missing You.” One of the D-Unit members, Ujin, stole the spotlight with her beautiful looks and amazing dancing skills. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about D-Unit’s lead dancer Ujin. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile and Facts

Profile Full Name: Jung Yu-jin Stage Name: UJIN Nationality: Korea Date of Birth: October 3rd, 1989 Height: 162 cm Weight: 44 kg Zodiac: Libra Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Snake Blood Type: B Position: Lead dancer, vocalist Instagram: @yujin_land


Ujin used to be a YG Entertainment trainee for a year and six months Ujin competed and passed the audition for D-Unit in a 300:1 competition ratio She debuted with D-UNIT, then left D-UNIT and made a second debut with ShaFLA Her hometown is Seoul, South Korea Before D-UNIT disbanded, Ujin left the group in May 2013. There was no official explanation about her departure from D-Unit She idolized G-Dragon, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Trey Songz In 2016, Ujin, using the pseudo name HIA, made a dance cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and posted the video on her YouTube channel

Debut Era

Before releasing a debut album, D-Unit released several teasers for the title track “I’m Missing You” in July 2012. The official teaser image of Yujin was released in July 2012. K-pop fans praised Yujin’s short and sexy hairstyle. Her looks definitely made her the face of D-Unit. Having trained in YG Entertainment for a year and a half, Ujin’s talent in singing and dancing was the key to her performance. Her height and excellent body proportion made her one of the hottest idol trainees during that era. Their official studio album, Welcome to Business, was released on August 12th, 2012. The title track was written by YG Entertainment producers Kush and Teddy Park. Aside from touring and promoting their debut album, D-Unit also launched a reality program on MBC Music titled Welcome to D-Unit. The program showed the debut progress and activities of D-Unit as a group. Each member was given a certain mission by a famous musician and music producer. Korean hip-hop artists such as PSY and Leessang participated as a mentor of the entire D-Unit line-up throughout the program.

Golden Era

D-Unit released the second album Affirmative Chap. 1 in March 2013. 2013 was the most productive era of D-Unit. The group released six singles and a studio album. The girls also collaborated with famous rappers like Beenzino and Vasco. In March 2013, D-Unit introduced a new member, JNEY, and released an official MV for the single “Talk To My Face.” “Talk To My Face” was the highest-selling D-Unit single. It sold more than 41.635 copies and claimed the No. 53 position on the music chart.


Ujin left D-Unit in May 2013, while JNey returned to her former group, GP Basic in 2014. D-Unit performed at 2K13Feel Korea Festival in Vancouver, Canada to commemorate the diplomatic relation between Korea and Canada. It was the last official performance of D-Unit. There was no official date of D-Unit’s disbandment. Ujin joined Vine Entertainment’s girl group ShaFLA in 2018. ShaFLA debuted with the album ShaFLA No 1 in October 2018.


Group: D-Unit Welcome to Business: Released on August 2nd, 2012 (D-Business Entertainment) Affirmative Chapter 1: Released on March 4th, 2013 (D-Business Entertainment) Group: ShaFLA ShaFLA No 1: Released on October 18th, 2018 (Vine Entertainment) You’ve Changed: Released on March 18th, 2019 (Vine Entertainment) That was all the information about D-Unit’s lead dancer Ujin. Find out more interesting information about the other members of the band in Channel-Korea articles.

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