Ah-young’s career in acting started as a cameo appearance until she gradually became the main actress. Her acting is praised by fans, especially Dalshabet’s fans. At the end of her contract with Dalshabet’s agency, she moved into SidusHQ, a promising agency for the new actress. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about Dalshabet and SidusHQ’s Ah-young. So, stay tuned!

Jo Ah-young’s Full Profile

Full Name: Cho Ja-young Stage Name: Ayoung Birthday: May 26th, 1991 Height: 166 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood Type: O Zodiac: Gemini Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Sheep Official Website: upvote-ent.com, ent.ihq.co.kr/star/joayoung Label: SidusHQ Education: Dongdeok Woman University, Broadcast Entertainment Department Religion: Protestant Instagram: @a_young91 Twitter:@shabet_Ayoung TikTok: @cho_a_young

Jo Ah-young’s Fun Facts

Ah-young has one older brother. She started a shopping mall site with other Korean artists. The mall is called JJuba. She said that she wanted to act in a musical. On Weekly Idol, she showed her variety talent by imitating Superman and Shrimp. She is the most resistant to alcohol among Dalshabet’s members. Her friends never saw her get drunk. She was born in Seoul, South Korea. Other than acting, she was also featured in the Korean Maxim magazine. Her nicknames are Shrimp and Squirtle. She loves reading and learning about Greek and Roman mythology. She loves watching movies, playing basketball, and dancing Among Dalshabet’s members, usually, she was a talkative member.

Jo Ah-young’s Discography

Jo Ah-young’s Filmography

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Jo Ah-young’s Career Journey

Ah-young started her career in entertainment through the idol group Dalshabet. The group debuted with Supa Dupa Diva on January 3rd, 2011. A month later, she made another debut in acting by appearing in the popular teen drama Dream High. The role opened up several more roles in movies, dramas, and reality shows. She played a supporting role in the drama Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek as a secretary. Her acting got her attention and led to the main role in the drama Someday. After the termination of her contract, she moved to another agency that focuses more on acting, SIdusHQ. Since her move to another agency, her position in Dalshabet remains vague.

Jo Ah-young’s Visual

Many of Dalshabet’s fans expressed their dissatisfaction when Ah-young moved agencies and left Dalshabet. It is true that she recently has been more popular as a young and promising actress. SidusHQ offered her better management and better projects because SidusHQ is known as a respected label among young and talented actors. In SidusHQ, Ah-young seems to be more relaxed and enjoying her activities. Her appearance and her looks improved a lot. In Dalshabet, she used to be considered as their visual. Ah-young has a young, pure, and genuine face. Her eyes are big and her lips are full. She looked even more stunning in her picture collages released by SidusHQ. She can fit into a pure and girlish concept, but she can also fit into a sexy casual concept. Aside from her face, her figure is also perfect. She can pull the AOA Seolhyun-esque look with her slim hips and s-line figure. Women are envious of her face and body while men are desperate to be with her.  

Jo Ah-young’s Official Instagram

Ah-young frequently posts her pictures and her activities on her Instagram account. Ah-young’s Instagram account has more than 80,000 followers and 230 pictures. She posts several pictures in a day or more than ten pictures within a week. Her posts are mainly about her daily activities. She looks very comfortable in front of the camera, and she knows how to pose. It seems that Ah-young’s Instagram account is not her private account but more like her modeling collage. Ah-young’s Instagram followers come from various countries including Germany, Japan, Spain, and many more. Most of her followers praise her beauty and how she looks very good and fresh. That is all the information about Dalshabet’s Jo Ah-young. Find out information about the other Dalshabet members in other Channel Korea articles.

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