Daniel Henney’s Cool and Manly Appearance in I Live Alone

Daniel Henney is an actor of Korean and American origin. His mother is Korean while his father is an American. Aside from starring in American movies and TV series, Daniel Henney has participated and starred in many Korean movies and dramas. He gained popularity for his incredibly handsome Asian-American appearance. He is also known for his cool and manly appearance. Aside from working as an actor, he has also worked as a model for magazines and commercials. He is the perfect example of an eligible bachelor or ideal husband for most women. Despite having a good look and a handsome face, Daniel Henney is still a single man. He agreed to participate in the popular Korean variety show about single Korean celebrities. The program, I Live Alone, records Korean celebrities while doing their daily activities. It is a great privilege for I Live Alone to be able to record and show the single life of one of the most popular and eligible bachelors. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Daniel Henney‘s appearance in I Live Alone. So, stay tuned.

Daniel Henney’s Special Appearance in I Live Alone

Daniel Henney appeared in an episode of I Live Alone. The episode was broadcast on April 13th, 2018, and reached the highest rating amongst other programs in similar airing time. Episode 240 reached 9.6% and 11.6% in the first and second half of the episode. In the episode, all cast members traveled to Los Angeles to visit the handsome Korean-American actor. He gave them tours of famous places like the shooting location of the popular musical movie La La Land. After touring with the group, he took them to his house and invited them for dinner.

Daniel Henney Talking About His Ideal Type

While enjoying their dinner at a local restaurant, Kian84 asked Daniel Henney about his ideal type of woman. Daniel Henney said that his ideal type of woman should understand his life and work as an actress. He said that the woman must understand that sometimes he must go for months when shooting drama or movies. Daniel Henney said communication is the most important thing in a relationship. He and his ideal type must communicate and understand each other well.

“You Need To Get Married Soon!” Said the Members to Daniel Henney

After giving a tour of places around his house, Daniel Henney invited them to his house. They sat together in his living room. The cast members apparently prepared several personal gifts for the handsome actor. Comedienne, Park Na-rae gave Daniel Henney a huge bottle of Korean traditional wine. She said that alcohol can improve the power and stamina of men. While explaining the effect of the alcohol, Park Na-rae showed her sexy pelvic thrust to Daniel Henney, implying the main reason for a man to drink the alcohol. Because of her comedic yet sexy act, Daniel Henney blushed and smiled widely. He understood immediately the reason for drinking the alcohol-based beverage upon her pelvic thrust comedy act. Later, he tried the alcohol and pulled the same pelvic thrust to all the cast members, making them laugh very hard. Park Na-rae also gave him a cute disco lamp to brighten the atmosphere. Jung Hyun-mo prepared a special gift for Daniel Henney. Jun Hyun-mu wished Daniel Henney to get married and has a wife very soon therefore he gave Daniel Henney a pair of male and female swan statues. In Korea, a pair of male and female duck is given to a person as a wish for him or her to find a partner and hold a wedding ceremony. Model Han Hye-jin gave clothes for Daniel Henney’s dog, Lee Shi-un gave him traditional house-shape light while Kian84 presented him with a picture of Daniel Henney that he drew himself.

Daniel Henney While Driving Alone is Totally Driving Us Crazy

https://youtu.be/BQ8mLwpqNwE On his way to work, Daniel Henney talked about his daily routine. He has a manager albeit a different kind of manager compared to a manager in Korea. He employed the manager for business or working purposes only. In Korea, a celebrity manager is the celebrity’s best friend. The celebrity and the manager always go and do everything together. Managers in Korea drive their employers everywhere. Even though he has no driver and he has to drive his car to the workplace around three hours a day, Daniel Henney enjoyed the time driving his car to work. Before getting into his car, he always puts on sunglasses. His cool and handsome appearance while driving his car makes the scene resemble a car commercial shooting. He loves listening to music while driving his car. Cast members of I Live Alone were very envious of his cool and handsome appearance. While driving, he sings along the music and practices the lines for his dramas. His workplace is CBS studio and he uses his id card to enter the special workplace. CBS studio produces the best TV programs such as Criminal Minds, The Goodwife, CSI, Big Bang Theory, and many more. At the end of the segment, he said that he is grateful for participating in the famous TV action series. He is very fortunate to be able to work with great actors from the CBS studio.

Donated 3 million KRW of funds and 2 million worth of Vitamins

Through his appearance and collaboration with a vitamin brand, Daniel Henney donated 3 million KRW of funds and 2 million worth of vitamins to people in Korea. In the midst of his drama Wheel of Time’s production in the Czech Republic, he heard about all the casualties of the coronavirus pandemic in Korea and decided to give a helping hand. On March 6th, 2020, news about his donation surfaced on Korean news media. He is known as a kindhearted celebrity. Last year, he donated 0.5 million KRW to help alleviate the aftermath of the Kangwon forest fire. Daniel Henney congratulated his mother after retiring from her job as a medical nurse for 45 years. On April 19th, 2020, through his Instagram account, he posted the picture of his proud mother receiving the certificate of an extraordinary nurse. He also expressed his appreciation to all the doctors and medical workers that are fighting against the coronavirus pandemic and treating all the patients. That was all the information about Daniel Henney‘s appearance in I Live Alone and his latest news. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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