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Australian racing driver Born: July 1, 1989 (age 31 years), Perth, Australia Height: 1.8 m Salary: 10 million EUR (2020) Current teams: McLaren, Alpine F1 Team Parents: Joe Ricciardo, Grace Ricciardo Siblings: Michelle Ricciardo Team McLaren Country Australia Podiums 31 Points 1173 Grands Prix entered 190 World Championships N/A Highest race finish 1 (x7) Highest grid position 1 Date of birth 01/07/1989 Place of birth Perth, Australia

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Daniel Joseph Ricciardo was born on 1 July 1989 in Perth, Western Australia, to Italian parents of Ficarra born father Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo and Australian born mother Grace, with parents originally from Calabria. Ricciardo also has a sister; Michelle. Growing up in Duncraig, one of Perth’s northern suburbs, Ricciardo’s earliest memories of motorsports were of his father racing at the nearby Barbagallo Raceway in Wanneroo. He attended high school at Newman College. Ricciardo pronounces his surname “Ricardo” instead of the Italian pronunciation “Rit-chi-ardo”, attributing this to the way it was usually pronounced growing up in Australia and by his family. He is often referred to as “the honey badger” in reference to his racing style, explaining how “It’s supposed to be the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom. When you look at it, he seems quite cute and cuddly, but as soon as someone crosses his territory in a way he doesn’t like, he turns into a bit of a savage and he’ll go after anything – tigers, pythons – he turns very quickly, but he’s a good guy.” Growing up as a fan of NASCAR Cup Series driver Dale Earnhardt, Ricciardo adopted the number 3 as his racing number in honour of him. Ricciardo supports the AFL’s West Coast Eagles and was the club’s number-one ticket holder in 2015 and 2016. The self-styled “Honey Badger” is fuzzy on the outside and feisty on the inside. Drivers beware because behind Ricciardo’s laidback persona and big grin is a razor-sharp racer with a bite. The Australian combines all-out speed with impressive race craft. Never afraid to push to the limits if it means pulling off a pass, Ricciardo is a proven race-winner for Red Bull, capable of consistently finishing at the business end of the championship table. A regular podium-finisher, Ricciardo has christened the steps around the world with a dousing of Aussie culture – the ‘Shoey’ – as he quaffed champagne from a soggy racing boot. Yes it’s goofy, but the trademark celebration illustrates why he is loved for his sense of humour but never underestimated on track. His career’s next move to Renault’s works team brought fresh challenges for the Perth pilot, but failed to deliver his dream of following Jack Brabham and Alan Jones as the next world champion from Down Under. And in 2021 he hopes a new chapter with the Mercedes-powered McLaren team might just change that. But whatever happens, Ricciardo is sure to keep on smiling. In March 2021, he ventured into the wine industry through a private project, with a collection of wine with acclaimed winemaker St. Hugo.

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