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Ali Zafar’s brother Niece: Alyza Zafar Siblings: Ali Zafar Nephew: Azaan Zafar Parents: Mohammad Zafarullah, Kanwal Ameen Ali Zafar’s young brother Danyal Zafar is the new eye candy on the block for zillions. We must say, he is one of the most fittest men in our showbiz industry. He has a body and look that can make anyone go crazy. If there is one singer who stole his debut appearance with not just his singing skills but his drool-worthy personality, it has to be Danyal. He has taken the industry by storm with his charisma, good-looks and talent. Just like his brother, Danyal loves to sing and act. And following the footsteps of his brother, he is trying to establish his name in the world of music and acting. Apart from his singing and acting skills, he has very flexible body which can make anyone go weak to the knees. Danyal used to live at his grandparents house. He used to live with his cousins and went to LGS in Lahore Cantt to get his early education. He then moved to Beaconhouse Defence Campus, and stayed there from grade one till his O and A Level graduation. Danyal was more privileged compared to his brothers Ali and Zain. As in one of his interview he revealed that he went to the same school as them. But where they took cycles and vans, he had the luxury of going in an air-conditioned car every day. As student he wasn’t too bright initially, but after middle school he went on to score six As and three As in my O Level and two As and a Distinction Level 2 in my A Level. After that he took two gap years as some work prospects came by, films in particular, that would’ve required him to spend a lot of time in training for acting as well as shooting. Some didn’t go through and when he had some free time on his hands till the next projects. He decided to attend the New York Film Academy in L.A. And took on the one year conservatory film making course. However the very day he landed, he got an audition call for another film in India. But he had paid for the first semester so he tried delaying it till at least it got finished. And then he sent the audition. It went through and after his first semester he left for India. He is doing Bachelors from University of London. As we all know that, the well known actor and singer, Ali Zafar is elder brother of Danyal. His parents belongs to teaching profession and doing their job in University of Punjab. The versatile young man has passion about music since childhood and wants to be a successful singer and music director. Having found passion for music at a very early age, Danyal first pursued music professionally recording guitar tracks for his brother Ali Zafar’s songs at the age of 14. He has performed in front of an audience with his brother. Danyal is very active on social media and his live performance is much appropriated by his followers. The Talented Boy has number of fan following not only in Pakistan but all around the world. He made his singing debut with Momina Mustehsan on the biggest music TV show (Cock Studio Season 10 in 2017). Now a days he is working on his music album also which is going to release soon. He has also served as music director alongside Ali Zafar for Teefa in Trouble. Handsome boy debuted in 2014 as actor with the short film ‘The Time Machine’ in which he played the lead role. The actor got a lot of love for his acting skills. He is blue eyed boy of most of top photographer of Pakistan and done number of shoots for different magazines and brands. Zafar is brand ambassador of Djuice and Sprite. He has given a few tunes as a vocalist and guitarist in the Bollywood film ‘London Paris New York’. Ali Zafar played the lead role in that movie. Danyal also composed music for the Lollywood film ‘Teefa In Trouble’. Teefa in Trouble features Ali Zafar and Maya Ali as lead. Ali is also the director of the movie. However the story is written by Ali and Danyal. He was born on 12 December, 1996. He is 22 years old. Danyal Zafar Horoscope Sagittarius. Danyal Zafar Birth Place Lahore, Pakistan. Danyal Zafar Residence Lahore. Danyal Zafar Nationality Pakistani. Danyal Zafar Body Measurements : 40-34-15 Inches Chest : 40 Inches Waist : 34 Inches Biceps : 15 Inches Weight : 70 KG Height : 5 Feet 8 Inches Body Type : Slim Eye Color : Black Hair Color : Black

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Danyal Zafar is the youth icon of Pakistan and an artist with versatile skills. He has earned success and fame in different fields of showbiz including singing, modeling, music direction as well as acting. He was born in Lahore city and he completed studies from the same city. His father and mother are professors at the University of Punjab, Lahore. He is brother of well known Bollywood actor and Pakistani singer Ali Zafar. Ali also started his showbiz career as a singer. Danyal was passionate about music since childhood and he started his showbiz career as a musician at the age of 14 by recording guitar tracks for his brother. He has performed on stage with his brother many times. Danyal also performs as a solo singer at different concerts. He is quite famous on social media for his live performances. He made his debut in the biggest music show of Pakistan ‘Coke Studio (Season 10)’ in 2017 and performed with chart topper of season 9 and crush of Pakistan, Momina Mustehsan. He is also working on his debut music album. Danyal is also a stunning actor. He made his acting debut in 2014 with the short film ‘The Time Machine’ in which he played a leading role. He has done many photo shoots as model. He is brand ambassador of Djuice and Sprite. He has also worked in many TV commercials including Djuice TVC. He was featured in the fashion magazine ‘Paperazzi’ too. He has given some tunes as a vocalist and guitarist in the Bollywood film ‘London Paris New York’ in which his brother has played leading role. Now he is working as a music director for the Lollywood film ‘Teefa In Troube’ which is the Pakistani debut of his brother. Name : Danyal Zafar Date of Birth : 12th December, 1996 Birth Place : Lahore, Pakistan Danyal Zafar Profession : Singer, Musician, Music Director and Guitarist Nationality : Pakistani Religion : Islam Danyal Zafar Wife : He is looking for a wife Danyal Zafar Brothers : Ali Zafar and Zain Zafar Danyal Zafar Father : Mohammad Zafarullah Danyal Zafar Mother : Kanwal Ameen Danyal Zafar Nephew : Azaan Zafar Danyal Zafar Niece : Alyza Zafar Danyal Zafar Horoscope : Sagittarius Danyal Zafar Age : 22 (in 2018) Danyal Zafar Body Measurements : 40-34-15 Inches Danyal Zafar Chest : 40 Inches Waist : 34 Inches Biceps : 15 Inches Danyal Zafar Weight : 70 KG Danyal Zafar Height : 5 Feet 8 Inches Body Type : Slim Eye Color : Black

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