Who Is Lee Seo-yoon?

The dating rumor of iKon’s Bobby and model Lee Seo-yoon might be surprising for you, but do you already know who the rumored iKon’s Bobby’s partner, Lee Seo-yoon really is? Lee Seo-yoon, or Seoyoon Lee Carpentier, is a fashion model who brought her name up after her appearance in WINNER’s Song Min-ho’s solo music video titled “Body.” The hot and steamy scenes between her and Song Min-ho in the music video made the netizens curious and started to search up her name, and that’s when the netizens started to notice her. You can see her appearance in Song Min-ho’s “Body” music video below:

Furthermore, it seems that it is not the first time Song Min-ho and Lee Seo-yoon met when the music video was made. Before it, the model had taken a picture with Song Min-ho in the backstage of the survival show Show Me The Money 4 when he attended as a competitor. Besides appearing in Song Min-ho’s “Body” music video, Lee Seo-yoon has also appeared in Jay Park and Loco’s “Thinking About You” music video. You can see her appearance in Jay Park and Loco’s “Thinking About You” music video here:

Other than appearing in music videos, it was later revealed that she actually attended Master Chef Korea 4 as a competitor in 2016! You can see a clip of her appearance in Master Chef Korea 4 in the video below:

What do you think about Lee Seo-yoon? Do you think that she matches well with iKon’s Bobby? If you are interested in her and her career, you can follow her Instagram @myooniverse for further updates on her activities!

Proof That They Are Dating

The rumor about their dating started to spread in 2017. At the time, there were fans who noticed that Lee Seo-yoon has attended Bobby’s solo album Love and Fall showcase. Not only that, but there are also some interesting interactions between the two in the showcase, where one of them is Bobby describing his ideal type that matches up Lee Seo-yoon perfectly. Also, at one point, Bobby asked for “the most beautiful person” in the showcase to stand up, and Lee Seo-yoon did stand after that. The other proof that they are dating is their couple’s bracelet. It was mentioned by the netizens that the two were seen wearing a couple’s bracelet, but the fans also reminded them not to confuse their couple’s bracelet with Bobby’s family bracelets. What are your thoughts about the evidence of iKon’s Bobby and Lee Seo-yoon that was found by the fans? Do you think the found shreds of evidence are enough to prove that iKon’s Bobby and model Lee Seo-yoon are truly dating?

Clarification About Their Dating Rumor

After the dating rumor was spread widely on the internet, the two finally clarified that the dating rumor is not true and said that they are not dating at all. However, despite the clarification, a fan of iKon’s Bobby revealed recently that the jacket she had given to the idol as a gift, was given to Lee Seo-yoon instead. The angered fan expressed her disappointment because of Bobby’s action on her SNS, even revealed that she will expose the fact that iKon’s Bobby was already using drugs for one year after his debut. She also added that besides using drugs, she also believed that iKon’s Bobby has been giving his gifts from fans to his girlfriend and claimed that she should not be the only one who has experienced this. Furthermore, the fan even sent a message to Lee Seo-yoon herself on SNS and expressed her anger in the message. She demanded Lee Seo-yoon to answer her message while asking about the clothes and claiming that Lee Seo-yoon doesn’t answer her because she is meeting with iKon’s Bobby again. After a while, Lee Seo-yoon finally answered and said that she doesn’t know about the clothes that the fan mentioned. The fan, still angry, provoked her and said: “What will you do if I tell you which piece of clothes it is?” She even threatened her that she will upload the conversation on the internet, which she did because Lee Seo-yoon never answered her messages again even though she read it. Seeing this, the netizens felt bitter and pitied the members of iKon, wondering whether they had gone so poor that they had to give the fans’ gifts to their girlfriends and buy some cheap drugs in reference to B.I’s drug case. What do you think about this incident? So, what do you think about the dating rumor between iKon’s Bobby and Lee Seo-yoon? Do you think they are actually dating despite them denying the dating rumor? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the dating rumor of iKon’s Bobby and model Lee Seo-yoon in the comment section below!

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