So, yeah, the recent album from Day6 continues the “The Book of Us” series from the previous album and mini-album. Gravity and Entropy were released in 2019, and now coming back in 2020, Day6 released another “The Book of Us” mini album, titled The Demon. The title track of the album is a song called Zombie. The word zombie might make you think about something horror-related. You might be wondering what kind of zombie Day6 is talking about on their latest song. ‘I feel like I became a zombie,‘ they said. What does that really mean? Well, let’s find it out the details for Day6’s comeback song below!

Day6 Returned with “The Book of Us: The Demon”

On May 11 2020, Day6 dropped a new song called ‘Zombie’ along with other six songs in the mini album called “The Book of Us: The Demon.” As a representative of the mini album’s title, there’s a demon drawing in the down side of the album, as well as in the end of the music video. The demon is drawn to seem cutely evil, like a cartoon character. Before we talk about the music video, let’s talk about the trailer that Day6 dropped days before they launched the song officially.

In the film trailer above that is narrated by Jae and Young K, we can see that there are two people, probably a couple, showering love on each other. But then, there’s a demon who doesn’t allow it. As Young K said, the demon makes the hot get hotter and the cold get colder. Just like in real life, the demon always tried to ruin the two warm hearts’ happiness, just like what Jae said in the trailer. Moving on to other teasers, Day6 released individual teasers from each of the members. Starting with Sung-jin, the leader, Day6 dropped the first individual teasers with two different concepts, a color and a black and white picture of Sung-jin, that made fans go crazy. After Sung-jin, the next day they dropped an individual teaser for Jae with the same concept as Sung-jin’s. If Sung-jin’s black and white photo has Won-pil and Do-woon kind of photo-bombing in the background, this time, only Young K appeared in Jae’s black and white teaser photo. Moving on to Young K’s teaser photo which was dropped on the next day, the two concepts also fit him really well. Both the dark and the colored photo make Young K look mysterious yet cool at the same time. Again, the black and white photo has someone photo-bombing in the background. It was Jae who appeared in Young K’s photo. The next day, Day6 released individual teaser for Won-pil. The look in Won-pil’s eyes on both of the teasers never fails to make us melt. Once again, the black and white photo of Won-pil had Do-woon’s figure in the background. Finally, the individual teaser for Do-woon dropped the next day. The two concepts of his individual teaser look really good on him. The black and white photo also included another member who passed by, and this time it was Sung-jin who did that. After seeing the five individual teasers for the boys, let’s now see the main thing for the comeback, Day6’s ‘Zombie’ music video!

The song is about someone who lives an empty life, the same pattern every day without heart and feelings. Just do the exact same thing every day without any special thing. It almost feels like their life is empty and meaningless. The music video is showing an adult who wakes up and gets ready for work, but the interesting part is the adult is acting like a zombie. Won-pil, who wrote the lyrics along with Young K, said that he came up with the idea for ‘Zombie’ because he saw a lot of people doing the same thing every day. When he waited for traffic in the car, he saw people doing things repeatedly, and making them be exactly the same like another. Just like a zombie who lives without brains or heart, we, as adults, just live in this life without passion. Some fans even said that the lyrics perfectly describe how it feels to be living during quarantine. What relatable lyrics! Besides the meaningful lyrics that scream about the condition of a lot of adults right now, the music which was composed by Sung-jin, Jae, Young K, and Won-pil is really easy listening. The four vocalists impressed us and give the song real soul. The concept that came from ‘demon’ in “The Book of Us: The Demon” is also included in other tracks, such as “Day and Night,” which talked about the relationship of two people who just never get along well. When one give love, the other one feels like they don’t want it, which makes it hard for the pair to love each other. Or the other tracks, called “Love Me or Leave Me,” “Afraid,” and “Tick Tock,” which talked about a couple in a relationship which is on the verge of breaking up. You also need to hear the rest of the tracks, “1 to 10,” and “Zombie English ver.” that you can find in Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

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