After the success of the full album Twicetagram, JYP Entertainment announced on March 25, 2018, that Twice would make a comeback on April 9, 2018. Twice would release an album titled What Is Love? at 6 PM KST which JYP Entertainment produced with Iriver. What Is love? is Twice‘s fifth mini album since debuting in 2015. What Is Love? has 6 songs with the same title track. Several Twice members co-wrote the lyrics for this song. They are Jihyo, Chaeyoung, and Jeongyeon. Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon wrote the lyrics for the second track “Sweet Talker,” and Jihyo wrote the lyrics for “Ho!” as the third track. Then, there is “Dejavu” as the fourth track, “Say Yes” as the fifth track, and “Stuck” which was originally only available on the CD. However, on April 30, “Stuck” was released digitally. “Dejavu” is the fourth track on the album What Is Love? within the K-pop dance, dubstep, and funk pop genres. This song tells the story of a girl who falls in love with a mysterious man who makes her curious. This song has a very cheerful and colorful melody.

Background of “Dejavu”

The lyrics of “Dejavu” were written by Chloe. This 3-minute 16-second song was composed by Hayley Aitken, Jan Hallvard Larsen, Eirik Johansen, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Vidar Svedsen, and Nermin Harambasic. Hayley Aitken is an Australian singer and songwriter who has written many songs for K-pop artists. She has composed the songs “Ice Cream Cake” and “Lucky Girl” for Red Velvet, “All Night” for Girls Generation, “Adios” and “You Don’t Know Me” for Everglow, and “Feel Special” and “Dejavu” for Twice. This song is arranged in the K-pop dance genre with a little mix of dubstep and funk pop music. Like most of Twice’s songs, “Dejavu” is a song with a very upbeat melody and fast beat. The lyrics in this song are very dense. But, this song is easy to listen to.

Telling a Young Love Story

“Dejavu” is a song that really describes the love story of youth. The lyrics in this song tell about a girl who still feels shy and hesitant to approach the man she likes. But, the man is very mysterious and increasingly curious. This song explains how it feels when you first fall in love and the awkward feeling when your crush approaches you. The “Dejavu” lyrics that really explain the content of this song are “I can feel you coming closer, I’m getting dizzy. The moment I find you, it’s you, oh Dejavu.” And, also, the lyrics sang by Mina and Tzuyu, “I’m facing you, who resembles my dreams. You’re so mysterious, I’m so curious. Should I go and talk to you? I can’t figure you out” also explain the song.

Audio of “Dejavu”

“Dejavu” is a B-side track of What Is Love? The audio of this song was published on the Twice YouTube channel on April 11, 2018. This audio has been listened to more than 318 thousand times and has 11 thousand likes.

Achievements of “Dejavu”

“Dejavu” did not get a special award. However, “Dejavu” with 5 other songs on the album What Is Love? made Twice get many awards. What is love? is also very successful commercially. Prior to the album’s release, sales of pre-orders for the album What Is Love? surpassed pre-orders for Twice’s full album Twicetagram. On April 4, 2018, Twice got more than 350,000 copies of the album pre-ordered and beat Twicetagram with pre-order sales of more than 330,000 copies. This album also managed to occupy the second position on the Oricon Albums album chart. The EP What Is Love? also managed to occupy the third position on the Billboard World Albums. What is love? won an award in the Bonsang Album category at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards in 2019.

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