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Former australian rules footballer Born: October 6, 1962 (age 58 years), Kellerberrin, Australia Height: 1.8 m Full name Derek Thomas Kickett Known as Derek Kickett Born 6 October 1962 (age 58) Ethnicity Indigenous Australian Age at first & last AFL game First game: 26y 213d Last game: 33y 358d Height and weight Height: 180 cm Weight: 88 kg Senior clubs West Perth; Claremont; Central District; North Melbourne; Essendon; Sydney; Subiaco Jumper numbers North Melbourne: 28 Essendon: 9 Sydney: 24 Recruited from West Perth (1986); Claremont (1988); Central District (1989); North Melbourne (1990); Essendon (1994); Sydney (1997) Family links Jeff Garlett (Nephew) Larry Kickett (Cousin) Dale Kickett (First cousin)

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Derek is related to a number of other past and present high-profile AFL footballers from the Kickett family, including Dale Kickett and Lance “Buddy” Franklin, who are both his nephews. His other nephews are Byron Pickett and Jarrod Garlett. A well-known cousin of Derek Kickett’s is Nicky Winmar. Kickett played in the junior ranks at Central District in the South Australian National Football League, including their U-19s Premiership in 1981. Beginning his senior career in the West Australian Football League with West Perth, he was the leading goalkicker at West Perth in 1984. After falling out with the Falcons early in the 1986 season, Kickett, along with veteran Peter Spencer, applied for a clearance to Claremont, which at first was denied but accepted a week later. Whilst Spencer played only two senior games for Claremont and returned for his last season to his original home at East Perth, Derek Kickett fitted in perfectly and was a key member of the Tigers’ record-breaking 1987 team that finished with twenty-one consecutive unbeaten matches and their sixth senior flag. Kickett polled 46 votes in the Sandover Medal in 1987, which was the most of any player that season, but was ineligible to win due to a suspension for slapping East Fremantle’s Tim Gepp. Kickett would have won the Sandover Medal by sixteen votes if he had been eligible. Kickett returned to Central District in 1988 for one season. In 1989, he was recruited by North Melbourne in the Victorian Football League, where he also played only one season before being delisted. He is originated from Australia. His Star sign is Libra and zodiac sign element is Air. His duality is Assertive and opposite sun sign is Aries. In 1997 Derek Kickett for Western Australia played his final season of league football with Subiaco for whom he managed 12 appearances and 29 goals. Those who saw him play will be thankful for the memory but disappointed that, in the final wash-up, he did not achieve the sort of rewards his immense array of talents warranted.

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