His skill in music is undeniable. He played a role in some of BEAST’s songs, for instance, a track titled “M a First” with Giriboy and “Break Up With Him” with Dok2. He also made his solo debut with the EP “My” in May 2015. Nonetheless, Jang Hyung-seung decided to depart from BEAST to pursue a solo career on April 19, 2016. He remains under the management of Cube Entertainment, but other members have left the label. The remaining members of BEAST have been rebranded and later debuted as Highlight. Let’s take a look at the article below, where we will tell you Jang Hyun-seung after completing his military service! Keep reading!

Hyunseung Enlisted in the Military

Jang Hyung-seung set out to begin his mandatory military service on July 24, 2018. He completed basic training and went on to serve as an active-duty soldier. From his agency, Cube Entertainment, as quoted by OSEN on June 12, “Jang Hyunseung will be enlisting on July 24. As Jang Hyunseung himself wishes to quietly enlist, we will not be revealing the time and location.” As we know, military service is a compulsory obligation that needs to be met by all the man in South Korea. Every male citizen who is mentally and physically healthy must join the duty as part of the rule in the country.

Hyunseung Discharged from the Military

After two years of duty, Jang Hyun-seung has been discharged from his military service. He highlighted his experience and celebrated finishing his mandatory military service on Instagram account. He wrote proudly on the caption, “2018.07.24-2020.03.13,” marking the duration and the exact date he joined military duty until his discharge date. Then he also said a “Thank You” in his ending story caption. Cube Entertainment also confirmed his discharge with the following statement, which was taken from Soompi, “Jang Hyun-seung will be officially enlisted on July 24 as an active-duty soldier. Yet, Jang Hyun-seung wished to have a quiet and silent enlistment on his enlistment. Therefore, it will be no press release as we will not be revealing the time and location of the enlistment.” This announcement by Cube Entertainment was made on July 12, 2018. Though all the fans may want to celebrate his enlistment, his own preference needs to be respected. The agency also really cooperated to gain clear communication to the public. After his discharge from the military, some photos of him have gone out to the public. Jang Hyun-seung looks happier than before, more comfortable and seemingly enjoying his time there. Some people commented on his expression on social media, stating that he may enjoy being an ordinary person in public compared with promoting as an artist. Some netizens voiced their shock to see the photos of Hyun-seung during his military service. Below are some comments gathered from Soompi, made by various netizens: “This is what I heard, but I think his personality is not fit for a celebrity. He looks much more comfortable and happy in the army lol.” “Wow, his complexion looks more clear and he looks a lot better. I wonder if he had a hard time in the entertainment industry.” “He should live in the army. He looks like a happy person now.” “My goodness…he’s been purified lol.” “This is Jang Hyunseung? Omg! His eyes have even gotten brighter and he’s become a real handsome model student!” “I’ve never seen Jang Hyunseung like this.” Looking at all the comments, it’s a relief that Hyun-seung has this moment in his life  once in a lifetime. That’s all the news about Jang Hung-seung since his enlistment and discharge from the military service. Don’t forget to give your comments below!

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