Recently, it has been known that Yoo In-suk is a former CEO of Yuri Holdings and is suspected of being a provider of prostitution services and has now been declared a suspect. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to Park Han-byul’s husband, Yoo In-suk? So, stay tuned!

Park Han-byul’s Husband, CEO Yoo, is the Key Man in the Burning Sun Scandal?

Yuri Holdings was founded by Seungri and Yoo In-suk in 2016 to operate several businesses in the food and entertainment sector, which included the controversial Burning Sun club. 20 percent of Burning Sun’s stocks are owned by Yuri Holdings. Allegations against Yoo In-suk began on February 26th when SBS funE released a text message allegedly involving Yoo In-suk together with Seungri and an employee. The message contained a conversation about providing sexual services to foreign investors. However, the company denied and said the message was engineered. In the new report from March 11th, the group conversation contains the results of photos and videos from hidden cameras. Yoo In-suk, along with Seungri, and six other people were in the group. It was revealed, there was Jung Joon-young who later claimed and apologized for his actions. Seungri, Jung Joon-young, and Yoo In-suk underwent a police investigation starting on Thursday, March 14th, regarding allegations of the prostitution business that took place at the Burning Sun. It was recently discovered that Actress Park Han-byul’s husband, who is known as Yoo In-suk, is known to play an important role in the group conversations involving Bigbang’s Seungri and Jung Joon-young. This man, who is usually called Mr. Yoo, is a person who always helps members in the group conversation if they get into trouble with the law. He also allegedly helped FT Island’s Choi Jong-hun solve a traffic violation case while driving under the influence in 2016. Yoo In-suk was also allegedly giving various orders to prepare women at a Christmas party held in 2015.

Park Han-byul Speaks Up and Apologizes About the Scandal Involving Her Husband

Following reports that Park Han-byul was also acquainted with Senior Inspector Yoon, a police officer who allegedly used his title to help cover criminal activities in the controversial celebrity chat room, the actress released an official statement in response. The following is the complete statement from Park Han-byul: “First of all, I’m really sorry for making a lot of people worry about the recent controversy, incidents, and suspicions involving my husband. While I think that I cannot separate myself from the things that happened in the past with whom I will spend the rest of my life, just because they are irrelevant to me, I am careful about what I have to do since the investigation is underway. I am sorry. The reason why I keep filming the drama in the midst of this controversy is because of the promises I made with many people, such as production companies, networks, my agency, and more. Regardless of what has been aired so far, we are currently filming the last part of the drama because filming started last year.” “Because it was my job to describe Ma Ri’s life (Park Han-byul’s character in Love in Sadness) without interrupting the flow of the drama to the end, I and everyone who thought the same thing, decided to try my best to the end even though it might be difficult, and [we] filmed with responsibility. Even though they have to focus solely on the drama, many people spend their time and thoughts worrying about me. Because I feel very guilty for everything, and because I don’t want to cause bigger problems, I try harder in filming even though I suffer and go through hard times as if I’m dying. There is no other way to repay these grateful people.” “I think that life is the process of becoming an adult and learning to straighten things out through various experiences during aging. I feel responsible for all the controversy, and no matter what results come out in the end, I will regard this as a process of guiding my family to walk on the right path. After ending this drama well, I will take the time to look back on my life and try to live an honest life as a mother and wife. Finally, I sincerely thank all those who support Love in Sadness and me. I lowered my head and apologized once again to the many people who criticized me amidst the social controversies that were related to my family.”

Park Han-byul’s Latest Drama, Love In Sadness

Park Han-byul’s name was also dragged into the case of the Seungri and friends’ chat group because her husband, Yoo In-suk, who was the former CEO of Yuri Holdings, was part of the group. On Tuesday, March 19th, it was revealed that Park Han-byul knew the corrupt police officer who allegedly had been bribed by her husband to cover up the drunk driving incident done by Choi Jong-hoon. According to Choi Jong-hoon, when he was investigated on March 16th, it was revealed that Park Han-byul had played golf with Senior Inspector Yoon (suspected corrupt police officer bribed by Yoo In-suk). This surprising fact certainly has an effect on the drama Love In Sadness which is currently starring Park Han-byul. Even so, the actress born in 1984 was still reluctant to leave the drama on the grounds that the process of filming Love In Sadness was almost complete and would certainly harm the production team if she left. On March 15th, Park Han-byul’s agency, Fly Up Entertainment, explained that the drama filming is almost complete and she plans to stay until the end. The agency also stated, “We have not had any discussions regarding her departure with the producers. We’ve also confirmed with MBC once again. It’s an issue involving her husband, not Park Han-byul herself. We’re cautious because it’s her personal matters but please watch her till the end.” That was all the information about Park Han-byul’s husband, Yoo In-suk and Burning Sun’s scandal. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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