Winner’s Jinwoo’s Enlistment In The Military

WINNER’s Jin Woo announced his military enlistment in a message to fans. Kim Jin Woo entered the Nonsan Army Training Center in the South Chungcheong province to begin his military training after which he’ll be placed as a public service worker. Before entering the training center, Kim Jin Woo shared, “Thank you for coming such a long distance during these times. I’ll return after safely receiving training well.” He continued, “Furthermore, thank you to Inner Circle who have always supported me and have stayed by my side.” “Please look after my dongsaengs (younger brothers) Lee Seung Hoon, Song Mino, and Kang Seung Yoon. Thank you.” In his letter, Jin Woo mentioned how happy he was that the album was being released, and to the fans he said: “We still have good times ahead of us, so let’s smile and be happy!” Speaking of his fellow members, he wrote: “And to my dongsaengs, who are now like real brothers to me. I’m always grateful and I love you!” As the eldest member of WINNER, fellow WINNER member Mino posted a video of Jinwoo in a van on Instagram shortly before the latter entered the camp. “Jinwoo, don’t get hurt,”  Mino wrote as the members sent him off. Jinwoo will be away for a little less than two years. Jin Woo is the first of the four to begin his military service. It comes just after the release of their latest single “Hold,” which is a pre-release before their new album Remember. Seeming to be still awkward with the short-cut hair, Kim Jinwoo shyly gave greetings and shared his feelings, “Thank you, everyone, for coming here despite the distance during this time when it is necessary to be careful. I will take part in the training very well and safely return.” Next, he also sent his goodbye to the members and fans, “In addition, I am also very grateful to the big family YG and the fan club Inner Circle for always supporting us. Please look after my brothers Seunghoon, Mino, and Seungyoon. Thank you, everyone.”

​Jinwoo’s Work Before Enlisting

Sporting the required short haircut, the 28-year-old singer greeted the media before entering the Nonsan Army Training Center in the South Chungcheong Province. But before his enlistment, he made some decisions for making a comeback with his boy band Winner. Winner is officially preparing for their comeback, and they’ve got their eyes on March! Reports claimed that they’ve finished filming their album jacket and are now finishing up their recordings. The new title song was written by Song Mino, who is well known for his songwriting talent from previous works with WINNER and his solo tracks. YG Entertainment confirmed that the group is currently gearing up for their comeback but did not have any specifics to announce as of yet. WINNER is preparing for their album. We will announce the specific details later on, was reported from YG entertainment. This will be their first comeback in about 5 months. Their last album was CROSS, which dropped in October of last year. Reports also claim that this will be the last album WINNER releases as a complete group in a while as the members have to start enlisting in the military this year. Jinwoo and Seunghoon, who are both 28 years old, will have to enlist by the end of the year.

Who’s Next to Enlist?

Another member of K-Pop boy band WINNER has announced he will enlist in the Korean military soon. Lee Seung Hoon wrote, “I will be the next to enlist after Jin Woo. I hope you will be understanding with a generous heart about the fact that I wasn’t able to let you know sooner, and I will be healthy and do my best until I return.” Lee Seung-hoon, a member of the South Korean group WINNER, will commence military service. WINNER’s Lee Seung-hoon is the second member of the boy band to enlist in the military. Lee revealed the news to his fans and asked for their understanding that he had not announced it sooner. “I’ll be healthy and do my best until I return,” wrote Lee. Lee will start his service at a military training camp in Nonsan in the province of South Chungcheong, before being assigned to another division. He is the second member of the band to enlist in the military after Kim Jin-woo started his service earlier this month. “After Jinwoo, I am also entering the Nonsan Army Training Center on April 16th. I hope you will understand with a generous heart that I couldn’t tell you earlier. I will do my best and come back healthy,” Seunghoon told fans. He will undergo four weeks of basic military training before he is assigned as a public service worker just like Jinwoo. Jinwoo, 28, was the first member of WINNER to enlist in the Korean military at the Nonsan Army Training Center in the South Chungcheong Province.   That was all the information about Winner members’ military enlistment. Do you want to know all the up-to-date information about your favorite K-Pop stars? Then stay tuned on Channel-Korea and keep reading. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and write down your comments below, we would love to hear from you. Thank you, and see you in the next article.

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