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Full Profile of DIA’s Eunchae

Real Name: Kwon Chae-won (hangul: 권채원) Stage Name : Eunchae (hangul: 권채원) Nickname: Newbie, Chaeodore, and Tiny Chaewon Birth:  Seoul, South Korea, May 26th, 1999 Height: 157 cm (5’2″) Weight : 41 kg (90 lbs) Blood Type: A Education

Jongpyong Middle School Hanlim Multi Art High School (Majoring in Performing Arts)

Family Member: Parents and an older brother Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, and Lead Rapper Agency: MBK Entertainment Official Site: Instagram ( @silver_chae_526 )

Fun Facts about DIA’s Eunchae

DIA’s Eunchae’s Visual

DIA’s Eunchae is one of the members who is included in the young-liner and has taken the position of maknae. DIA is famous for the visuals of lovely members and has a height above 160cm, while DIA’s Eunchae includes a shorter height than the other members. Despite this, DIA’s Eunchae also has small facial features and looks cute. When compared to the other members, DIA’s Eunchae is probably one of the easiest members to recognize. Apart from her smaller stature, DIA’s Eunchae was also an ulzzang. It can be seen from the photo above, that she has a visual that is no less beautiful than the other members. With natural make-up and hairstyle, DIA’s Eunchae looks like a very famous idol. Not only one concept, but on several comebacks the group has also prepared different hairstyles and make-up for the members so that their appearance can also entertain fans. One of the hairstyles DIA’s Eunchae has ever worn is purple with bangs that make her appearance look very cute and innocent.

DIA’s Eunchae’s Cover Dance

DIA’s Eunchae is one of the active members of the girl group. Until now, she is still often seen on some of her personal schedules when there are no other girl group schedules. One of them is doing a cover dance which is one of her hobbies. In the video above, fans can see the dance skills of each member of DIA, Eunchae, Huihyeon and Eunice dancing to one of Sunmi’s songs, Lalalay. The song, which has traditional Korean instruments, was performed somewhat differently from the choreography on the dance cover. There are some parts that were modified with freestyle but still look great when delivered by DIA’s Eunchae, Eunice and Huihyeon.

Another dance video cover that’s Eunchae has delivered was also released on DIA’s official Youtube channel. With Tinashe’s song titled Player, DIA’s Eunchae is seen wearing a casual black outfit and is usually worn during dance practice. In a dance studio with minimal lighting, DIA’s Eunchae looks very good at dancing to the song and the movements are simple yet energetic.

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