Beside that, DIA’s Huihyeon is also very passionate about her career in the entertainment industry. The idol whose real name is Ki Hui-hyeon (Hangul: 기 희현) also turns out to now have a new YouTube Channel account that is used to simply upload her daily activities and work. She also uses other social media to interact with her fans via the internet. Well, if you are curious about the full profile of DIA’s Huihyeon, scroll down this article below and find out more about her!

Full Profile of DIA’s Huihyeon

Real Name: Ki Hui-hyeon (Hangul: 기희현) Former Stage Name: Cathy Current Stage Name: Huihyeon (Hangul: 희현) Nicknames: Cat, Cash, and Cool Child Place and Date of Birth: Namwon, North Jeolla, South Korea, June 16th, 1995 Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) Blood Type: O Education:

Namwon Elementary School Namwon Hanbit Middle School Namwon Girls’ High School Inha Technical College, majoring in Airline Operations Division (Dropped Out)

Family Members: Parents and an older brother Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, and Vocalist Agency: MBK Entertainment Official Sites:

Instagram (@khh1995_a) YouTube Channel (기희현)

Fun Facts about DIA’s Huihyeon

DIA’s Huihyeon’s Visual

At the beginning of their debut, DIA had an innocent but energetic concept. In some pictures circulating, DIA’s Huihyeon still looks pure and looks beautiful with her real black hair. Without wearing excess make-up, the make-up on DIA’s Huihyeon’s face is very natural and still shows the innocent image of a teenager. DIA’s Huihyeon has also been seen changing her hairstyle several times in her comebacks with the group. The intense red color has also been DIA’s Huihyeon’s hairstyle of choice and shows a more mature side than ever. Besides her red hair color and natural black color, DIA’s Huihyeon also had time to change her hair color to blonde for a comeback with her group. This hair color also shows a sexy image of herself and is always different in every comeback concept with DIA.

DIA’s Huihyeon’s Solo Song “Artist”

In 2016, DIA’s Huihyeon released her first self-sung single and it became one of the tracks on DIA’s album. The song has a vibe that is very synonymous with hip-hop. Not singing like other idols, but DIA’s Huihyeon is revealing her amazing rapping skills and sings every verse of the lyrics of the song quickly.

DIA’s Huihyeon’s Focus Fancam

On September 27th, 2019, DIA’s Huihyeon did a performance with the group that has made her name popular by performing one of their comeback singles, “WooWoo”. With a tight white dress with blue stripes, DIA’s Huihyeon looks sexy in this outfit. Her curves are clearly visible as she dances the choreography of DIA’s “WooWoo” and is in sync with the other members.

On October 15th, 2018, DIA’s Huihyeon was seen with long blonde hair making DIA’s Huihyeon image fresher for a comeback that year. The costumes prepared for the members also look unique with the chess pattern sewn in black and other supporting colors which are very suitable for every member of DIA. With her sexy image, DIA’s Huihyeon is wearing white sneakers and a tight dress that fits her perfectly.

On December 14th, 2019, DIA’s Huihyeon returned to a concert with her group at an outdoor event. Singing the song “Will You Go Out With Me”, all DIA members could be seen wearing matching black costumes and mostly wearing dresses and shoes of the same color. DIA’s Huihyeon and the other members looked energetic during the performance at that time.

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