Besides that, DIA’s Jueun is also very passionate about a career in the entertainment industry. The idol, whose real name is Lee Jueun (hangul: 이주은), also has a figure and visual that become her charm and looks beautiful as always. Other social media are also used to interact with fans via the internet. Well, if you are curious about DIA’s Jueun’s full profile, scroll down in this article below and find out more about her!

Full Profile of DIA’s Jueun

Real Name: Lee Ju-eun (hangul: 이주은) Stage Name: Jueun (hangul: 주은) Birth: Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, June 7th, 1995 Height: 163 cm (5’4″) Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs) Blood Type: A Education:

Mangpo Middle School Mangpo High School Korea Nazarene University majored in Practical Music

Family Member: Parents and an older brother Position: Main Vocalist Agency: MBK Entertainment Official Site: Instagram (@jusilver_67)

Fun Facts about DIA’s Jueun

DIA’s Jueun’s Charms

As a girl group member, there must be many talents even though they are related to the same job as an idol. This section will invite you to take a closer and more detailed look into Jueun’s talents that we have been discussing. As many fans know, every idol also has their charm behind their talent in singing or dancing. So, usually, as individual fans, certain personalities characterize an idol that attracts the attention of their fans. Let’s check out more about DIA’s Jueun’s personality below!

DIA’s Jueun’s Visual

As many fans know, DIA has very talented members who can always play instruments. Once an assistant manager of DIA, Jueun successfully debuted as one of the members of DIA. Even with its natural visuals, it can attract the attention of many people, especially among fans. Although she rarely appears quirky like most K-Pop idols, DIA’s Jueun still looks charming with her natural appearance. DIA’s Jueun is often seen with her dark brown or black hair on her comebacks. From the photo above, we can see the charm of DIA’s Jueun, which looks pretty and simple, especially with the hairstyles that are slightly curly at the ends. Besides that, he also looks cute with nobility on her face. One of the hairs that are different from the previous concept is gray. DIA’s Jueun is seen sporting a cool gray hair color, giving off a bit of a fierce vibe on her comeback in that era. Even so, she remains a member who always has the concept of make-up and hairstyle as natural as possible so that her aura looks brighter when she appears in public.

DIA’s Jueun’s Cover Song

Like other members, DIA’s Jueun also has several personal activities that she enjoys. One of them is singing and uploading cover songs that she did to the Youtube channel. From DIA’s official Youtube channel, we can see the performance of Jueun while singing one of the ballad songs that Taeyeon has popularized. As the group’s main vocalist, DIA’s Jueun’s skills are excellent and must be appreciated because her voice is very melodious and easy listening.

Summer is one of the most loved seasons by many people. DIA’s Jueun shows summer vibes with one of her uploaded cover songs that contain a collection of previously recorded clips. With one of the songs popularized by Hoody, a female soloist under AOMG, DIA’s Jueun sings Sunshine melodiously.

Apart from the two songs, DIA’s Jueun has also sung a Christmas song from Nat King Cole, which is perfect for listening to during winter. The Christmas Song was one of DIA’s Jueun choices to sing when the video was uploaded in 2018. With the feel of a recording studio, DIA’s Jueun seemed to enjoy the process of covering the song from starting to practice and starting recording the song.

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