In addition, she also has advantages in visuals and height which are the body goals of every girl. DIA’s Somyi has also been present as a contestant on one of the KBS survival shows, namely The Unit. Unfortunately, for now, DIA’s Somyi has not had time to appear on her latest girl group comeback because she is on hiatus and after the controversy she made on Instagram live many fans are worried about her current condition. If you want to know more about DIA’s Somyi, keep scrolling down below to get all the information about her full profile, her career as the maknae of girl group DIA, and a lot more!

Full Profile of DIA’s Somyi

Real Name: Ahn Som-yi (Hangul: 안솜이) Stage Name: Somyi (Hangul: 솜이) Place and Date of Birth: Changwon, South Gyeongsang-do, South Korea, January 26th, 2000 Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs) Blood Type: A Education:

Wonju Girls’ Middle School Wonju High School Seoul High School of Performing (Majoring in Practical Music)

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, and Maknae Agency: MBK Entertainment Official Site: Instagram (@somsom_o0o)

Fun Facts about DIA’s Somyi

DIA’s Somyi’s Visual

As a maknae, DIA’s Somyi looked very innocent and pure when she first appeared with DIA and promoted with the group. With brown hair that is not styled, she clearly rocks the image of an innocent girl with a charming smile. When she debuted, DIA’s Somyi looked beautiful with natural make-up. On her next comeback, DIA’s Somyi appeared to have longer hair and stylists chose a new concept for her look. Light brown hair color was a great choice for DIA‘s summer comeback concept. This time, DIA’s Somyi was seen wearing blue lens which made her appearance change even more striking than before. After DIA’s comeback, Somyi got the chance to appear with her new style. Even though it looks a little different and quirky, the stylist made DIA’s Somyi look with different hair, looking very short on the front but left long on the back. Even though it looks a bit ‘weird’ from the hair in general, due to DIA’s Somyi’s natural beauty, she still looks like a mannequin or a doll.

DIA’s Somyi’s Cover Songs

DIA’s Somyi is famous for her melodious voice. At events held with DIA, she has performed by singing several songs that are quite famous. In the video above, DIA’s Somyi can be seen singing a song from Bolbbalgan4 with the title “Grumpy”. Accompanied by a guitar, keyboard, and drums, DIA’s maknae Somyi is singing with her cute voice and cute appearance thus making the perfect show with the lovely acoustic-pop songs.

At another event, DIA’s Somyi was also seen singing a song from Ailee titled “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow”, which was also one of the soundtracks of the popular K-Drama Goblin. DIA’s Somyi has a melodious and innocent voice that sounds really good when singing live. She also displays a cute expression when on stage that makes everyone who watches her performance touched.

2017 was the year DIA’s Somyi had just debuted with her girl group. In the video above, we can see Somyi’s performance live in public by singing one of the famous songs from iKON which is “My Type”. With Somyi’s sweet voice and also the rap performance of the other members, she collaborated well in singing the song.

DIA’s Somyi’s Focus Fancam

On October 7th, 2018, DIA performed at an outdoor concert by performing one of their famous singles, “Will You Go Out With Me”, wearing beautiful and cute costumes. DIA‘s Somyi looks very energetic and beautiful wearing a red top with a tartan motif and a white pencil skirt that matches the other members’ costumes. At that performance, DIA’s maknae Somyi looks fresh and cheerful with light hair color.

On September 8th, 2019, DIA was present at one of the events and appeared with a performance of “WooWoo”. At this performance, DIA’s Somyi looked energetic in dancing the famous choreography with her hip movement in the chorus. The meaning of the girl group is seen with natural hair which is black and also wearing a casual outfit with jeans and a white crop top blouse with a ribbon accent on the belly.

On April 7th, 2018, DIA performed at an outdoor concert singing “Can’t Stop” in the same outfit they had used to shoot the music video. Each member is also seen wearing the same outfit as a school uniform with black shorts sewn with a green tartan skirt to cover the front. The long black socks, white shirts, and ties worn by some of the members were also very pretty to see at this performance.

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