The idol whose real name is Baek Ye-bin (Hangul: 백예빈) is one of the members who are active and used to participate in KBS’s The Unit in 2018 and even managed to debut as a final member as UNI.T. Well, if you are curious about her, scroll down this article below and find out more about her!  

DIA’s Yebin’s Visual

DIA’s Yebin is one member who is very active in promoting on various survival shows and she is even present on TV programs bringing the name of her group in front of an even larger audience. It is undeniable that every member of DIA has very beautiful visuals, and Baek Yebin is no exception. The member who has the position of lead vocalist in the group looks naturally beautiful. In the photo above, DIA’s Yebin can be seen with long brown hair and a smile at the camera. It seemed that she was on her way to one of her schedules with DIA. Like the other members who prepared themselves with different appearance concepts for each comeback, DIA’s Yebin is also seen with a new red hairstyle with a hairstyle that makes her face look younger and more innocent. DIA’s Yebin is also one of the members who have the opportunity to change hair color on each comeback that has been carried out. At DIA’s debut, Yebin shocked fans with her boyish appearance. Blonde pixie haircut with bangs is one of DIA’s Yebin’s iconic performances and she also managed to stand out from the other members with a feminine appearance that is the standard for K-Pop idols. Despite appearing boyish on debut, DIA’s Yebin still looks beautiful and is often seen spreading a friendly smile to everyone.

DIA’s Yebin’s Cover Song

As the lead vocalist of DIA, Yebin often appears in public showing her singing skills well. She also often sings several songs while playing the guitar skillfully. DIA’s Yebin is one of the most talented and beautiful girl group members, her strength in playing instruments is also a good asset for a career in the entertainment industry. Let’s take a look at some clips of DIA’s Yebin’s cover songs below!


DIA’s Yebin’s Appearance In KBS’s The Unit

DIA’s Yebin and Somyi are known to have joined as participants of the KBS show The Unit. The two members discussed the reason for being willing to go through the trouble of being trainees again in the survival program by KBS. “Since debuting as a member of DIA, I have been showing a bright side more often in myself. In The Unit, I will show a different side by singing and playing acoustic guitar. I hope to get many things from this event,” said Yebin. “I will not rush and take things one by one to make my dream come true. I wish I could make a sound out there. I like number 7 so I wish I could take seventh.” “I hope it can be a fun virus for everyone. Sometimes I am told that I’m a little weird, but I really hope that I can make more people smile and feel happy. I really hope this will be an opportunity for me to introduce DIA, DIA’s songs, and myself to more people,” Somyi said. Yebin and Somyi said they often asked Jung Chaeyeon for advice, who had previously joined the survival program Produce 101. They also shared that the main reason for joining The Unit was for DIA’s success and career journey. “DIA is not a ‘100 percent perfect’ group. So we will do our best in The Unit and create the results we can get from DIA. We will do what we can to make DIA a ‘100 percent perfect’ group,” they said. Yebin said that they still live in a dorm with other DIA members. Even though they are still part of the show The Unit. However, unfortunately, even though they live in the same dorm, they can’t meet the members as often as possible. Apparently, this is because DIA members are busy promoting their album Good Night at the same time. No wonder Yebin and Somyi feel that they have lost their friends. Moreover, now she can’t join to promote DIA’s album. “We used to do (live broadcasts) a lot,” said Somyi expressing her feelings, “Unfortunately we can’t do much now.” Yebin and Somyi were also outspoken about their feelings about working with the participants in The Unit. According to Yebin, the experience was very pleasant. “This feels new, being able to practice and eat with people we just met,” said Yebin, “It’s fun because it’s different from our members, and I had a lot of good experiences.” Somyi also added that she had never thought of collaborating with people other than the group members. She also admitted that she could understand what Huihyeon and Jung Chaeyeon felt, who appeared in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 1 audition. “I never thought I would practice with someone other than my members. I often think about our members,” said Somyi, “They were really working hard. They gave us advice so we should work hard.” Meanwhile, after DIA’s agency MBK Entertainment announced that Somyi and Yebin joined The Unit as contestants, the two of them decided to go on hiatus from DIA’s various activities including their latest comeback promotions. This was done so that both of them could focus more on participating in The Unit program. The official statement from MBK Entertainment stated that the two of them had decided to join The Unit. “Hello, this is MBK Entertainment. “We have officially decided that DIA’s Somyi and Yebin will participate in one of the KBS programs, which is The Unit. The two of them just finished the interview from the event. “Until the day they join The Unit, both Somyi and Yebin will focus on DIA’s planned activities. After the two of them have joined The Unit, it is very likely that DIA will continue activities with only 7 members. Thank you.” A survival program similar to Mnet’s Produce 101 will collaborate with a row of less popular idols as participants. The Unit took 250 male idols and 250 girls. Most of the participants would later be eliminated, leaving 9 male idols and 9 female idols to debut into two teams (one boy group and one girl group). Several idols who have ‘failed’ to debut have been confirmed as participants of The Unit, such as T-ARA‘s Ahreum, two members of Dal Shabet, and Boys Republic. DIA’s Yebin and Somyi are also confirmed to have joined this event. Yebin and Somyi taking part in the show, of course, reaped various comments from netters given that DIA is an idol group still active in the music world. Although you could say that only Jung Chaeyeon is a popular member. As a result, MBK Entertainment was heavily criticized by netters. “MBK has really become more like a makjang drama (soap opera style),” commented a netter. “This is no longer an audition program but an idol variety,” added another netter. “I really did not expect this,” said another. “I wonder if Kwang Soo (the agency boss) knows that he was the one who damaged DIA,” concluded another.   Well, that’s all the information that we have provided for you about DIA’s Yebin and her career journey as an idol in South Korea. Now, she is also busy with various schedules with her girl group and her daily schedule. Let’s keep giving lots of support and love to DIA and Yebin so that their career can go well and get positive responses from the public and their fans!

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