In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of DickPunk, which is Kim Tae-hyun who also has a position as the vocalist of the group. Are you curious about DickPunks’ Taehyun? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about his full profile, discography, and debut era with the band in this article below!

DickPunks’ Taehyun’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Tae-hyun (Hangul: 김태현) Stage Name: Taehyun (Hangul: 태현) Birth: Seoul, South Korea, March 11, 1987 Star Sign: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Weight: 60 kg Height: 175 cm Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean Religion: Catholic (Baptismal Name: Joseph) Position in the Group: Vocalist Education:

Naksaeng High School Seoul Institute of the Arts Department of Applied Music

Official Site:

Twitter (@Cococotg ) Instagram ( cococoxz ) YouTube Channel ( 김요셉’s )

Agency: GIG Entertainment Military Service: October 17, 2016 – July 16, 2018

DickPunks’ Taehyun’s Discography

Besides having the position as the vocalist of the group, DickPunk’s Taehyun also released his solo singles such as “Pride (자존심),” “Urban Girl,” “You That I Still (아직도 니가),” and “Reason Why.”

On September 23, 2016, DickPunks’ Taehyun released a music video titled “Pride.” In this music video, he looks cool with his pink hair and also appears in the scene from the beginning to the end. As you can see from the music video above, DickPunks’ Taehyun was seen playing the role of a policeman and interrogates a male and a female at a crime scene. What’s unique about this music video is that the model sings DickPunks’ Taehyun’s part while acting.

On September 6, 2016, DickPunks’ Taehyun released a music video titled “Urban Girl.” If previously the genre and music video seemed dark and gloomy, in this music video, he looks very cheerful with pink dominating the music video. In addition, the concept used in this music video looks colorful, cute, and also aesthetic. In this single, DickPunks’ Taehyun features a female rapper who appeared on Unpretty Rapstar: Season 2.

On September 23, 2016, DickPunks’ Taehyun released another music video for his 4th single titled “You That I Still.” He returned with his sweet voice when singing the ballad genre in this single and appeared in the music video while showing his acting skills very well. DickPunks’ Taehyun acts as a cashier at a convenience store and accompanies a woman who comes at night and stays until the next morning.

The same day as before, DickPunks’ Taehyun appeared in another music video titled “Reason Why” as the 4th single that he released as a soloist. He pours out his feelings while writing for this song. He shares good, quality music, whether in sad songs or happy songs, that raise the mood like “Reason Why.” The concept of the videos given also varies depending on the meaning of each song. He also contributed to several soundtracks for K-dramas, such as: “Tears Fall” for SBS’ Angel Eyes (2014)

“My Heart Is That Way” for JTBC’s This Is My Love (2015)

“Sometime” for MBC’s My Spring Day (2014)

“Boom Boom” for KBS2’s My Fellow Citizens! (2019)

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DickPunks’ Taehyun’s Debut With DickPunks

DickPunks’ Taehyun has a very clear and mellow tone. He can also sing funky songs and ballad songs very well. He is a friend of DickPunks’ Hyunwoo, Jaeheung, and Garam. They formed the group in November 2006 after they met as high school classmates at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. DickPunks became famous since they were busking in Hongdae and got the nickname Hongdae Idol. In 2012, DickPunks participated as one of the contestants on Superstar K4 and got 2nd place.

In 2013, DickPunk released their first single titled “Viva Youth” (Hangul: Viva청춘), and Taehyun was also actively promoting as the vocalist of the group. He became one of the members of the band who is most easily noticed because he is the center of the group as a vocalist where the attention of the audience will be drawn to him. DickPunk’s Taehyun has a melodious voice and is also easy to listen to in every single release. Well, that is all of the information about DickPunk’s Taehyun and everything about him that you should know. Let’s give love and support to DickPunks and also to Kim Taehyun. Hopefully, his future career can shine even more. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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