When JYP Entertainment introduced NMIXX’s logo, the group caught the accusation because the logo shares similarities with another group’s logo. And, the issue became bigger after the group released its debut MV “O.O” with made many fans furious because the concept of NMIXX’s “O.O” MV is pretty similar to the concept of a senior group. It angered netizens, and the hashtag #JYP_Plagiarism_Explain started trending in Korea not long after NMIXX’s debut music video was released. So, did JYP really plagiarize the concept and logo and made them NMIXX trademarks? Let’s find out the truth on Channel Korea!

NMIXX Concept Similarity With ATEEZ

In arts, there’s a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism. But, that thin line can result in big problems if someone isn’t careful about it. Take for example a K-pop group concept that lately has been used like making a storyline for each comeback so it is relevant to the one before, and the storyline usually brings some big theme. For example, in ATEEZ‘s case, since its debut, its trademark is the pirate concept of being on a journey searching for a utopia. While searching for this utopia, the group has two ways of portraying its pirate concept. One is the vigilante bad boy and the other is dreamy Peter Pan. But, NMIXX’s concept from the visualization in the music video is also seemingly a pirate concept, and even the choreography can be found in ATEEZ’s music videos since their debut. For example, in the first scene when there’s a ship in the desert, the coloring of the ship is similar to ATEEZ’s “Don’t Stop” music video that was released in 2020. You might be wondering if it’s just one scene, could it be just a coincidence? But, in NMIXX’s “O.O” music video, there’s more than one scene that is too oddly similar to be called just a coincidence. In both NMIXX and ATEEZ’s music videos, a scene with a ship flying in the clouds can be found. But, what makes ATINY or ATEEZ’s fandom furious is the odd similarity because the image of the flying ship on the clouds even is colored the same. And, of course, the fact that this scene is one of the scenes from ATEEZ’s “Illusion” music video that was released in 2019 makes fans demand an explanation from JYP. It does not stop there, but a similarity is also found with ATEEZ’s “The Real” music video that was released in 2021 when the members dance between pastel colored buildings with the same camera angle later being used by NMIXX. And, in the “Turbulence” music video that was released in 2021, ATEEZ’s Jongho sings on the rooftop with a sunset as the background. This scene also has a similarity with NMIXX’s “O.O” music video when Bae sings on the rooftop with a similar background. The other similarity that caught ATINY and netizen attention is ATEEZ’s debut dance. In the choreography, ATEEZ uses San’s leg as a boomerang, and in the “O.O” choreography, a similar move can be seen when Kyujin’s leg is used as a canon.

NMIXX’s Concept and Music Similarity to aespa

Though their website, JYP Entertainment claims that NMIXX’s music is a mixture of bailey funk and teenage pop rock which then becomes a new unique genre called mix pop. Mix pop is a genre that brings together songs of various genres and turns them into one song. Though JYP claims that this is a new genre in K-pop, this genre actually has been done by aespa. That’s why many netizens find the song has a similar genre to aespa’s “Next Level.”

The Similarity Between NMIXX’s Logo and Debut Trailer and ENHYPEN

The second bout that started an argument in the K-pop community is about the similarity between NMIXX and ENHYPEN’s fandom logo for ENGENE. The logo of both groups contains the same symbol chromosome. While the symbol isn’t entitled to one group, the symbol of a group is an identity that represents the group. With a shared logo, it could diminish the meaning of the group. It is not only the logo of ENGENE that makes ENGENE frustrated over JYP Entertainment but also the introduction video of NMIXX’s “Frontier: New Declaration.” Not only does the visualization of the video carry similarities with ENHYPEN’s “Intro: Walk the Line,” but the messages also pretty much have the same meaning. Not only that but the word “Frontier” is also synonymous with “Border,” and the use of “Declaration” and “Invitation” in the title makes the introduction trailer similar to ENHYPEN’s “Border: CARNIVAL: Intro: The Invitation” trailer.


NMIXX’s “O.O” MV and Debut Trailer Are Similar to LOONA’s “Why Not” MV

  The alleged plagiarism also happened between NMIXX and LOONA. ORBIT, LOONA’s fandom, demands JYP explain the similarities between NMIXX’s debut trailer scene and LOONA’s “Why Not” which was released in 2020 and “Paint the Town” which was released in 2021. At first, some speculate that the similarities happened because both videos were produced by DIGIPEDI who used to work with LOONA. But, the CEO of DIGIPEDI denied it and said that the company didn’t participate in the production of NMIXX’s “Frontier: Declaration” trailer. Here are some similarities that ORBIT found between NMIXX’s “Frontier: Declaration” and LOONA’s “Why Not” and “Paint the Town.”

NMIXX’s Costume Designer Caught in the Plagiarism Controversy for NMIXX’s Costumes

The alleged plagiarism didn’t stop at NMIXX’s visual and concept for their music video but also aimed at their costumes. Their costume designer, Doooho, was accused of stealing the idea of Cierra Boyd, an American designer. Cierra has been working on turning shoes into corsets for years, and that’s when she found out that NMIXX’s costumes were too similar to hers. From her Twitter account, she tweeted her frustration about the lack of recognition regarding NMIXX’s coordi, and not long after that, netizens started criticizing Doooho for stealing Cierra’s work. After the criticism, Doooho then edited the caption related to NMIXX’s costumes and change it to say that he was inspired by Cierra. After the changed caption on Doooho’s Instagram, the problem cooled down as Cierra tweeted that NMIXX’s coordi credited her, but netizens still aren’t appeased about why JYP Entertainment didn’t admit it initially instead of making it a big fuss. With the controversy surrounding NMIXX’s debut, many people doubt JYP Entertainment’s handling of their new girl group. But, although many fans from other fandoms demand an explanation to JYP regarding the plagiarism, they assure that the hate isn’t towards NMIXX because it isn’t NMIXX’s fault but the creative team behind them. So, what do you think about NMIXX’s alleged plagiarism? Do you think JYP Entertainment needs to address the issue to handle this situation? If you’re curious about other articles about NMIXX, you can check some out on Channel Korea, and don’t forget to share this article on Twitter!

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