Big Hit Audition Promotion

Mostly, Big Hit Entertainment uses digital media and online promotion to promote the auditions. People can easily find out about them through their online announcements and official website with the audition details. Previously, Big Hit Entertainment only announced the auditions through basic online promotion. Recently, Big Hit Entertainment has also partnered up with other companies, such as Source Music and CJ E&M, to hold a new form of global audition! Through the collaboration, Big Hit promotes the auditions through their website, online posters, releases audition video teasers, and more! With the promotion, people have been getting excited to join or sign themselves up as trainees! Moreover, the requirements were quite simple and convenient, as well.

Big Hit Audition Offline Tour

Big Hit also holds offline audition tours. There are two basic types of audition from South Korean agencies, online and offline auditions. The offline audition tour from Big Hit Entertainment was held in several countries. At offline auditions, a representative from Big Hit Entertainment and the judges travel to different places to see hopefuls audition in person. The participants demonstrate their talents directly, and there’s always a long line of potential candidates lined up for the chance to do so.  that shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Bit Hit will not only accept trainees of Korean descent, but foreign recruits, as well.

Big Hit Joined Audition

In September 2019, Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music surprised the fans with an announcement! They were planning to made a female group debut in 2021 through the Plus Global Audition. According to KPOPMAP, the global audition would take place that October, and the upcoming participants could register themselves online. The participants had to fill out the online application form as well as the attachment, then wait for the confirmation email about the date and place for the audition. The Plus Global Audition opened up in several countries, such as the United States, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand! Since the project was ultimately to made a female group, the hopefuls had to be females who were born between 2001-2007. There were no restrictions for their nationality. In addition, earlier in the year Big Hit Entertainment and CJ E&M also collaborated to hold a global audition and with the plan to create a new male group. Through the collaboration, they made a new company which was called Belift Lab. Accrding to Ten Asia, Big Hit Entertainment would be handling the music production for the artists in Belift Lab, while CJ E&M would be handling television distribution, albums, and concerts. The global audition was being held in several countries all over the world. It was also revealed that the upcoming participants in the audition had to be males who were born between 1997-2008, and they had to choose one category among dance, rap, vocal, modeling, or acting.

Big Hit Trainee Qualification

For the trainee qualifications, Big Hit outlined them on the company’s official website! There were also descriptions of audition categories, such as vocal, rap, dance, modeling, and acting. The female ones had to be born around 2001-2007s, as you can see through the Belift Lab global audition, as well. But for current situation, Big Hit hasn’t been accepting female trainees since the past female audition for Belift Lab. The agency has also been accepting foreigner trainees as well as local ones. For the local trainees, it is really convenient since Big Hit Entertainment is based in South Korea. Having qualifictions beyond the one required gives potential trainees an edge, just like in 2018, when Big Hit Entertainment was looking for male rappers and vocals in hip-hop with the Hit It Audition 6, when the participants would get an extra point if they brought their own, original compositions!

Big Hit Online Auditions

Previously, Big Hit only conducted online auditions for males, but since they held the Plus Global Audition, the online auditions are also available for females, as well. For the application direct, it was quite simple. The participant can go to the official website for Big Hit Entertainment auditions and fill out the application form and its details. Then they receive the confirmation email which gives the details about the date and place for the audition. If the participant is selected, they would be informed through the email, as well. The participants have to comply with the application requirement for the categories they are auditioning for. For example, in the singing category, they had to send a video or sound recording of dancing, rapping, or singing, along with their full photo.

Big Hit New Building in Yongsan

Big Hit Entertainment was focused their duty towards BTS’s latest comeback. Through their official website, we could see the details about that, such as the concept, album title, tracklist, concept photo, and more. In March 2020, Big Hit Entertainment also revealed their income for 2019, which also surprised a lot of people! For their profit in 2019, they received approximately ₩587.2 million! If it was compared with their profit from 2018, it was an increase of almost 95%. No wonder, during 2019, Big Hit Entertainment made a lot of profit from BTS and TXT’s album sales. After the acquisition of Source Music in July 2019, Big Hit business also expanded. They made their company a multi-label system that includes several businesses, such as a digital platform, music, concerts, video content, and more! It was also reported Big Hit Entertainment’s new building is almost completed, while the development process also ongoing. The plan is that the agency will be moving from their current building in Gangnam to a new building in Yongsan in May 2020. According to the Korea Herald, the new building is bigger than the previous one, and it also provides a cafe and merchandise store for the fans. The location is quite strategic for the fans, as well. So, if you’re about to chase your dream to be a K-Pop idol, especially an upcoming trainee of Big Hit Entertainment, tell us all about it down below!

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