He became interested in rap after hearing “Reggae Muffin” by Stony Skunk, stating that it was different from anything he had ever heard before. After hearing Epik High, he decided to become a rapper. By age 13, he began to write music lyrics and learned about MIDI. He worked a part-time job at a recording studio by age 17. From then on, he began composing and arranging music, rapping, and performing. Before being signed, he was active under the name Gloss as an underground rapper. As part of the hip-hop crew D-Town in 2010, he produced “518-062”, a song commemorating the Gwangju Uprising. Suga originally joined the company as a music producer, he trained under Big Hit Entertainment for three years alongside members J-Hope and RM. BTS debuted in 2013 with the track “No More Dream”, from their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. We know he’s very talented, but let’s find out more about Suga’s charms!

Min Yoon-gi: Rebellious Boy Who Had Many Dreams


BTS’s Suga: A Charming Producer Who Easily Get Tired and Energetic At The Same Time

The video above is a compilation of moments where Suga often became energized and was easily tired at the same time. Almost all of the moments show his expressions when he is tired or sleepy and is sitting or lying down. there was a scene from behind the scenes for one of their music videos. After running a little, Suga immediately sat down and rested. But there was also a moment where Suga was seen dancing, with a very enthusiastic and happy expression. He was also seen getting excited several times and running back and forth to show his excitement.

Agust D: Mad Man Who Like To Rap


Through their YouTube channel, Big Hit Entertainment’s (ibighit) Suga, aka Agust D, released the ‘August D’ music video on August 15, 2016. In the song ‘Agust D’, mental health is one of several subjects Suga tackles. The 26-year-old takes on the alternate name to make a distinction from his presence with BTS. Every song feels like a message of rebellion. Especially the title track, which features an abrasive horn sample, pounding drum programming, and some of the most aggressive and technically difficult Korean rapping you’ll hear. In case you thought shit was sweet with Suga, it’s not. “You wasted rappers should be grateful that I’m an idol,” he raps. These lyrical moments feel like refutations of the onlookers who disregard Suga’s legitimacy as a hip-hop artist because he’s a part of BTS.

Three days after releasing the music video ‘Agust D’, Big Hit Entertainment released ‘Give it to me’ again, which is also one of the songs from August D.’s first mix. Until now, this music video has been watched for more than 30.3 million times.

In February 2018, the mixtape was rereleased for digital purchase and streaming, sans its first two tracks. The reissue reached #3 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart, #5 on the Heatseekers Albums chart, and #74 on the Top Album Sales chart. The rerelease also caused Agust D to reach #46 on the Emerging Artists chart for the week of March 3.


  Sample credits “Intro: Dt sugA” and “Agust D” contain a sample of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”, as performed by James Brown.  

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