In this article, there is detailed information about one of the DKB members who is also the youngest member of the group, which is Han Harry-June. The member who also holds other positions, namely that of dancer and vocalist, also has his own attractive charming points that you should know about. Without waiting any longer, let’s check out the details provided in this article below!

DKB’s Harry June’s Full Profile

Real Name: Han Harry-June (Hangul: 한해리준) Stage Name: Harry-June (Hangul: 해리준) Birthday: January 1st, 2004 Star Sign: Capricorn Weight: 61kg (134 lbs) Height: 179 cm (5’10.5″) Blood Type: A Position in the group: Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae Nationality: Korean Education:

Seoul Mokwoon Elementary School Mokwoon Middle School Hanlim Performing Arts High School (Department of Practical Dance/Attended)

Shoe Size: 270 mm

DKB’s Harry-June’s Fun Facts

DKB’s Harry-June’s Visual

Likewise with the member of DKB who holds the position of the youngest member of the group and was born in 2004. He is also one of the K-Pop idols with visuals that are quite good and handsome. Are you curious about DKB’s Harry-June’s visual and appearance? Let’s find out more in this section below! DKB’s Harry-June, who is the maknae of the group, certainly has a more playful personality than the other members, because you could say he is still a teenager compared to the other members of DKB. From the photo above, we can assume that this is a photo taken backstage of one of the music programs in South Korea and DKB’s Harry-June took a picture while pushing his lips forward which looks funny and cute. If you take a closer look, DKB’s Harry-June’s lips look like a heart, right? As stated in the fun facts, DKB’s Harry-June chose DPR Live as his role model. Many people also know that DPR Live has the Hip-Hop genre and also mostly raps in all of his songs. DKB’s Harry-June also slightly imitates the Hip-Hop style if we look at the photo above. One of the members who also has a position as a vocalist chose a gray hoodie and poses cutely while showing the two v-finger pose in the photo above. It also shows that someone who likes Hip Hop doesn’t always come with dark vibes, but also can be cute just like DKB’s Harry-June. Beside that, DKB’s Harry-June is also not shy about showing his charm despite still being a teenager. If you remember Korean Hip-Hop from the 80s, in this photo, DKB’s Harry-June appears in an outfit that seems to take us back to the nostalgia of back in the days where Seo Taiji & Boys were still booming at that time. DKB’s Harry-June looks very cute while taking the picture with a v-finger pose just like one of his favorite poses and wearing a black headband and baggy jacket, and he also did not forget to wear a silver necklace as an accessory. Have you ever imagined K-Pop male idols to be your imaginary boyfriend? Must have done it, right? We can see the photo above where DKB’s Harry-June acts sweet while holding an orange tulip taking his own mirror selca while smiling thinly. He is also seen with a new hair color, which is green. Like boyfriend material, DKB’s Harry-June in this photo looks like a man ready to come and bring flowers to his lover, right? DKB’s Harry-June makes the smartest switches in terms of fashion and various different styles, just like in this picture above, where he has turned into a schoolboy but seems a little rebellious because he’s not wearing his uniform properly. With one hand on the waist, another arm flanking the basketball, and posing in front of the whiteboard, DKB’s Harry-June who is currently attending Hanlim Performing Arts High School looks cool just like a schoolboy who is ready to steal the attention of many students at school. What do you think about DKB’s Harry-June’s visual?

DKB’s Harry-June’s Dance Compilations and Focus Fancams

In this section, we are going to take a more detailed look at DKB’s Harry-June’s focus fancams and also his dance compilations that have been uploaded on DKB’s official YouTube channel. On October 31st, 2020, DKB were one of the artists who performed on KMDF and brought their single titled “Work Hard”. In the performance, DKB’s Harry-June was seen in the front position wearing a t-shirt with a chessboard motif and baggy jeans that showed Hip-Hop vibes very well with this outfit. He also appeared energetic in this performance like the other members. Beside that, his hairstyle also suits him very well because he still has brown hair with some highlights in the front.

On May 8th, 2021, DKB held a performance at the Spring Family Festival and brought “Work Hard” to this performance. You can see DKB’s Harry-June with an all-black outfit in this focus fancam, only he is a little different now as he has green hair which is the latest concept for their comeback in 2021. Still the same as before, DKB’s Harry-June looked professional in the performance and he seemed to put on a fierce and bold expression before it was his turn to come forward and show a finger heart pose.

Not only focus fancams, but we can also see DKB’s Harry-June’s amazing dance skills while doing freestyle dance in the video above. Using a back sound from pH-1 titled “Homebody”, DKB’s Harry-June recorded this video in Brave Entertainment’s dance studio wearing his daily outfit and doing some freestyle dance moves with b-boying and looks really flexible while doing the choreography he created for this tune.

Still the same as before, DKB’s Harry-June was also seen in the dance studio of Brave Entertainment recording his freestyle dance again. In this video, DKB’s Harry-June uses a song from DPR Live feat. CRUSH titled “Laputa”. It’s more or less the same as the previous video if you’ve watched it, DKB’s Harry-June shows his excellent dance skills and brings them in freestyle choreography.

On February 29th, 2020, DKB held their debut stage by attending KBS’s Music Bank and bringing “Sorry Mama” to this performance. DKB’s Harry-June looks very lively in the focus fancam uploaded by KBS’s Music Bank and also he appears with maximum performance when delivering “Sorry Mama” in this focus fancam. Not only that, but his outfit in this performance also looks very cool; he is wearing a bright yellow jacket as one of DKB’s Harry-June’s signature outfits of this performance. What do you think about DKB’s Harry-June’s focus fancams and dance performances?

DKB’s Harry-June’s Latest News

DKB held their latest comeback on March 30th, 2021, with “All In” as their newest single. In this comeback, DKB have a darker concept and the members are in all-black outfits, giving rise to the fierce vibes of DKB’s comeback this year with “All In”. You can also easily spot DKB’s Harry-June as the only member with green hair color in the comeback with “All In”. DKB really put their effort into this comeback and made their image stronger through “All In”.

Until this article is published, there are no other promotions or new singles that have been released after “All In” or any further activities. Some members are now busy uploading their latest content on social media, among which is a YouTube channel with vlogs, dance and song covers, and some of the newest selcas that are uploaded on their official Instagram account. Don’t forget to follow DKB’s official social media and find out more about their latest updates. Well, that was all the information about DKB’s Harry-June and all the details you should know about DKB’s youngest member. Let’s continue to give a lot of support and love to Harry-June and also DKB, so that his career in the future can shine even more. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting articles from Channel-Korea!

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