In this article, there is detailed information about one of the members of DKB who holds the position of dancer in the group. He has also participated in one of the popular idol programs, Dancing High, and is known for his excellent dancing skills even though he is still quite young. Without waiting any longer, let’s check out the detailed information about DKB’s Junseo: starting from his full profile, to his fun facts and the latest news about him, in this article below.

DKB’s Junseo’s Full Profile

Real Name: Hwang Jun-seo (Hangul: 황준서) Stage Name: Junseo (Hangul: 준서) Birthday: January 16th, 2001 Star Sign: Capricorn Height: 182 cm (6’0″) Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs) Shoe Size: 260 mm Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Family Members: Parents and a younger sister Education: Seoul Performing Arts High School (Department of Practical Dance/Graduation) Position in the group: Dancer, Rapper, Djing

DKB’s Junseo’s Fun Facts

DKB’s Junseo’s Visual

Visuals are one of the most important things in the South Korean industry. Not only that, but usually K-Pop idols also have their own standards in order to debut and, of course, steal the attention of many people when they are performing on stage. Let’s find out more about DKB’s Junseo’s visual, is he considered to be a K-Pop idol with a good appearance? Find out more in this section below. DKB’s Junseo is one of the members born in the early 2000s. He also has a visual that is certainly much younger than the other members. However, his visual can be said to still experience more changes because he is still young, which means puberty can still change his visual appearance in the future. Do you think DKB’s Junseo’s visual appears younger than the other idols in this photo? DKB’s Junseo also has a little resemblance to MONSTA X’s Shownu if we look at the picture above, right? One of the members who in 2020 just graduated from SOPA is certainly not a K-Pop idol with an ordinary background, but he is also talented with skills and talents that are increasingly improving when he prepares to debut with the group. His visual can also look a bit different with the fashion concept given to him in this casual outfit that makes him look somewhat more mature. It is undeniable that DKB’s Junseo can look cute and sweet at the same time. You can see the picture above when DKB’s Junseo poses with a v-finger pose and smiles at the camera. It looks like in this photo, he shows his charms of being one of the cutest members, but don’t get me wrong, despite being cute, DKB’s Junseo is one of the tallest members of the group despite his sweet appearance like this. His appearance also looks more mature when the stylist gives them a more mature outfit concept and he manages to give off a slightly more mature image for teenagers his age. DKB’s Junseo is also known as one of the members who always change hair color, and he also looks good in blonde hair like this. It all depends on the stylist who can make his appearance change every time and make his appearance more mature than before. DKB’s Junseo also wears makeup that matches his face shape. Judging from the selca he took, DKB’s Junseo looks like Kang Daniel, right? There is a resemblance of his visual in this selca, but still, it is believed that DKB’s Junseo has his own with his monolid eyes and plump lips. He also naturally has a high nose bridge which has become a standard for celebrities in South Korea. What do you think about DKB’s Junseo’s visual?

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