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DMTN’s Donglim’s Full Profile

Real Name: Lee Dong-lim (Hangul: 이동림) Stage Name: Donglim (Hangul: 동림) Birthday: April 1st, 1990 Star Sign: Aries Height: 178 cm Weight: 68 kg Blood Type: AB Position in the group: Vocalist, Visual Official sites:

Instagram (@leedongrim_official) YouTube channel (동림 DONGRIM) Twitter (@leedongrim)

DMTN’s Donglim’s Fun Facts

DMTN’s Donglim’s Visual

Are you familiar with DMTN’s Donglim’s visual? If not, let’s see some more information about DMTN’s Donglim’s visual in this section below to learn more about him. DMTN’s Donglim is a member who was born on April 1st, 1990. Despite being a K-Pop idol who is now over 30 years old, he is also a member who has a babyface. From the photo above, it is a photo where DMTN’s Donglim is undergoing promotion with the group and looks like they are attending a fan signing event. DMTN’s Donglim looks like he’s enjoying the moments while interacting with fans and also he looks like he has pretty long hair. The photo above was taken when DMTN’s Donglim was present at the KBS2 audition for The Unit and he seemed to be smiling at the camera that captured the picture. However, there was no further news from DMTN’s Donglim whether he qualified for the next round or not. DMTN’s Donglim was in charge of the position visual of the group and also the vocalist. The visuals of DMTN’s Donglim include being a member who looks fresh and also manly at the same time. He is also considered to be the sweetest member judging from his visual. DMTN’s Donglim was also one of the members with an appearance that was easy to spot when on stage. Especially, if it wasn’t with the blue hair color that made him stand out from the other members. He also looks very funny in the picture above where he drinks an energy drink that is the exact same color as his blue hair color. If DMTN members mostly look masculine and have big muscles, DMTN’s Donglim has a slimmer body proportion and visuals that look sweet and cute at the same time. You can take a look at the picture above; DMTN’s Donglim wears a hanbok: a piece of traditional Korean clothes, and he smiles very sweetly at the camera. No wonder he was chosen to be the visual of the group, because his image looks young and fresh, just like a kotminam (refers to a flower boy). DMTN’s Donglim is currently restarting his career as a solo artist after DMTN announced that the group is not active anymore since 2013 and decided to disband. He still uses his name, Donglim, as a solo artist and has released several songs since going solo. Although his career can be said to be stable, DMTN’s Donglim also looks like he is in his prime and young just like the days when he was promoting with DMTN. You can still recognize DMTN’s Donglim in his new picture above, right? What do you think about DMTN’s Donglim’s visual?

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