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American rapper Children: Praise Mary Ella Simmons, Xavier Simmons, Tocoma Simmons, Shawn Simmons, Sonovah Junior, Exodus Simmons Trending Born: December 18, 1970, Mount Vernon, New York, United States Died: April 9, 2021, White Plains Hospital, White Plains, New York, United States Albums: It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot WHO IS IT?: RAPPER OCCUPATION: RAPPER, RECORD PRODUCER, ACTOR REAL NAME: EARL SIMMONS NICK NAME: DMX AGE / HOW OLD?: DECEMBER 18, 1970 BIRTH SIGN: SAGITTARIUS PLACE OF BIRTH: MOUNT VERNON, NY HEIGHT IN 2020: 5 FT 11 IN OR 180 CM WEIGHT IN 2020: 81 KG OR 178.5 LBS NATIONALITY: AMERICAN RACE / ETHNICITY: BLACK DMX EDUCATION: HE WAS A STUDENT OF HIGH SCHOOL.

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DMX was a Christian, and stated that he read the Bible every day. While in jail, DMX stated that he had a purpose for being there: “I came here to meet somebody… Don’t know who it was, but I’ll know when I see him. And I came here to give him a message. And that message is Jesus loves them.” DMX was a transitional deacon in the Christian Church and aspired to become ordained as a pastor, stating that he received this call in 2009. In 2016, he gave a sermon at a church in Phoenix, Arizona. In April 2020, he held an online Bible study and asked people to accept Jesus as their lord and savior. DMX was the father of 15 children from 9 different women. He married his childhood friend Tashera Simmons in 1999 and they were married for 11 years. They had four children together: Xavier (born 1992), Tacoma (born 1999), Sean (born 2002), and Praise Mary Ella (born 2005). In July 2010, after his first of three incarcerations that year, Tashera announced their separation. They remained friends, although in 2016, Tashera accused DMX of missing his $10,000/month child support payment. DMX had extramarital affairs during his marriage to Tashera, some of which produced children. He had a daughter, Sasha (born 2002), with Patricia Trejo. In 2012, Trejo sued DMX for $1 million in unpaid child support. The case was settled in 2013. DMX and Monique Wayne, a Maryland resident, fought over her claim that he was the father of her son born in 2004. She sued him for defamation and for child support. After genetic testing proved that DMX was indeed the father, in January 2008, DMX was ordered to pay Wayne $1.5 million, but a judge vacated the judgment in May 2008. DMX also fathered a child in 2008 and fathered two children with ex-girlfriend Yadira Borrego. In 2009, his daughter Sonovah Junior was born. In 2011, his daughter Aaliyah, named after his close friend, Aaliyah, was born. His fifteenth child, Exodus Simmons, was born to his fiancée, Desiree Lindstrom, on August 16, 2016. DMX earned $2.3 million from his songs between 2010 and 2015. He also filed for bankruptcy three times. His first filing was on July 30, 2013, citing his child support obligations as his priority claim. The filing was challenged by the United States Trustee Program and was dismissed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan on November 11, 2013. Also a recording artist on Def Jam Music label along with Foxy Brown Has two sons named Xavier & Tocoma DMX stands for Dark Man Extreme. Formed music label Ruff Ryders. Has tattoo on his back of his dog killed by a motorist and the words ONE LOVE BOOMER. Known for his barking and growling while rapping. Formed rap group Ruff Ryders consisting of Eve, Drag-On, The Lox, Swizz Beatz, Parle. He released a song titled “Born Loser” in 1993 on Columbia Records Has two half-sisters (on his mother’s side) and a younger half-brother who died at birth. He also has two half-brothers on his father’s side. Has his own clothing line called Bloodline. Announced that he’s retiring from the music business so he can focus more on church and his family. [2003] Lived in Yonkers, New York The only artist in Soundscan history to have his first four albums debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts. The first three of his CDs debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts and each has gone at least triple platinum. His sixth album, “Grand Champ”, was a #1 debut on the Billboard Pop Charts. Is one of the best selling hip-hop artists of all time. His first four albums have each gone at least triple platinum in the US alone, and his CD “Grand Champ” went platinum. Estranged father was a street artist. Has a religion-related skit on each of his CDs. When he was a child his family belonged to the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious group. His wife Tashera Simmons lived above him in his apartment complex when he was young. He did not know this until he met her at a club. Loved to play with “green army men” toys and watch Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live (1975). Was briefly on his high school’s track team. Was hit by a drunk driver when he was a little kid. Was often sick as a child. Wrote an autobiography titled “E.A.R.L.: Ever Always Real Life.” Wrote his first rhymes while spending time in jail. He and his wife Tashera Simmons, welcomed a baby girl named Praise Mary Ella Simmons on 18th April 2005. They also have a son called Shawn. Battled rapper Jay-Z in a rap battle which was determined to be a draw. He later stated in an interview that the battle taught him that his style of rapping was not always the best. Sixth best selling rapper of all time. Founded Bloodline Records in New York City in 2000. Has sold more then 15 million records in the United States. Has a scar on his left wrist from a fan trying to rip his watch off. Is the only artist ever to have two albums debut at #1on the Billboard top one-hundred chart in the same year. His third album “… And Then There Was X” sold over 600,000 copies in its first week. His second album “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” sold over 670,000 copies in its first week. His sixth album, ‘Year of the Dog…Again’, debuted at #1 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and at #2 on The Billboard 200 at the end of its first week of release. Lives in Cave Creek, Arizona. Like Busta Rhymes, he is known for his high-energy, stylized flow of rapping. Left Def Jam Records (the label he’s been signed to throughout his entire career) and signed a new three-album deal with Sony Records. Released the first single from his upcoming album ‘Year Of The Dog…Again’ called “Lord, Give Me A Sign”. He was the son of mother Arnett Simmons and father Joe Barker.

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