After making a comeback with the album More & More four months ago, JYP Entertainment again confirmed that Twice would be making a comeback. Twice returned with a full album titled Eyes Wide Open which was released on October 26, 2020. This album is Twice’s second full album after the Twicetagram album. Eyes Wide Open consists of 13 songs with the title track “I Can’t Stop Me.” Five Twice members participated in writing the lyrics for their first album with this retro concept. One of the members who participated in writing the lyrics for one of the songs on this album is Minatozaki Sana. Sana wrote the lyrics for a song called “Do What We Like.”

Story of “Do What We Like”: Has Very Artful Lyrics

Sana wrote very beautiful and artful lyrics for the song “Do What We Like.” This song uses a lot of words that can make us imagine what Sana wants to convey through the lyrics of the song. “Do What We Like” is a song about the difficulties that everyone must face. However, everyone also has people they consider very important in their life. And, with the people we love, all difficulties and challenges can be overcome. This is clearly illustrated in the lyrics of the bridge part of the song sung by Nayeon, “There will be no regrets, say you won’t let me go, I won’t let you go, and we do what we like.”

Background of “Do What We Like”

“Do What We Like” is the fourth track on Twice’s second full album, Eyes Wide Open. This song is a retro-inspired dance track featuring electronic elements. “Do What We Like” lyrics were written entirely by Twice’s sub-vocalist, Minatozaki Sana. “Do What We Like” was composed by Rod Radwagon, Grace Barker, and Josh Record. And, this song was produced by Rod Radwagon and Jarly.

Sana’s First Experience Writing Full Lyrics

Twice members always contribute to the process of making their albums, such as writing lyrics for their songs. However, Sana got the opportunity to write the full lyrics for the song “Do What We Like,” the fourth track on their retro album Eyes Wide Open. And, this is the first time for Sana to solo write the lyrics for their album. Sana expressed her opinion when she first heard the “Do What We Like” demo. She also shared stories about how she felt during the lyric writing process in a video titled “Twice’s Album Commentary ‘Eyes Wide Open’” on their YouTube channel. “When I heard this song, I thought of the deep sea. Like something I’d hear deep inside the ocean? That was the feeling I initially had. But, when I heard the final version, it changed again.” Jihyo also added that she likes the final version of “Do What We Like.” The Twice leader said the fourth track sounded perky. Nayeon also gave her opinion about the song that Sana wrote. Nayeon shared a funny feeling when she heard the lyrics in the “Do What We Like” verse. “When I first heard the lyrics ‘my ears and nose get clogged in the water,’ it reminded me of that feeling. People with rhinitis struggling underwater, you know? It’s really hard. When I first heard this song, I kept thinking about that.”

Sana Received Lots of Compliments

With the song “Do What We Like,” Sana got a lot of praise from Once and also non-fans. They admire Sana’s talent in writing lyrics. Sana is Japanese, and writing lyrics in Korean is not an easy thing to do for people who weren’t born and raised in Korea. Once, Twice’s fandom, are very proud of Sana’s newfound abilities. And, fans can’t wait for Sana’s next masterpiece. Sana is a really great lyricist!

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