Since 2017, BIGBANG has stopped promoting together as a group since the members have entered the military service one by one, and the group was on hiatus until the members have finally returned from the military. In this article, we’re going to check out what kind of prediction have been made about what BIGBANG will going through after they return in entertainment industry. Will they be okay and continue their career as a group, or will things change in the future? Let’s scroll down and find out in this article below!

After 5 Years, They Will Come Back With Four Members

It all started when BIGBANG tried to predict their future in a session from the ‘BIGBANG’s 2017 Welcoming Collection DVD’. The five members were sitting next to each other and Seungri, who was in the center, began the session to speculate about how the group will be in five years. Every member has their own part to share their thoughts about their future with fans, and they were also joking about how they would be five years later from 2017. Although they would separate for a while since they have to do the enlistment for military service, BIGBANG shared their thoughts with the concept of time capsule, and their hopes for each other through this documentary as a special gift for their fans to commemorate their friendship. Going into their hiatus, no one knew how many things would happen with them. Their fans were surprised beyond their expectations about the things the members would have to go through before they could get reunited again. Through this documentary, the men in the group were also joking about their reunion in the future, saying that BIGBANG only had four members because Seungri didn’t work together with them anymore. Their jokes become an instant prediction when the scandal that was caused by Seungri become such a hot topic in South Korea. Let’s check out more of their predictions for the future and the actual news that happened with them in the section below.

G-Dragon’s Wedding

After the marriage of BIGBANG’s Taeyang, the members predicted that the next member who will be a married man would be G-Dragon. The leader of BIGBANG was getting congratulated by the maknae, Seungri, who said that he’ll come back in 2022 as a married man and have a son. Instead of G-Dragon’s wedding, Kwon Dami, G-Dragon’s older sister, has just married her boyfriend, actor Ki Min-joon, on October 11, 2019, in a private ceremony in Seoul, South Korea. G-Dragon is currently known to be undergoing military service. Although there are only a few days left, G-Dragon still has to carry out his duties as an active soldier. In between, he took the time to come to his sister’s wedding. This important moment is certainly one G-Dragon didn’t want to miss, so took the time to be present in the midst of his mandatory military service. He looks handsome in a dark gray suit, a polka-dotted tie, and red fur accents in his pocket. Meanwhile, G-Dragon also celebrated his older sister’s wedding by expressing his happiness through his social media accounts. He shared photos of Kwon Dami in a beautiful wedding dress, and portraits of the two families and the bride at the aisle. “I will be discharged from the military and I’m 34 years old in 2021.” He said as he wrote the letter during ‘BIGBANG’s 2017 Welcoming Collection DVD’. The letter was written,, “Jiyong, congrats on your wedding. Your wife and baby are so lovely. Dear 34-year-old Jiyong in 2021, I wish you good health and be always filled with happiness as now. I love you.” The letter was very touching, as we knew that G-Dragon isn’t that young anymore and he really thought 2021 will be the perfect year for him to get married. For the V.I.P, G-Dragon wrote a letter that he wishes a happy and healthy future for all of his fans and he also mentioned there would be only four of them in BIGBANG in the future.

Seungri Asked Taeyang & TOP For Help

During the jokes between each other, Seungri got teased by the other members since they kept calling Taeyang and T.O.P without any specific reason. The members were spilling the tea about Seungri asking them for help because he needed some money. T.O.P said that he never picks the call from Seungri because he knew that Seungri wanted to get something from him. During BIGBANG’s appearance on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, they also revealed how Seungri became a problematic person and didn’t get well with other members. “When the five of us meet and drink, Seungri goes, “This is how you make money,” he only talks about money. He and I are complete opposites. I don’t care about the business. Since Seungri runs a variety of business, I get very worried as an older member.” Taeyang continued, “T.O.P doesn’t like to think about how to make money. However, Seungri likes to run a business. T.O.P is only worried because he had lost a lot of money in the past. Whenever T.O.P gets drunk, he tells Seungri not to be materialistic.” T.O.P also revealed that Seungri has many good friends, and some of his friends that T.O.P saw at the concert made him worried, “I get the feeling that some of them are by his side not because they like him, but because they like his title. The fact that Seungri plans to work with them worries me. I listened to him and said, “Seungri, we weren’t like this in the past. Until when do we need to talk about money? We meet with passion for music. We should talk more about the future. It seems like you only talk about money these days.” That’s how I nag about him.” After hearing the comments from T.O.P, Daesung and Taeyang went on to say that whenever they wanted to eat together, Seungri wasn’t there since he had other friends. In the ‘BIGBANG’s 2017 Welcoming Collection DVD’, Taeyang also wrote the same letter that will be put inside the box as a time capsule. The vocalist from BIGBANG drew a tree with the member’s name on it and he said that he’ll always be a tree that stays at the same place. “After 10 years, which is now, we have become a sturdy tree. Thanks to your love and support, so I drew this tree to depict ourselves as a big strong tree that will abe always with you even after 5 years.” He said after put the letter inside the box. “Although we five won’t be together in 2017, we will do our best as each one of us and as BIGBANG this year. I wish we could make more memories ad have happy moments with you.”

Daesung’s Plastic Surgery

Through this documentary, BIGBANG’s Daesung wrote messages to himself and V.I.P [BIGBANG’s fandom name] for five years in the future. He said that the idea of writing lettes came out immediately, and he also drew hands held together to remind himself and his fans through the journey and described their relationship as it willbe in five years. Besides writing a letter with the drawing of his hands, BIGBANG’s Daesung also prepared a box and wrote V.I.P in the front. The box will be opened after five years, as the message has beenpout inside to remind his fans of the old days in 2017. Meanwhile, the five members were sitting together and joking around about their future in 2022. Seungri teased Daesung that he would have plastic surgery on his eyes, but there was no different result between the plastic surgery he does in the future. Instead of plastic surgery, Daesung, who was in the military service, has a controversy about a building he owns in Gangnam. The building has been reported to be housing fivel illegal businesses, and Daesung as the owner wasn’t responsible. The controversy was started since the business began operations in 2005 and the owner, Daesung, hasn’t anything to do with the illegal business. The representative from the real estate company has revealed that Daesung is only a building owner and they would terminate the contracts between the building and tenants if they run illegal entertainment activities. The public, who knew the news with regard to Daesung’s building in Gangnam, was hoping that he needed to be responsible for it.

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