One of the K-Pop duos whose fame is very well known throughout the world, Akdong Musician or abbreviated as AKMU, has not yet appeared or just told fans about their comeback in 2020. Why is that? AKMU’s Chanyuk recently finished his mandatory military service and he has even returned to actively appearing on several variety shows with AKMU’s Suhyun to just sing and do talk shows on certain TV programs. As AKMU fans, are you looking forward to their comeback? Well, let’s see the information and find out more about AKMU’s latest news and how they have been preparing for their comebacks in 2020? Just scroll down the article below to find out the full news!

AKMU drops a hint about leaving YG Entertainment

In July 2020, AKMU’s Chanhyuk hinted at future plans regarding his music career when appearing on Lee Hi’s new vlog. He gave a hint that he would not renew his contract with YG Entertainment. In the video, Lee Hi and Chanhyuk chat about JTBC’s Begin Again. Chanhyuk expressed interest in which agency Lee Hi would join following her departure from YG Entertainment.

After her contract with YG ended last year, Lee Hi has worked without an agency. In response, Lee Hi asked back, “Which agency do you think I should go to?” That’s when Chanhyuk hinted that he wanted to start his own agency after his contract with YG ended and sign Lee Hi. “I want you to wait a little longer until I start my own agency. I want you to join me,” he said. Lee Hi then made fans even more curious by adding, “He’s been talking about this for 2 years now. You always had these dreams, but it was through me.” Regarding Lee Hi’s career in music, Chanhyuk even stated, “What I want for you is musical freedom.” Chanhyuk’s contract with YG will end in April 2021. Netizens give their full support if they decide to leave and set up their own agency. “Why does AKMU need YG? If I was him, I would also like to leave YG,” commented netizens. “Wow, I really support his decision to leave YG. AKMU is already successful, they don’t even need support from big companies anymore. I think they will do well even if they leave YG,” added another netizen. “All my favorite artists have left YG, except AKMU. I can’t wait until they leave YG. I’m sure they will be successful if they leave YG!” said another. “Honestly, AKMU will do much better if they leave YG. YG is just wasting their talents,” concluded another.

AKMU celebrate their 6th anniversary

April 7th, 2020, marks AKMU’s 6th anniversary from debut. The two siblings share photos from the gathering they celebrated. Chanhyuk shared a series of photos from the moments. IU and Red Velvet’s Yeri expressed their support for the group in comments when IU wrote about Chanhyuk’s photo, “You look like someone who looks very trustworthy in this [first] photo,” and Red Velvet’s Yeri wrote, “Soohyun is so cute.”   Soohyun also shared photos from the event and wrote, “6th debut anniversary, I’m always thankful,” in the caption of the photo uploaded to her personal Instagram account.

A post shared by 이수현 (@akmu_suhyun) on Apr 6, 2020 at 10:41am PDT Many fans have written a lot of support for every work and music that AKMU has been working on from their debut until now. Even though the brother and sister are still quite young, they are able to prove that they have successfully shown their future musicians to the public and they also deserve a lot of praise for the achievements of each of their hard work in the entertainment industry.

AKMU’s Chanhyuk wants to start his own agency

The agency is a home as well as a place that produces a lot of popular artists. There are many lessons and training provided by the agency before they officially debut their artists. However, it is not uncommon for artists from South Korea to finally choose to establish their own agency. Naturally, many South Korean singers or idols choose to set up their own agencies, including AKMU’s Chanhyuk who has similar desires. For example, Zico and Kang Daniel, who now stand under the banner of their own agencies. That desire also seems to be shared by Chanhyuk from Akdong Musician aka AKMU. Recently, he appeared on the YouTube content titled “#HOLO” by Lee Hi. There, they talked about many things. Chanhyuk appeared as a guest and spoke lightly with Lee Hi. During the conversation, Lee Hi then asked which company Chanhyuk would like to visit. Surprisingly, Chanhyuk gave the hint that he would not renew the contract with YG Entertainment, the agency that currently oversees AKMU. In the 6-minute long vlog, Lee Hi and AKMU’s Chanhyuk talked about many things including the topic of conversation when Chanhyuk talked that he wanted to set up his own agency to be able to gain musical freedom and also wanted to invite Lee Hi to join him in the agency, later after it was confirmed that his contract with YG Entertainment ended.

In June 2020, AKMU’s Soohyun joined a collaboration with Bang Yedam to sing a duet version of WAYO. For a long time without certainty, YG Entertainment as the agency of TREASURE finally announced the official schedule for the boy group’s debut. Although the exact date has not been announced, fans have been greeted by a solo song by one of the members, Bang Yedam. The boy group was scheduled to debut in July. But before officially debuting, one of its members, Bang Yedam, first greeted fans through his solo single project titled WAYO. Lee Soohyun uploaded the cover video to her YouTube channel and she shared in the description that they are meeting again for the first time in seven years. The two artists appeared on K-Pop Star 2 from 2012 to 2013, with AKMU winning No.1 and Bang Yedam as the runner-up, and the two of them are now finally under YG Entertainment.

“I think it has a different feel from the original, because we sang it as a female-male duet, and we met for the first time in a very long time and sang together, and it felt very different from the past, and I also felt like Yedam grew up. Very well, after all, what I mean is, it’s really great!!!” Soohyun said in the description. “Please listen to Yedam’s WAYO debut song a lot, which he prepared with so much devotion. Also, please listen to the many versions of the duet he sang with me,” she continued. WAYO was written by Yedam’s senior, WINNER’s Kang Seung-yoon and AKMU’s Chanhyuk. YG Entertainment clarified that it was because Bang Yedam had prepared for his solo project long before TREASURE was formed that he had to release it. This solo release is intended as a surprise gift for fans before TREASURE’s official debut. Unfortunately, even though he has officially made his solo debut, this single will not be promoted by Bang Yedam on music shows. These are all of the latest news and comeback information of AKMU that are scheduled to take place around the end of 2020. Although there will be bad news because AKMU will later leave YG Entertainment when their contract expires in mid-2021 until now there has been no further news about it and even the agency hasn’t released an official statement regarding the issue yet. The good news is that we will soon be greeted by AKMU’s comeback at the end of this year with a comeback schedule that will take place by releasing three new songs at once!

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