SEMINA’s Boing394’s Vlog

On Gugudan’s official YouTube channel, they uploaded a vlog from Gugudan’s SEMINA with the name “SEMINA Boing 394” on July 25, 2018. The vlog has three episodes with a duration of about 16-20 minutes each. In the vlog, SEMINA shares their activities such as before and after their debut day and a music video-making process in the first episode. As in the video above, SEMINA shares the process of making a music video which was carried out on one of Indonesia’s islands, Bali. The music video filming took place at five places in Bali: Denpasar Frock’s Cafe, Denpasar RedCar Auto Detailing, Lite by #911ccs, Sol Beach House Bali Benoa All Inclusive, and Tanjung Benoa Beach. While filming in a pool, that day coincided with Nayoung’s birthday. Mina said that everyone wore Nayoung’s favorite color pink. They filmed on a sunny day so they used a lot of sunscreen they had to go buy there. They don’t seem like they are working, but they feel like they’re on vacation because they look really happy. Moreover, they visited several places such as Tanjung Benoa beach which is located near the resort. They have a picnic near the beach amidst the beach breeze and green grass that looks pretty. All SEMINA’s members enjoyed filming their music video and were cheerful and always smiling. Even when they wore tennis outfits, Nayoung and Sejeong while waiting for Mina to film were cheering for her and praising her. They then made a song about themselves.

Music Video and Dance Practice

Gugudan’s SEMINA debuted by releasing their first single/EP with the same name as their sub-unit’s name, SEMINA. They released it with the main track “SEMINA (샘이나)” on July 10, 2018. The music video they released coincided with their debut with a colorful summer concept and super funky looks. In the music video, they look beautiful, cute, sexy, and fierce at the same time with vivid outfits that represent summer colors such as red, yellow, green, pink, and blue. The location of the music video also coincided with the summer concept with sunny weather, a beach, pool, and cafe that has shabby chic style furniture. Their song also sounds catchy and energetic while coupled with their melodious harmonization and incredible vocals! If you haven’t watched the music video, you can watch it below!

Besides that, their dance choreography is very energetic and simple. In order to be imitated, SEMINA uploaded their dance practice video. Sejeong, Mina, and Nayoung recorded in a special practice room, and they danced in front of a wide mirror so they could be evaluated if there were mistakes. In addition, they trained to perform in front of many people so that they can look compact, neat, and in sync with each other. If you want to follow the dance of their first single “SEMINA”, you can learn it by watching their dance practice video below!

Gugudan’s SEMINA’s Stage Performance

Gugudan’s SEMINA held their first debut stage by appearing on Music Core on MBC. They wore outfits similar to their music video, and the background was brightly colored like summer. They performed with some backup dancers in white mini-dresses. Nayoung wore pink clothes, Mina wore a plaid pink mini-dress, and Sejeong wore a white mini-dress with a black hat. They sang and danced very confidently and showed bright smiles. Here is their debut stage performance on MBC’s Music Core!

On July 10th, the YouTube channel “TongTong TV” uploaded their performance from a showcase. All of the members wore different outfits. Mina wore a colorful tank top, Sejeong wore a cherry mini-dress and pink hat, and Nayoung wore her favorite color, pink. Their appearance on the showcase looks amazing, and they didn’t miss a single movement. It can be seen that they took their debut as a sub-unit of Gugudan seriously!

  The last video is their performance on the variety show Weekly Idol. In the segment, SEMINA performed their debut song without the backup dancers. They danced and sang live and showed that they’re idols who have amazing talents, voices, and good visuals. Mina’s rap part is also really cute and has swag! Here is the video!

Gugudan’s SEMINA’s Interview

ARIRANG K-Pop once interviewed Gugudan’s SEMINA on the program Pop in Seoul. In the interview which lasted more than 5 minutes, they were asked many questions. The first question they were asked was about their single “SEMINA.” Mina answered the question by saying: ”’SEMINA’ is a song in the blues style, but we reinterpreted the music to suit the latest trends, and we worked very hard on it to present the song and performance in our own style.” In the next question, they were asked about what prompted them to form the sub-unit. Sejeong answered the question and explained that they had been together for a long time after becoming Produce 101 trainees and debuting in Gugudan. She also added: “For those who miss the three of us together, we work hard to show our new and improved side and returned to you with an album called SEMINA.” Nayoung also said that the sub-unit is very different, and all fans will see something new from them. The members also admitted that they envy each other. Nayoung is jealous of Mina because she’s very cute even when not trying while she and Sejeong must make efforts to do aegyo. Then, Mina said that she wants to be like Sejeong who has strength even when the choreography is complicated. Meanwhile, Sejeong felt envious of Nayoung and said: “First, she eats everything she wants to eat, but she’s doesn’t gain weight because she doesn’t have a big appetite. So, she gets to eat what she wants to eat. I’m envious of that.”

Gugudan’s SEMINA’s Future Comeback

After debuting in 2018 with their first single album SEMINA that contains the songs “SEMINA,” “Ruby Heart,” and an instrumental, it seems that the sub-unit hasn’t shown anything about a new comeback or new song releases. Currently, Gugudan’s members are busy with their personal schedules, and the agency hasn’t provided any information about Gugudan’s comeback or Gugudan’s SEMINA’s schedules. Even so, the sub-unit is quite successful and is able to hypnotize people with their talents and skills in both vocals and rap. Fans really miss the three former Produce 101 trainees of SEMINA. However, it’s quite impossible to hope for their comeback because Gugudan has officially disbanded. The members of Gugudan’s SEMINA also started their solo careers. Sejeong and Mina played in several dramas such as I Wanna Hear Your Song and Hotel Del Luna.  Even so, for their fans, don’t feel sad anymore. One of Gugudan’s SEMINA’s members, Sejeong, just released her solo single entitled “Whale” which she released on August 17, 2020. Just over a week after the release of her solo single, Sejeong celebrated her birthday on August 28th! It seems that what fans hope for from the sub-unit won’t come true at this time. But, there’s nothing wrong with supporting the members individually or as a group!   That’s all about Gugudan’s sub-unit SEMINA. After reading this article, do you miss them even more? If so, share your feelings in the comment section!

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