In pursuing a career as a K-Pop group in the entertainment industry, SPEED had to face many challenges in order for them to overcome them and survive as a group. It’s not easy to compete against other musicians, finally, they decided to disband and have not continued their career in the entertainment industry since 2015. However, SPEED have received recognition as a K-Pop group and even won awards in 2013. SPEED are also one of the boy groups that were active in releasing music videos and songs to promote. Do you miss SPEED? If yes, let’s check out the detailed rundown in this article below for further information about SPEED’s music videos and their performances during their promotion eras!

Music Videos & Dance Practices

On February 13th, 2012, SPEED released their initial music video with a remake version of a song that was once popularized by T-ARA, which is “Lovey Dovey”. The title made by SPEED is “Lovey Dovey Plus Ver.1” with a remix version that also has a black and white nuance. There, they sing with lyrics that have been modified from the original version and have been changed in the original rap part. In the “Lovey Dovey Plus Ver.1” music video, a former member of T-ARA, Hwayoung and her twin from 5doll’s Hyoyoung, appeared in most scenes. The members of SPEED danced together with dance moves that were quite similar to Michael Jackson’s dance moves in “Billie Jean”. The outfit they wore also seemed like they were making a remake version of the legendary King of Pop.

On the same day, SPEED released the “Lovey Dovey Plus Ver.2” music video, which was the same as before. It’s just that the concept of this music video looks like the former member of T-ARA, Hwayoung and her twin from 5doll’s Hyoyoung, and SPEED members with a camera version taking close-ups of their faces. The black and white nuances and the same outfit as the previous music video also haven’t changed, it seems simple and mysterious but still displays the cool side of the remix version concept from “Lovey Dovey” delivered by SPEED.

On January 7th, 2013, SPEED released two music videos with drama versions which have a very touching story with the deep messageс of the music videoс. For the title song “That’s My Fault” (Hangul: 슬픈 약속) (Drama Ver.), well-known actresses and actors with excellent careers appear in the music video. The background is told in the 1980s and tells about the mass demonstration of the democratic movement in Gwangju. Two actors at the beginning of the scene play the lead roles, which are Ha Seok-jin and Ji Chang-wook, who are actually enemies with each other. The scene in the music video shows them fighting on the school bus, you can see the female lead role, which is actress Park Bo-young, and it turns out that Ji Chang-wook saw the woman and he fell in love with her at first sight. Because Park Bo-young was bullied by several male students on the bus, she decided to get off in the middle of the road and was followed by Ji Chang-wook. Gradually, the two of them got to know each other in the midst of a war situation in the city. There is a scene where the two of them run from the army while holding hands and Park Bo-young is protected by Ji Chang-wook and he escorts her home. In the midst of this precarious situation, their love story is still ongoing and they have time to go on a date together. However, they had to deal with soldiers passing by on the side of the road and the scene of chasing each other returned. Then, there is a scene where Ji Chang-wook and Ha Seok-jin are leaders of the democracy movement while carrying baseball bats. The two of them with their entourage faced the soldiers who were watching the city. Ji Chang-wook and Ha Seok-jin’s squad, which had no weapons, were immediately defeated by the soldiers who shot them. At that moment, Ji Chang-wook was seen crying over Ha Seok-jin who died beside him. It’s not over there, the music video also has another version, titled “That’s My Fault” (Hangul: 슬픈 약속) (Dance Ver.), and shows a female singer, Davichi’s Kang Minkyung with a very beautiful charm appearing in the music video. “That’s My Fault” (Hangul: 슬픈 약속) (Dance Ver.) has another version showing SPEED members dancing in a studio with a scene from the drama version showing the story of the previous drama. Davichi’s Kang Minkyung’s melodious voice fits perfectly with the song that has a medium beat.

Then, the music video will continue and the scene that was previously shown will continue in the next music video, titled “It’s Over” (Drama Ver.). The tragic event that Ha Seok-jin had to experience finally will continue in this music video. Ha Seok-jin’s body was surrounded by relatives and people in the city, then A-Pink’s Naeun appeared as Ha Seokjin’s lover and she could be seen crying while hugging the body. The situation in the city after the war between the army and the people was enough to make the people there scared because they could be surrounded and shot for no apparent reason, like the previous thing that happened to Ha Seok-jin. Then, Ji Chang-wook had a very touching scene standing on the bus while holding a trumpet, one of the musical instruments he owned and treasured a lot. In the middle of a chaotic city, he stood facing the soldiers in front of him while blowing the trumpet where the people came to face the soldiers. Then you see the military head who is also watching Ji Chang-wook on the bus. It turned out that the soldiers shot at the unarmed crowd who were there. The incident had many victims, including Ji Chang-wook, who was initially shot in the hand, but ended up receiving repeated shots until a bullet shot him right in his heart. Until, in the middle of the scene from the music video, Ji Chang-wook died sitting up. Meanwhile, Park Bo-young came in the midst of the chaos, where everyone was saving themselves from the tragedy, but she came to Ji Chang-wook and cried loudly while hugging the body of her lover was lifeless. The scene ends when the two adult women today come to a funeral grounds. In this scene, the two women are Park Bo-young and A-Pink’s Naeun who are still living in an era that has found peace. Meanwhile, they came to the cemetery to commemorate the services of Ji Chang-wook and Ha Seok-jin who died because of the terrible tragedy in Gwangju a few years ago which is certainly a history for South Korea and will not be forgotten by the people there.

Beside that, SPEED also uploaded “It’s Over” (Dance Vers.) in a version showing the members in a studio set performing the choreography with LED accessories in their hands. The same song is delivered with this drama version which looks a bit ‘cheerful’ compared to before because, in the drama version, fans see the tragic story played by actors and actresses. The difference here is that fans can see the futuristic performance of SPEED with the appearance of Park Bo-young who makes an appearance in the middle of the scene of the dance version. The fun fact about the two sequels of the music video “That’s My Fault” and “It’s Over” drama version is that the shooting of the music video itself started on December 15th, 2013, and last for two days with director Cha Eun-taek and a special appearance of Kim Young-ho.

On January 22nd, 2013, SPEED released a single again with cheerful strains. When viewed from the music video, this is a sequel to “That’s My Fault” and “It’s Over” showing a scene from the two previous music videos. Like the title of the song, SPEED wants to convey a message that the tragedy that took place in Gwangju in 1980, where the massacre of students really happened, should not be simply forgotten by the community. The music video, which has a duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds, conveys a profound message about how tragic this was and there were many victims of events that occurred in the past. The music video also shows some behind-the-scene photos of the filming process with the crew as well as actors and actresses.

On February 20th, 2013, SPEED released their new comeback single with the title “Pain The Love Heart” (Hangul: 통증). Unlike the previous music video or song concept, this time SPEED started their comeback with something fresh. They are seen with the concept of Hip-Hop and RnB like other boy groups used in their comebacks. The members also performed cool choreography in this music video and did several scenes where they had to cry making for a great performance.

On February 17th, 2014, SPEED released the music video for their comeback single “Why I’m Not” (Hangul: 왜 난 꼭). You can see in the music video, the members are very cool with a female model playing the role of a girlfriend who just wants to leave her boyfriend. With the background music video on the street, the members of SPEED are seen walking around and following the woman everywhere. With serious faces, they all act really coolly in the music video.

On February 17th, 2014, SPEED released a music video titled “Don’t Tease Me!” (Hangul: 놀리 러 간다!) showing the footage of their performance in front of fans. With a circus-like outfit, SPEED members look very playful when performing this song. They show another side of SPEED which can present a variety of different genres, such as ballad, Hip-Hop, RnB, and many more.

On March 26th, 2014, SPEED released a dance practice video for “Don’t Tease Me!” (Hangul: 놀리 러 간다!) showing details of their energetic dance moves. In the video, SPEED members look very playful and energetic in performing the dance from “Don’t Tease Me!” (Hangul: 놀리 러 간다!) while doing the exercise at an indoor basketball hall.

On March 18th, 2014, SPEED released the music video for “Zombie Party” (Hangul: 좀비 파티) with a very new concept and feel from before. There is a scene that is being played by the members who one by one enter the abandoned place and do the choreography for “Zombie Party” in the building. Like the horror and thriller Halloween concept, the members performed zombie-like dance moves in the music video with a song that has a medium beat tempo.

On March 27th, 2014, SPEED released a dance practice video for “Zombie Party” which was held at their agency’s dance studio. With their energetic choreography, they are seen synchronizing with each other while practicing in the studio with the appearance of several back dancers at the beginning and middle of their performance.

On April 3rd, 2014, SPEED released the music video for their comeback during that era with a song titled “Look At Me Now”. The members of SPEED are seen wearing all-black outfits from head to toe. In the background of the music video, they can be seen undergoing the filming process in a large, arid land without any buildings. It looks simple with a camera that focuses on the members from all directions, making this music video prioritizing cinematography and also focusing on the dance moves of this song.

On April 7th, 2014, SPEED released the dance practice of “Look At Me Now” and showed the members practicing the choreography of the song at their agency’s dance studio. They appear with casual outfits that idols usually wear when they are off-schedule, they also seem to be in sync with the backup dancers who also attend the dance practice with them in the video.

On June 1st, 2015, SPEED showed their new concept when releasing the “What’s U” music video. The members also look much younger than their age and at the beginning of the music video, they are in an outdoor scene with a clear sky background. Then, the scene changes when a member enters the house where a woman is sleeping in her room. What’s interesting in this music video is that the members wear shoes with wheels on the back, making it easier for them to do unconventional choreography such as sliding.

On June 11th, 2015, SPEED uploaded the dance practice of “What U”. The members were seen wearing white t-shirts and jeans which made them look casual. In the dance practice video, we can see in more detail their unique choreography in that era. With the shoes designed with wheels behind them, the members seemed to dance effortlessly while sliding from side to side making their performance really fun.

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