G-Dragon or people called him GD is a popular idol and multi-talented artist who became fashion trendsetter in South Korea and even in Asia. All about his fashion, hairstyle, and makeup style, success attracted many people’s eyes. So, in this article, Channel Korea will tell you more about G-Dragon ‘s Makeup Looks and G-Dragon’s Badass Look Without Makeup.

G-Dragon’s Makeup Looks

G-Dragon or GD is the leader of the influential South Korean boy band Big Bang. This YG Entertainment artist is recognized as a fashion role model in Korea Entertainment. GD’s fashion-forward concept followed by many artists in his region, including Asia. His sensitivity to color trends and fashion style established his fashion style, and make-up looks different from others and outstanding. The key point of GD’s make-up looks is his eye. This male singer is famous for his abnormal eye make-up that is striking and unique. G-Dragon understands how to paint his eyes with extreme, and brave eye make-up looks.

G-Dragon’s Makeup in “Crooked”

The make-up concept for GD’s “Crooked” music video is flawless and playful. Smoky eyes make-up and small cross tattoo under his left eyes ties together his whole looks. His brown eyebrow matches well with smoky eyes make-up—images of wings drawn eye make-up showing a sharp look like a hawk head.

This make-up fits so well with GD’s white hair, and his outstanding looks matching a whole music video concept.

G-Dragon’s Makeup in “Fantastic Baby”

Fantastic Baby became a phenomenal song of Big Bang. Music Video concept, which shows off every member style and make-up look success, attracted the citizen attention, especially the G-Dragon concept.

GD’s very long hair and gradation, with a robust red burning and orange contrast, with messy, smoky eye make-up. His make-up lips is also outstanding with black and white pale colors. This make-up looks like a balance with eagle and hip hop concept in GD whole look.

G-Dragon’s Makeup in “Crayon”

In “Crayon” music video, GD showing off his swag and slay side image. However, his heavy natural make-up describes the perfect match between the music video concept and make-up look.

The point of his make-up in this music video is his eyes and cheek. His innocence and swag that he put on, the make-up that fits so perfectly with the song concept. All of the make-up look points is sharp eyes and smooth eyebrow that make GD facial looks innocent and playful at the same time.

G-Dragon’s Makeup Looks in Concerts

GD has a handsome and pretty face with healthy skin. His exotic color skin is suitable with every make-up that he put on. In his concert, his make-up artist are making so much effort for his make-up look regardless of the concert theme. However, GD’s natural, heavy, smoky, flawless, and slay make-up is always perfect with his image. It looks like any cosmetic brand and color will blend perfectly with GD skin tone. He look fierce with heavy make-up and smoky eyes. Meanwhile, he look so innocent with natural and flawless make-up. Every touch of make-up that he put on his face look so trendy and different. It looks like the make-up concept is specially made for G-Dragon.

G-Dragon’s No Makeup Looks

The different face looks with make-up and without make-up made GD bare face seem more manly without cosmetic touch. His exotic skin color made him more gentle. Although, he was seen as innocent and fierce with make-up, especially with his smoky eyes make-up. Without make-up, GD looks brave with himself. He does not seem conscious like when he wears make-up—this man has confidence in himself and his fashion lifestyle. This made him more charming, cute, and cool. The charming side of G-Dragon never dies with or without make-up.

G-Dragon’s Without Makeup in Military

It is a shared and mandatory secret that male idols and actors in South Korea must have military service as a form of obedience to the state. Usually, they will be absent from their activity as an entertainer. Usually, during military service, the person who worked for entertainers and doing the duty, will reflect how they look at themselves without stage costume, make-up, hairstylist, and etc. So as G-Dragon does too. His natural look without make-up during military interested and attracted citizen’s eyes, especially his fans, VIP. GD’s brown skin color seems more healthy and sexy. His face look so manly and calm, even with his bare face. Even without make-up, GD could make every girl fall in love with him.

G-Dragon’s Badass Looks Without Makeup

When he comes with make-up touch, GD face looks so cute, bashful, and pretty. But without make-up, his look is charming for manly side and a bad-ass facial for others. He once grew a mustache and beard, which made him look very manly. G-Dragon knew well as fashion trendsetters, such as his outfit, his hairstyle, his make-up looks, and his music work. Whether it’s real or imaginary, he can embody any style that he wants to portray. His principal fashion is not that someone put on value about right or wrong. That’s why GD is comfortable with himself with or without make-up.  

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