There are many pros and cons that occur when an idol or entertainer is involved in a piece of dating news. Especially, when a media source starts stalking them secretly and makes headlines about their dating news. Some K-Pop idols who are rumored to be dating have faced pros and cons regarding the issue. But after all, K-Pop idols or entertainers are actually human beings too. They deserve happiness in their personal life and privacy for all the actions they take. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail one of the K-Pop idols who is already very famous and maybe his personal life will continue to be monitored and include highlights. Many have asked whether one of the members of BTS, Jimin, has a girlfriend or if he has even been in a relationship with someone? For more details, just scroll down the article below!

Could This Person Be BTS’s Jimin’s Wife?

Several names have been the subject of discussion among the many fans of this popular K-Pop idol group in relation to BTS’s Jimin. Because BTS’s Jimin has a position as a lead dancer and is known for his excellent dancing talent, he is also often paired up with female idols who have the same position in their respective groups. Some of the names of female idols who are often said to be suitable as girlfriends or boyfriends of BTS’s Jimin are such as Red Velvet’s Seulgi, BTS’s Suga, BLACKPINK’s Rose, TWICE’s Mina, and even fanatical fans of BTS’s Jimin who are famous for the plastic surgery case that shocked the world, which is Oli London.

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Among these names, let’s check out the compatibility of each with BTS’s Jimin, and can they also be seen as BTS’s Jimin’s wife or girlfriend who will get support from fans? Let’s see how close these people are to BTS’s Jimin in what follows below!

BTS’s Jimin and Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Having been chatter from fans, there are also those who find evidence that Red Velvet’s Seulgi is secretly having a special relationship with BTS’s Jimin. This raised suspicion from fans of both parties and began to collect any evidence that these two K-Pop idols became very close and their possibility to have a romantic relationship with each other. The news of the relationship between BTS’s Jimin and Red Velvet’s Seulgi is no stranger to fans of both groups. Although they are not from the same agency, the two have often been mentioned as having a special ‘relationship’ since three years ago. Derived from various sources and the level of suspicion of the netter in gathering evidence of the two, the issue of their dating has surfaced again. Moreover, BTS members did not try to cover up Jimin and Seulgi’s relationship, instead, they often brought it up on several television shows. It is common for a K-Pop idol, when having a ‘relationship’ in secret, to have a secret code or something unique, as a form of communication between the two, so the public doesn’t catch on. This was also done by Jimin and Seulgi, who were suspected of signaling each other through their posts on their respective groups’ social media accounts. Responding to the caption and uploading a photo with the same angle is proof that the two are sending messages. If there are other group members in a relationship, surely other group members are trying to cover it up. But, this is different from BTS members, in fact, they are open on various television shows. For example, when BTS were invited to a program on American television stations, they were asked, “Are you currently dating?” Without realizing it, Jimin acted awkwardly and the moment was captured on camera, and RM, the leader immediately turned his head before arranging his answer. Not only once, but Jimin also looked surprised when Suga wanted to raise a bear. Then, all of a sudden, Jimin wanted to do the same thing. After investigating, it turns out that Seulgi has the special names of two different animals, namely ‘Bear’ and ‘Tiger’. At a music awards ceremony, RM and J-Hope also teased Jimin when Red Velvet appeared on the stage. Another thing that made netters and their fans believe that the two of them built a romantic relationship were clothes, necklaces, hats, rings, and bracelets. Couple items worn to mark their special relationship. In fact, both of them had worn the same clothes on the same day. The combination of black and the right fashion style for both of them adds to the suspicion of the various items used and is indeed a trend or evidence among young people who are dating. At a music awards ceremony in 2016, Seulgi was caught on camera waving at Jimin. Then, Jimin responded to the wave of the hand, but unfortunately, Seulgi did not see the response of Jimin’s hand waving. Jimin was still trying until Jin turned his head at Seulgi to make sure that Jimin didn’t see the wrong hand for him. Although, it was denied by the two agencies that the relationship between the two was just a rumor made by fans because the two K-Pop idols who were both successful looked suitable as a couple.

BTS’s Jimin and Suga

BTS’s Jimin and Suga are the members most often talked about by fans that they have very close intimacy and it can even be assumed that they secretly date each other. Fans can say that because they have very warm interactions and are also often seen taking care of each other like a couple would. The friendship of K-Pop idols is endless. Together since trainee days, making the relationship even closer like a family, one of which is Suga and Jimin. The difference of three years did not make their closeness and interaction awkward. It’s not uncommon for Jimin to be the closest person to Suga who often makes fun of him, but Suga won’t get tired of seeing his behavior. In fact, even though Suga looks cool he is secretly concerned about Jimin, even he doesn’t hesitate to approach Jimin first and cheer him up if his mood is bad. Behind it all, BTS’s Jimin and Suga also sometimes look like Tom and Jerry and have a love and hate relationship. This does not make fans wonder, but they are even more touched by their interactions. This is evident from the latest BTS (Bangtan Boys) series In the SOOP which premiered on Weverse on August 20th, 2020. The premiere episode presented many interesting moments, one of which was when Suga refused to share a room with Jimin. In this episode, BTS members stay in the forest for their vacation. They live in a cool lake house. As usual, the first order of business is to choose a room and a roommate. Jimin wanted to live in the upper bedroom, and Suga was the first choice for his roommate. Jimin hopes they can play games with Suga all night. However, the owner of the name Min Yoongi didn’t seem interested and finally refused to be Jimin’s roommate. “I’m going to sleep in the camper van,” Suga said. “So you can sleep here,” he continued. Jimin is not bothered by Suga’s reaction to refusing to be his roommate. But fans don’t know whether to laugh or cry seeing this. “Yoongi doesn’t want to disturb his sleep just to play games, hahaha,” commented a fan. “Jimin wanted to be his roommate, but Suga refused. I wanted to cry,” added another fan. “The way Suga immediately refused to share a room with Jimin, hahaha. He definitely didn’t want his sleep time to be disturbed,” concluded another. Besides, BTS’s Jimin also showed concern as a friend who cherishes his own members when Suga underwent surgery due to the injury he suffered at the end of 2020. By interacting with fans via live broadcast, Jimin revealed that Suga’s condition has gradually improved. In a live broadcast on November 11th, 2020, BTS’s Jimin gave fans a little insight into why Suga decided to undergo surgery recently and gave fans an update on the current health condition of the 1993-born idol. Although fans who watched the YouTube live broadcast had many questions about Jimin and BTS’s upcoming album, BE, they were, of course, worried about Suga as well. Last week, the media reported that the rapper recently underwent shoulder surgery. Suga was injured in an accident while working as a delivery boy before debut, and although he has been able to cope with it for many years, his condition has started to worsen again recently. During the group’s Map of the Soul ON: E online concert last month, fans noticed that he seemed to be experiencing discomfort. However, fans are still surprised to learn that Suga was discharged from the hospital in Seoul last week after undergoing surgery. In a letter to ARMY on Weverse, Suga assured fans that the operation went well, apologizing in advance for missing out on upcoming activities. Of course, that didn’t stop fans from worrying. Fortunately, Jimin happily provided the answers they were looking for. In his live broadcast, Jimin said that all the members have been taking care of (their) health recently. However, even though he tries to stay in good shape, Jimin says he should relax more as he starts to feel tense. Jimin then explained that he was trying to maintain the foundation of his health and Suga felt exactly the same way. While fans may be worried about Suga having surgery because his condition has become serious, Jimin revealed that Suga actually decided to have the surgery earlier before things got worse. “Suga wants to do something before things get bad because he wants to be with you for a very long time. That’s why he decided to undergo this procedure now, earlier,” said Jimin. To ease fans’ worries, Jimin also gave everyone the latest information about Suga’s condition. He revealed, Suga’s surgical procedure was very successful and Suga is recovering very well. He also regularly sends BTS members selfies to let them know how he’s doing. “I hope you don’t worry too much … I hope you can wish him a speedy recovery with me,” said Jimin. So, although it may be a while before ARMYs can meet Suga again, there’s nothing to worry about. As long as fans are willing to wait a bit, Jimin said, “You will see him back and healthy in no time!”

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